Introducing a new course - Alignment Fundamentals

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					Introducing a new course - Alignment Fundamentals

What is this course?                        ing machinery. Effective identification     mal growth of machinery. Practice
            he Alignment Fundamentals       and correction of alignment problems        superimposing thermal growth values
           course covers all aspects of     is an essential part of a machinery         on an alignment map, and learn how to
           basic shaft alignment – it       management program, and Bently              extract target dial indicator readings
defines the types of misalignment and       Nevada is pleased to be able to teach       that will result in optimum hot
the problems caused by misalignment.        this important skill.                       alignment.
You will learn the skills you need to       Topics presented during this 3-day
                                                                                        Plenty of hands-on experience
identify alignment-related symptoms,        course include:
                                                                                          Recording and plotting graphical
how to accurately perform and docu-           • Problems caused by misalignment -
                                                                                        solutions for reverse dial indicator
ment rim & face or reverse dial indica-     Learn how to identify problems, such
                                                                                        readings are thoroughly discussed and
tor techniques, what tools are used for     as high vibration, high bearing temper-
                                                                                        reinforced with plenty of hands-on
alignment, and how to prepare a             ature, and bearing, seal, and coupling
                                                                                        experience, using shaft alignment train-
machine and its foundation.                 failures.
                                                                                        ers. You will learn how to compensate
                                             • Vibration characteristics - Identify
                                                                                        for thermal growth and how to generate
                                            specific vibration characteristics
                                                                                        target reverse dial indicator readings
                                            associated with alignment-related
                                                                                        when the thermal growth of the
                                                                                        machine train is known. You will also
                                             • Pre-alignment checks - Discover          have the opportunity to perform laser
                                            how to check for soft foot, bent shafts,    alignment using Bently Nevada’s new
                                            piping strain, and various foundation       laser alignment kit.
                                            problems.                                     This course was formerly called Basic
    Alignment tool used in this course.
                                              • Field measurements - Practice tak-      Alignment Workshop. It will be offered
                                            ing alignment measurements and com-         at the following locations:
Why should I attend this course?
                                            pensating for bar-sag. Learn how to          • Sydney, Australia
   Up to 70% of machinery problems
                                            check for axial travel and how to verify     • Houston, Texas, USA
are alignment-related. Misaligned
                                            readings.                                    • Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia
machinery increases your annual ener-
                                              • Alignment calculations - Learn how       • Minden, Nevada, USA
gy costs, preloads rolling element bear-
                                            to calculate and graphically plot align-     • Manila, Philippines
ings, and drastically reduces their oper-
                                            ment conditions for both parallel and        • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
ating lifespans. Misalignment also
directly reduces fluid-film bearing         angular misalignment. You will also be       For more information, contact your
clearance, reduces shaft fatigue life,      able to calculate alignment accuracy.       nearest Bently Nevada office, our
and increases the incidence of rubs,          • Couplings - Understand the selec-       Technical Training Department, or visit
coupling and seal wear/failures, and        tion criteria for different types of cou-   our website – In the
undesirable vibration. This course is       plings, their advantages, and coupling      United States, call toll-free
suitable for mechanics, millwrights,        hub installation techniques.                800.227.5514 ext. 9682. Outside the
machinists, operators, and engineers         • Target indicator readings – Learn        United States, call 775.782.3611
who work with rotating or reciprocat-       how to calculate and measure the ther-      or fax 775.782.9305.

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