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                               E      Y       E                O        N
                                                                                eoa         A   R      B      O       N        N         E

How many times do we think we know all we need to know on a subject,
only to find out there is a world of possibilities we are not even aware
of? That was how I felt when ERVP Delahne Wright approached me
about Arbonne. I mistakenly thought I knew all I needed to know about
network marketing and even though I had never even heard of Arbonne,
it was not right for me. However, thanks to Delahne’s persistence, my
eyes were opened to a business I had never considered. As a Certified
Public Accountant with a master’s degree in taxation and many years
spent in corporate America, I thought I could not do something
completely different, or could I?

Small opportunities are often the beginnings of great enterprises. In July
2004, I surprised my family and friends and became a Consultant. I had
not even been to a Presentation and had only tried a few products, yet I
envisioned what life could look like for my family and me. I believed
Arbonne could provide the lifestyle we desired like no other job could.
                                                                                                                                    cynthia degeorge
Arbonne is a business where by helping others reach their goals, you                                              Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President
have the potential to achieve yours. I knew I was on a different path than                                              Cynthia DeGeorge Region; Owasso, OK
I had planned; often we must be willing to leave the life we have planned
and live the life that is waiting for us.

When I started Arbonne, to get my business off to a good start, I
immediately scheduled six Presentations. I was excited about starting my                        Then, one day, I heard about a new business plan that several
business, however, on the date of my launch Presentation, five of the six                       Consultants were using with great success. Since I had been struggling at
guests called to say they could not attend (thanks Jo Ann for sticking it                       District for months, I was intrigued. Thank you RVP Jerry Nichols and
out). I was not exactly off to a great start, yet it was one of many learning                   ENVP Rachele Nichols, for a real eye-opener! I knew the networking
experiences I have had on this wonderful journey. During my second                              system made perfect sense. When it was endorsed by several of the
month of business, I managed to promote to DM. It was an important                              NVPs in my SuccessLine, I implemented it immediately. In June 2005, I
milestone, although I was only a District of one. On more than one                              was promoted to Area and then to Region the following month — what
occasion, I thought about quitting and going back to my old life, and                           a ride! We are now on our way to Nation. Remember, on any journey
what I knew how to do.
                                                                                                                                                                continued ...

                                                                                                                   Cynthia’s daughter,
                                                                                                                   Gabriella, 2.
                                                               Cynthia’s son, Zachary, 6.

                                     Cynthia and family with
                                       new Mercedez-Benz.
                       s uccess strategy:

  “          Challenge the habits and fears

                                                                                                                                                                                        REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT
              that keep you from realizing
                       your goals.
 we only need to take one step at a time. Keep stepping; this is a journey
 worth taking.

 It is only by God’s grace that real abundance is revealed in our                     Cynthia with some members of the Oklahoma team. L-R: EDM Travis Bryant, EDM
                                                                                      Amanda Thomas, DM Sharly Anderson, Cynthia, DM Judy Rodriguez, EDM Tani Shern,
 life, which is why I have themed my team abundance revealed. Thank                   DM Kate Jones, EDM Kaci Lenz, Kani Epp, Mary Bain and Dominique Melendez.
 you, God.

 To my wonderful husband, DM Steven DeGeorge: You did not always
 believe in this business, however, you always believed in me. Having you
 now as my business partner is a dream come true. To my wonderful                       To all the Consultants and those in-qualification for DM: Believe in
 children, Zachary and Gabriella: I love being home with you. Zachary,                  yourself and do not quit before payday! To all the Consultants who
 you are the best Arbonne assistant ever. To my selfless mother, DM Judy                purchased products at a discount, and Clients: Thank you for your

                                                                                                                                                                                                      The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.
 Rodriguez, and my loving dad: You two have a huge role in the success                  continued support and loyalty. God bless you all.
 of our team. Thank you for always doing whatever was needed to
 support me. Mom, I cannot wait to see you in your Mercedes-Benz. To                    Thank you Founder Petter Mørck, Executive Vice President Stian Mørck,
 my extended family: Thanks for your support and prayers. Having some                   President Rita Davenport, Chairman & CEO Bob Henry, Sr. VP
 of you along on this journey thrills me beyond words.                                  Product Development & Field Events, Candace Keefe, VP Support
                                                                                        and Coordinator Stacy Connelly, and all the Home Office staff:
 To ERVP Delahne Wright: I am eternally grateful for your leadership,                   Because of all of you, we have a company and products worth telling the
 tough love and most especially, our friendship. You were brought into my               world about!
 life by divine appointment and have impacted my life in such a
 profoundly, positive way.

 To ENVP Meloni Barkley: You are such an awesome leader. Thanks for
 the coaching and guidance. Every time I hear you speak, I come away
 with another pearl of wisdom on how to do this business better.

 To my amazing team, EAM Dolly Calisi and AM Marty Garcia: Having my
 “tias” (aunts) in business with me makes the success all the more rewarding.

 To EDM Tani Shern: I am so grateful to have you on this team. You are
 an awesome leader and trainer. To EDMs, Kathy Falcon, Sarah Falcon,
 Mary Rodriguez, Anastasia Rodriguez, Liliana Ortega, Norma Garza,
 Amanda Thomas and Kaci Lenz; DMs Kate Jones, Laura Bales, Leon
 Garcia, Ernesto Garcia, Imelda Garza, Hernan Garza, Rebecca Calisi
 and Leticia Ramirez: Know that if you can make it to DM, you can make
                                                                                      Cynthia with some members of the Texas team. BACK, L-R: EDM Anastasia Rodriguez, Trey
 it all the way to the top.                                                           Garcia, Julissa Reyes, EAM Dolly Calisi, EDM Kathy Falcon, Kandi Garza, DM Leon Garcia
                                                                                      and DM Hernan Garza. MIDDLE, L-R: EDM Mary Rodriguez, Sarah Falcon, DM Emily Falcon,
                                                                                      AM Marty Garcia, EDM Norma Garza, Kristina Garcia, Nanette Garcia, DM Martin Flores
                                                                                      and DM Ernesto Garcia. FRONT, L-R: Cynthia’s sponsor, ERVP Delahne Wright and Cynthia.

Three generations of Arbonne: ENVP Meloni Barkley, Cynthia and ERVP Delahne Wright.

                                                                                      ERVP Delahne Wright, Cynthia, EDM Kaci Lenz, EDM Tani Shern, Amy Hill, DM Erin Gutierrez
                                                                                      and Mary Bain.

                                                                                                                                              E Y E O N A R B O N N E | DECEMBER 2005

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