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									            THE PERFECT
                                        E       Y   E             O        N
                                                                                   eoa      A        R        B          O      N     N       E

       Wow, I can honestly say, I did not see any of this coming. Although,
       I am so thankful! I started using the Arbonne products last

                                                                                                 NEW RVP
       November. I fell in love with them, gave them out as gifts, and even
       my husband was using the men’s NutriMenCTM RE9 skin care line. My
       friend, ERVP Jennifer Prussa, had started building a business with
       Arbonne about the same time. I always asked Jennifer how her
       Arbonne business was going, truly wanting to see her succeed. I
       never imagined the opportunity for myself, though. The following
       March, Jennifer asked me to host a Presentation for her at my house
       and I reluctantly agreed. Now I am thankful I did. At this
       Presentation, I saw the opportunity Arbonne has to offer. NVP Lynn
       Hagedorn, ERVP Darcie West and Jennifer explained the opportunity
       so well, I could not help but become intrigued. Soon after, two of                                                                   stephani mckee
       my neighbors and I decided this was a chance we could not let slip                                                    Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President
       by us, so we became business builders with Arbonne.                                                                                      McKee & Co.; Lincoln. NE.

       My husband, Ed, and I have three daughters, Shelby, 7; Elizabeth,
       4 and Hannah, 3. I had been a stay-at-home mom for the last                                   be working for us. We had considered several options; we even
       five years. When I enrolled my youngest daughter, Hannah, in                                  started a small business at one point. More recently, we had researched
       preschool, I realized I was looking for something with flexibility that                       the real estate market. We also looked at another network
       had the potential to bring in extra income. Prior to staying home                             marketing company, however, it did not seem like the right fit.
       with my girls, I had been an elementary school teacher for seven
       years. I really enjoyed teaching, however, I did not see this as an                           Timing really is everything and Arbonne came along at the perfect
       option at this time in my life. My husband and I were also looking                            time for me. When I heard about Arbonne, I realized it was an
       for a way to have the potential to create residual income and time                            opportunity that offers the flexibility I needed and the potential to
       freedom. We wanted to get in a position where our money would
                                                                                                                                                                     continued ...

Stephani’s Why: Shelby, Elizabeth and Hannah.
                                                                                                                                        Stephani with husband, Ed.
                                                        The McKee family: Stephani, husband, Ed, and children, Shelby,
                                                        Elizabeth and Hannah.
                           s u c c e s s strategy:

                                                                                                                                                                                   NEW REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT
“        Help your team achieve their
        dreams and success will follow.
 create an additional income. Arbonne was everything I was
 looking for.

 It did not take long for me to realize I needed to jump in with both
 feet. I signed up on April 1, 2005. By the end of April, I promoted                     An Arbonne family: Grandma, Inez Epp; mom, DM Carol Epp; dad, Mike Epp; Stephani
 to DM and completed my first step AM. My second month, I                                and husband, Ed; RVPs Matthew and Jennifer Epp; AM Michele and Steven Ott.
 completed AM and reached first step RVP. By the third month, while
 building an Arbonne business, I completed RVP. This was all due to
                                                                                          To my family: It means so much to me that we can build this
 my amazing, smart and energetic team who also see the unlimited
                                                                                          business together. To my brother, RVP Matthew Epp and his wife,
 possibilities Arbonne has to offer. You all are next.
                                                                                          RVP Jennifer Epp: You both amaze me. To my sister, AM Michele
                                                                                          Ott: I am so proud of you. It is fun to watch you and Steve build

                                                                                                                                                                                                  The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.
 When I am explaining the opportunity, I always refer to it as the
                                                                                          an incredible business. You are next. To my mom, DM Carol Epp:
 perfect storm. It encompasses three amazing elements coming
                                                                                          You have given me so much. Your work ethic and enthusiasm for life
 together to create unequivocal force. First, the Arbonne products are
                                                                                          have made me who I am today. It is exciting to see your business
 incredible. Second, Arbonne has the six key markets that have the
                                                                                          take off. My dream is to see you retire from your nursing career
 potential to be very successful in the network marketing industry.
                                                                                          and own your life. To my dad, Mike: You and mom make a great
 Third, Arbonne is far from a household name. I feel truly blessed that
                                                                                          team. Thanks for being our rock to lean on. To my brother, Steve
 an opportunity like this has entered my life.
                                                                                          Epp, and his wife, Lisa: Thank you for all of your support. I love all
                                                                                          of you so much.
 To my best friend and sponsor, ERVP Jennifer Prussa: Thank you
 for introducing me to Arbonne. Without you, none of this would
                                                                                          I cannot write this without thanking my husband, Ed; and my three
 have been possible. I am so grateful we could build our Arbonne
                                                                                          beautiful daughters, Shelby, Elizabeth and Hannah: You are my
 business together.
                                                                                          Why for growing this business. Thank you for being so understand-
                                                                                          ing and helpful, I cannot wait to celebrate at Disney WorldTM. Ed,
 To my wonderful upline, ERVP Darci West, NVP Lynn Hagedorn,
                                                                                          your support is amazing. Thank you for dreaming with me. I am
 ENVP Valerie Edwards, ENVP Christy Dreiling and ENVP Linda
                                                                                          truly blessed.
 Loveless: Your incredible leadership has paved the way for all of us.
                                                                                          I tell everyone considering Arbonne as a business, do not hesitate.
 To my amazing team: Your ambition and enthusiasm motivate me.
                                                                                          This opportunity is life-changing. Expect to grow personally.
 I am having the time of my life and it is because of all of you. To
                                                                                          The rewards will be great and you will have the opportunity to make
 AMs, Tory Kerns, Sauni Frederick, Christy Ball and LuAnn Jacobs:
                                                                                          a difference in so many lives. Sometimes people will say, “What if
 You are Aces. Start picking out your Mercedes-Benzes, you will be
                                                                                          this does not work?” My response to them is, “What if it does?”
 here next! To all of my incredible Consultants, DMs, and DMs and
                                                                                          It worked for me!
 AMs-in-qualification: This is truly a team effort. I am so thankful to
 have all of you in my life.

                                                                                                ENVP Valerie Edwards, ERVP Jennifer Prussa, ERVP Darcie West, NVP Lynn Hagedorn,
                                                        Stephani with best friend and           RVP Jennifer Epp and Stephani.
                                                        sponsor, ERVP Jennifer Prussa.
AM Nancy Siegel, EAM Maria Williams, Tammy and EDM
Christi Ferguson.

                                                                                                                                               EYE ON ARBONNE | JANUARY 2006

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