Cross-country Ski Brochure by orv89881


									                                                 Seney National Wildlife Refuge                 U.S. Fish Wildlife Service
                                                                                               U.S. Fish & & Wildlife Service
Northern Hardwoods                               1674 Refuge Entrance Rd.
Cross Country Ski Area                           Seney, MI 49883
                                                 906/586 9851                                  Seney
Explore the beauty of the Northwoods as          People with hearing impairments can reach     National Wildlife Refuge
you ski through a mature stand of sugar
maple, beech, and yellow birch. View
                                                 Seney through the Federal Information Relay   Ski Trail Map
                                                 System at 1 800/877 8339
magnificent hardwood forest, marshes, and
the frozen beauty of the Manistique River.       Web:
Novices and advanced skiers alike will
discover trails that are challenging, fun, and   U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
full of wildlife.                                1 800/344Wild (9453)

Trail Grooming
       Trails are groomed as conditions and
       staff allow, usually once per week.
       Trails are groomed for classic skiing.
       Over nine miles of trails are groomed.

Ensure a safe and enjoyable trip:
       Ski during daylight hours only.
       Tell friends or family where you will
        be skiing.
       Motorized vehicles are prohibited
       on ski trails.
       No dogs allowed.
       No snowshoeing on groomed track.
       Please snowshoe along the side of
       the trail.                                2009

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