FAITH WILL LEAD YOU by joshcorey


									JANUARY 2004

                                            E      Y       E             O       N
                                                                                          A     R       B     O       N       N       E

               FAITH WILL LEAD YOU
                         TO YOUR DREAMS
                       I believe God’s purpose for each of us is found through many
                struggles and challenges. In order to develop into the person who

                                                                                              NEW RVP
                you were intended to be, you have to face up to your challenges
                and grow from the experiences that life throws at you. Only then will
                you discover who you really are and what you are really made of.
                That’s when you are finally equipped to discover your life’s purpose
                and begin making a real difference in the world. I also understood
                that one of the rewards of these qualities included the satisfaction of
                helping others. When I was 25, my fiancé accepted a promotion
                with his company seven hours away. This resulted in leaving my
                family, friends and my comfort zone. Because we were a close-knit
                family, this was a difficult decision. Little did I know it didn’t even
                compare to the challenge that was in store for us. Before my
                                                                                                                                          kendra katter
                                                                                                                  Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President
                wedding took place, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.
                                                                                                                           Legacy Of Faith; Oklahoma City, OK
                We had to pull together as a family to be there for her. After she
                had undergone a mastectomy, lumpectomy, chemotherapy and
                radiation, we thought she had beaten it. About a year and a half
                later, during Christmas week, we were blessed to find out I was                 their lives until they were 21 months old. When she died, I was
                pregnant with our first born … twins. It was one of the happiest                faced with the grief of living my life without my mother. It was impor-
                events in our lives but it was overshadowed by the news that my                 tant for me to find a way to make a difference in the world, to carry
                mom had just been informed by her doctor that the cancer had                    on the legacy of faith that she exemplified.
                returned. This time it was terminal.                                                  It wasn’t until five years later that I was presented with an
                       When you are faced with the prospect of losing someone you               opportunity to honor my mother’s memory. God brought Rachel
                love, your outlook changes. Things that were once important                     Sinclair into my life to help me see the plans that He had for me.
                become trivial. Your values become more clear. When my mom was                  Rachel educated me about natural hormones and introduced me to
                told by her physicians that she only had a few months to live, I                Arbonne’s Prolief Natural Balancing Cream. Suddenly it occurred to
                witnessed her resolve to make the most of her time. She showed an               me that this would be the perfect opportunity to get involved with
                incredible faith in God and a positive attitude. Even in her illness,           educating men and women on the effects of imbalances. I was also
                she was still the most amazing example of how to live life that I had           impressed by Arbonne’s skin care line and it’s business opportuni-
                ever seen. Because I will carry that lesson with me throughout my               ty. They really cared about helping others become better people
                life, I know she will always be with me. My mom lived not only to               financially, personally and spiritually. Then in November 2002, I
                see the birth of my twin boys, Drake and Dylan, but also shared                 heard ERVP Stasia Trivison speak at a C. A. T. S. in Oklahoma City.

                                                                                                                                                                continued ...

                                                                                                                                                  left to right
                                                                                                                                                  Kendra’s sons Drake, Dahlton
                                                                                                                                                  and Dylan.

                                                                                                                                                  Kendra with husband Kelly at
                                                                                                                                                  NTC 2003 Nashville.
                                                                                                                                                                                   NEW REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT
                                  success strategy:

“            Continue to stay focused on your goal,
                    persevere through difficulties and
             remain positive and strong in faith.
                     This will lead you to your dreams.
         I was totally blown away! She made me laugh and cry at the same                  Some of Kendra’s and Shelly’s team
         time. I took Stasia’s advice and began to build my knowledge
         through books and other references. I was determined to carry out
         my part in educating the women in my life.
              My Arbonne business was founded on a mission to help others.
         But this was not enough to get me to the top. Fortunately, I was
         blessed with an awesome sponsor in Rachel Sinclair. Rachel, I can’t
         begin to thank you enough for all the times you picked me up,
         brushed off my tears and referred me to a scripture and a book on
         personal growth. You are an incredible Christian.
              I also built my team around an incredible group of women to
         whom I owe so much. To my ACE, Shelly Whitekiller: You have

                                                                                                                                                                                                   The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.
                                                                                          Sponsor NVP Rachel Sinclair with Kendra.     DM Krystal Parker and DM Jannie Taylor.
         been an incredible blessing to me. Your determination, motivation
         and love have guided me in my journey. I sponsored up with you.
         Because of you and your outstanding team, my business has grown
         faster than I was ready for. Thanks for the push and the incredible                 my team and to Shelly’s “New Spirit” Region! Remember, keep
         friendship! This journey with you has been awesome. DM Jannie                       reaching for your dreams and don’t quit before payday!
         Taylor: Your desire to change and invest in yourself personally has                       To my three precious sons – Drake, Dylan and Dahlton: Thanks
         brought you to where you are today. Keep up the positive attitude.                  for letting mommy work so hard. Someday you will understand that
         You are an RVP in the making! DM Krystal Parker: Hey girl! I love                   the sacrifice was small compared to the freedom we will enjoy and
         your upbeat, enthusiastic personality and positive outlook. You will                the time we will have to spend together. To my husband Kelly: You
         be here soon! DM Tonya Stenseng: Your determination to succeed                      have done so much to help carry my load and yours too! We could
         will make your dreams a reality. DMs Joyce Ford, Arlys Krauel, Kim                  not have reached this goal so quickly without all your love, support
         Whitsell and Vickie Svendsen: I am so blessed to have such an                       and prayers. You deserve the car more than I do!
         awesome family that has supported and now joined me on the                                Above all, I thank my most gracious and awesome God! He
         journey to the top. I know mom would be overwhelmed and excited                     has so richly blessed me. I am in awe of the plans He has for each
         to see what we are doing. A special thanks goes out to the rest of                  of us if only we are willing to have faith and trust in Him. Faith is
                                                                                             being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.
                                                                                             When I started placing my faith and trust in His hands, things
                                                                                             changed for the better. I would like to remind all Consultants work-
Kendra with RVP Shelly Whitekiller.
                                                                                             ing their way up: Understand that when things don’t seem to be
                                                                                             going your way, don’t lose faith. Be patient and persevere because
                                                                                             they just may be going in the way that He has planned for you. And
                                                                                             that is the only road that leads to your success and happiness.

                                                                                       Kim Whitsell and DM Joyce Ford.                       Kendra with DM Arlys Krauel.

                                                        Kendra’s team: Anna Jenkins,
                                                        Amy Smith, Jill Day, Kendra,
                                                        DM Tonya Stenseng, Brandi
                                                        Mercer and Candace Macedo.

                                                                                                                                                    E Y E O N A R B O N N E JANUARY 2004

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