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					                              E        Y        E          O         N
                                                                             eoa       A        R       B     O       N         N         E

 From the time I was very young, I have always loved animals. I
 especially loved the idea of living on a farm and tending to a warm
 barn, full of cuddly critters. A future, little farm was in my vision for
 as long as I can remember.

 Fast-forward to my first social work job, I worked in a locked and
 gated psychiatric hospital, with severely abused children. I will never
 forget the night when a 9-year-old girl told me that no one would
 know, or care, if she died there. I reassured her that I cared, yet this
 was not enough. I decided to plant a strawberry patch with the chil-
 dren. We found a spot on the hospital grounds and each child plant-
 ed their seeds, then watered and nurtured their little plot of ground.
 With time and patience, the seeds grew into beautiful strawberries. I
 was able to remind the little girl the strawberries cared. She soon                                                        savannah eberline
 began to show glimmers of hope. We all are like this little girl. We                                             Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President
 long for purpose, meaning and a sense of belonging.
                                                                                                                          Savannah Eberline Region; Twisp, WA
 The time I spent working with the children at the hospital planted a
 dream in my heart. I realized I needed to create a way for children
 to connect with the earth. My vision of a little farm was transform-
                                                                                                Arbonne is also a catalyst. It is a vehicle that creates supportive,
 ing into a dream for a therapeutic farm.
                                                                                                trusting, long-term relationships. It provides the opportunity for you
                                                                                                to break down your walls and allow someone to help you grow. It
 Seeking ways to enhance the therapeutic farm idea, I went on to
                                                                                                is very significant to me that the products we sell are plant, or botan-
 graduate school to study animal-assisted therapy. I did therapy with
                                                                                                ically-based, that Arbonne does not test on animals and does not
 children while we brushed a horse or fed the chickens. I studied
                                                                                                use animal-by-products.
 research articles about the power animals have to create physical,
 psychological and emotional change in children and adults.
                                                                                                When the Arbonne seed was planted in me, it took time to grow. I
 Animals serve as a catalyst for trust. They break down walls because
                                                                                                wanted to be at home with my children and work part-time, but the
 they are patient, present and non-judgmental.
                                                                                                financial opportunities that would make this possible were bleak.
                                                                                                                                                               continued ...

                                                            Little angels: Amelia, Gretta and Sophie.

                                                                                                                   The girls and their chicken, Lovey.

                              The Eberline family.
                    s uccess strategy:

“     Paint a vivid dream of how you

                                                                                                                                                                           REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT
     will make the world a better place.
 My husband and I did not know how we could afford to make a
 change, yet we knew that for the sake of our family, we had to do
 something different. Arbonne. It brought our family hope and
 allowed us to dream again.

 If every time you planted a garden seed, you wondered whether or            Team spirit.
 not you should have because it might not grow, then you will never
 plant your garden. Some seeds will grow and some will not. Some
 will take a long time, but then you notice a little bud peeking out of
 the dirt and it is magical, every time. So plant lots of seeds, without
 hesitation or doubt. Through Arbonne, we can help make a health-            To all of our DMs: You are the fresh air we all need to keep our-
 ier, vibrant world and fulfill our dreams.                                  selves growing. May we always strive to keep up with your person-
                                                                             al activity and willingness to stretch beyond your comfort zone.
 We could not have completed Region without the new growth on

                                                                                                                                                                                         The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.
 our team. Furthermore, five of our new blooms were planted a                To all of our Consultants and Clients: Without your appreciation of
 year ago.                                                                   these wonderful products, we would not have a business to build. To
                                                                             the spouses and partners of our Arbonne Consultants: Thank you for
 We have moved to a farm at the base of the Cascades and are cul-            your patience and support. It means more than you know.
 tivating our garden for the spring, so that we can bring children and
 families here to experience it. We are making plans for the animals.        To my mom and dad: Thank you for teaching me to believe in my
 The dream is happening, today.                                              decisions. To my lovely sisters, Marisa and Pene: Thank you for
                                                                             being my biggest supporters. To my brother, Gabe: I love you. To
 To my sponsor, ERVP Amy McGovern: You planted the seed in me                Rita and Lee: Thank you for supporting my pursuit of this business.
 and were patient while it grew. I am so grateful to have you as my          To Josh: Thank you for your business advice, encouragement and
 friend. To ERVP Juli Nilson: Thank you for believing in me. To NVP          technical help. To Aaron: Thank you for pursuing your dreams. To
 Julie Lackner: Thank you for your gentle and consistent leadership.         my friends: Thank you for believing in our dream.
 To ENVP Rachel Sinclair: Thank you for treating me and others with
 dignity and respect. You are a constant inspiration and motivator.          To my husband, Todd: We would not be here without your belief
 To RVP Belinda Hill: Thank you for teaching me about abundance.             and constant support. May this offer you the opportunity to pur-
                                                                             sue only the work that makes your heart sing. To our little angels
 To the Arbonne Executive Team: Thank you for remaining personal,            — Amelia, Gretta and Sophie: You are the seeds that we strive
 even as this company grows. To President Rita Davenport: Thank              to nurture with love and patience. Thank you for teaching us to
 you for your contagious enthusiasm, kind phone calls and thought-           slow down.
 ful gifts.
                                                                             To all: Remember there is a dream in every heart. Through Arbonne,
 To AM Melinda DeVine: Thank you for choosing to pursue Arbonne              you have a chance to live yours.
 with me. Todd was right! To AM Sabrina Moody: Thank you for
 being committed to your dreams and for helping your team do the
 same. To AM Martina Rodoni: Thank you for raising the bar on
 team spirit. I am so glad this business has made us friends.

Dream Team.

                                                                           AM Melinda DeVine; Savannah; sponsor, ERVP Amy McGovern; NVP Julie Lackner and ERVP
                                                                           Juli Nilson.

                                                                                                                                  E Y E O N A R B O N N E | JANUARY 2006