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					                             QUALIFICATION STANDARD FOR ALL PNP RANKS (As of September 2010)
                              (Pursuant to NAPOLCOM Resolution No. 2002-034, as amended, and CSC Resolution No. 021288)
                                                                                  1                                                                          2
       RANK          LEVEL              EDUCATION                 EXPERIENCE                      TRAINING                                     ELIGIBILITY
Police Director-
Police Deputy                                                                         Officer Senior Executive                   Police Executive Service (PESE)3
Director-General                 Master in Public Safety           Chief Supt.        Course (OSEC)                              Career Service Executive (CSEE)3
                                 Administration (MPSA)                                                                           Career Executive Service (CESE)3
Police Director
                         3                                                            General Staff Course (GSC)                 Career Executive Officer (CEOE)3
 Police Chief                    Allied Master’s Degree            2 years as                                                   Police Officer 1st Class (PO 1st Class) 3
Superintendent                                                     P/Sr. Supt.                                                    Police Superintendent3 (PSupt.)
  Police Sr.                                                                                                                               (taken prior to CY 2003)
                                                                    3 years as
Superintendent                                                        P/Supt.
Police                                                                3 years                                                           P/Superintendent,
                                                                         as           Officer Advance Course                     RA 10804, RA 6506, PD 907, CSP,
                                                                     P/Chief          (OAC),                                      CSC PO Exam 5 (July 1998 onwards)
                                                                    Inspector         Intelligence Officer Advance
                                    Bachelor’s Degree
                         2                                                            Course,                                           P/Chief Insp.(1991),
                                     preferably with                 3 years
Police                               Master’s Degree                                  Technical Service Officer                  P/Inspector ( 1992-2005 per NAPOLCOM
Chief Inspector                                                                       Advance Course                                     Resolution No. 2006-113),
(P/CInsp.)                                                                                                                      RA 10804, RA 6506, PD 907, CSP,
                                                                    Inspector                                                    CSC PO Exam 5 (July 1998 onwards)
                                                                                      Officer Basic Course                     PO 2nd Class, P/Sr. Inspector (1991)
Police                                                               3 years          (OBC), Police Intel Officer                    P/Inspector (1992 onwards),
Sr. Inspector                                                           as            Course, Finance Officer                           RA 10804, RA 6506,
(P/SInsp.)                                                         P/Inspector        Basic Course, Tech Svc                               PD 907, CSP
                                                                                      Officer Advance Course                    CSC PO Exam 5 (July 1998 onwards)
Police                                                                3 years         PNP/AFP Officer Candidate               PO 2nd Class, P/Inspector (1991 onwards),
Inspector                                                                as           Course (OCC),                                     RA 10804, RA 6506,
                                                                                      Probationary 2nd Lt.                                 PD 907, CSP
(P/Insp.)                                                             SPO IV
                                                                                      Training                                  CSC PO Exam 5 (July 1998 onwards)
                                                                                      PS Senior Leadership
Sr. Police                                                            2 years         Course (PSSLC), Criminal
Officer IV                                                               as           Investigation Supervisory
(SPO4)                   2          Bachelor’s Degree                 SPO III         Course, Police Supervisory
                                                                                      Course, Senior NCO Course
                                                                                      PSSLC, Criminal Invest and
Sr. Police                                                            2 years         Detection Course (CIDC),
Officer III                                                              as           Police Supervisory Course,                     SPO (1996 & 1998 onwards)
(SPO3)                                                                SPO II          Junior NCO Course                                   RA 10804
                                                                                      PS Jr. Leadership Course                             RA 6506
                                                                                      (PSJLC ), CIDC, Police
                                                                                      Supervisory Course, Jr. NCO
                                                                                                                                            PD 907
Sr. Police                                                            2 years
Officer II                                                               as           Course, Police Intel Course &                          CSP
(SPO2)                                                                SPO I           Constabulary Integrated Basic                    CSC PO Exam5
                                                                                      Intel Course (per NAPOLCOM                           (July 1998 onwards)
                                                                                      Resolution No. 2007-077)
                                                                      3 years
Sr. Police                                                               as
Officer I (SPO1)                                                       PO III             PSBRC, AFPBRTC,
                                                                                       Soldier’s Candidate Course
Police                                                               2 years                                                            PO (1998 onwards),
                                                                                        & Basic Military Course
Officer III (PO3)                                                    as PO II                                                          RA 10804, RA 6506,
                                                                                      (per NAPOLCOM Resolution No.
Police                                                                2 years                     2005-408)                              PD 907, CSP
Officer II (PO2)                                                      as PO I                                                     CSC PO Exam 5 (July 1998 onwards)
                                                                                                                                     PNP Entrance (1998 onwards),
Police                                                                None                         PSBRC                             RA 10804, RA 6506, PD 907,
Officer I (PO1)                                                      required                                                       CSP (per NAPOLCOM MC 2008-003)
      NAPOLCOM Resolution No. 2007-540 provides that the TIG/experience for those promoted in CY 2004 or earlier shall be reckoned from the effective dates of the
      General or Special Order (G.O./S.O) while those prom oted in CY 2005 and onwards shall be that of the ISSUE DATE of the appointment.
      NAPOLCOM MC 98-016 dated December 7, 1998 provides for the appropriateness of higher police eligibility to lower ranks.
      NAPOLCOM Resolution No. 2009-524 dated September 29, 2009 prescribes the CSEE, CESE, CEOE and PESE for appointment to the rank Police Sr. Superintendent
      up to Police Director-General. It also recognizes both the PO 1st Class and the Police Superintendent eligibility (acquired prior to CY 2003) as third-level eligibility for
      purposes of promotion to third-level ranks.
   4 RA 1080 – (a) Appropriate for promotion up to the rank P/Supt. for those who entered the police service prior to CY 2008. (NAPOLCOM MC 2008-016)

                  (b) Applicable for ONE-TIME USE ONLY -- either for entry or promotion (except Criminology Board and Bar) for those recruited from CY 2008 onwards
                           (NAPOLCOM MC 2008-003)
   5 CSC PO EXAM - Refers to all police examinations (PO, POE, PO1) conducted by the CSC.