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									                                        CREDIT UNIONS AND BANK                                                                    1
                                           COMPARISON CHART

 CREDIT UNION                       REQUIREMENTS                                         SERVICES OFFERED
                       -   2 forms of ID                                - No monthly charges or per-check charges on checking
     Arizona           -   Can open account without SS#                   accounts.
Federal Credit Union   -   $25 to open a savings account.               - No minimum balance requirement on checking account.
                       -   For a $500 loan, they check credit rating.   - Courtesy Overdraft protection on checking account with a
   520-770-9345                                                           $20 fee for up to 30 days.
                                                                        - ATM card can be used on any AFCU ATM at no charge,
                                                                          and up to 5 times at no charge at non AFCU ATMs.
                                                                        - No fee for bill payment.

                       - 2 forms of ID, one has to be a state ID,       - First box of checks is free.
                         the other one doesn’t have to be a picture     - Offer the Free Interest Earning Account – based on credit
  Hughes Federal         ID                                               score.
   Credit Union        - $50 min. balance and no monthly fees.          - Offer Second Chance Checking account.
                       - On Primary Accounts there’s a monthly
   520-320-0715          fee of $10 for the first year.
                       - They look at “Chex Systems”

                       - $25 initial deposit (checks/cashiers           - Savings accounts come with an ATM cards for qualified
                         checks preferred)                                applicants.
      Tucson           - Signed and notarized membership                - Direct deposit
Federal Credit Union     application                                    - Club accounts
                       - Copy of Social Security card                   - Christmas club accounts
   520-794-4381        - Copy of government issued identification       - Money Market accounts – require a minimum balance of
                         (driver license, passport, government ID,        $2,500 to receive dividends
                         etc.)                                          - IRA accounts
                                     CREDIT UNIONS AND BANK                                                                     2
                                        COMPARISON CHART

                      - 2 forms of ID, one has to be a drivers       - No charge for cashing a check, but check may be put on
                        license and the other a SS#                    hold for some days on new accounts
                      - They accept Matrícula Consular               - First box of checks is free.
      First           - They look at “Chex Systems”                  - Courtesy Paid Overdraft (CPO) – Up to $500 with a $20
   Credit Union       - $25 to become a member. This money             fee for up to 30 days.
                        stays in the savings account.
340 South Stone Av.   - Additional $25 to open a checking
   520-791-7512         account.
                      - Debit card can be used anywhere where
                        they take Star/Cirrus or VISA.

                      - US issued ID and a credit score of more      - You get an ATM card with your savings account. This card
Tucson Old Pueblo       than 550                                       can be used in 74 atm machines in Tucson, without a
  Credit Union        - Foreigners can use work visa and US            charge.
                        issued ID                                    - You get a check book and a debit card with your checking
  (520) 881-6262      - $25 to open a savings account                  account. Debit cards can be used at any place that takes
                      - To apply for a loan – You have to fill out     VISA.
                        a loan application over the phone, on the    - No charge for cashing a check for members.
                        internet or in person. Rates depend on       - Overdraft protection is offered depending on the account.
                        credit score (10% - 15% APR)
                                 CREDIT UNIONS AND BANK                                                                   3
                                    COMPARISON CHART

                  - 2 forms of ID and SS# (one has to be a      - Get Debit card with your checking account. The card can
                    picture ID)                                   be used anywhere that takes VISA at no charge.
  Chase Bank      - Can open account without SS#                - You can make deposits at the branch, at ATM machines or
                  - They accept the Matrícula Consular,           through direct deposit.
 520-792-7401       Passport or Mexican ID.                     - Small loans are min. $1,000.
                  - $25 to open the account                     - Overdraft protection
                                                                - No charge for cashing a check.

                   - 2 forms of ID and SS# (can use                -   No charge for debit card
Bank of America      passport#)                                    -   50 checks for a charge of $10
                   - They accept Matrícula Consular, Passport      -   Overdraft protection – set up fee.
 520-908-3501        or Mexican ID.
                   - Can open without SS#
                   - $25 to open the account
                   - Need an address in the US

                   - 2 forms of ID and SS# (one has to be a        -   No charge for debit card.
                     picture ID)                                   -   No charge for cashing a check.
  Wells Fargo      - Can open without SS#                          -   To get a debit card they check your credit history.
                   - They accept the Matrícula Consular or         -   Opportunity checking account for people with credit
 520-792-5142        Passport                                          problems. No fee and no minimum. After 6-7 months
                   - $100 to open the account                          you graduate to a regular account.
                   - No minimum balance.                           -   50 checks for a charge of $10
                                                                   -   Phone consultations have a charge only if you talk to
                                                                       a person. Automated and on-line services are free.

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