Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge Fact Sheet by xpy28097


									                        U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

                    Clarks River
                    National Wildlife Refuge
                                                            Photos (top to bottom)                     Financial Impact of Refuge
                                                            Senator Mitch McConnell at the             ■ Seven-person staff.
                                                            Clarks River NWR dedication.
                                                                                                       ■   Estimated 40,000 visitors per year.
                                                            Dedication Ceremony.
                                                                                                       Refuge is located in close proximity
                                                            Wood ducks.                                to the National Recreational Area
                                                                                                       - U.S. Forest Service Land Between
photo: USFWS

                                                            Canada warbler.                            the Lakes, and many other State
                                                            Refuge Facts                               Wildlife Management Areas offering
                                                            ■ Established in 1997.                     a multitude of outdoor oriented
                                                            ■   Acres: 8,500.
                                                                                                       Refuge Objective
                                                            ■   Located in Marshall, McCracken,        The primary management objective
                                                                and Graves County, Kentucky.           for the refuge is to provide habitat
                                                                                                       for a natural diversity of wildlife
                                                            ■   Location: the refuge is located in     associated with the Clarks River
                                                                western Kentucky between Benton        floodplain and includes:
                                                                and Paducah on the East Fork of
                                                                the Clarks River.                          Wintering habitat for migratory
photo: USFWS

                                                            Natural History
                                                            ■ The refuge was first identified as         ■   Habitat for nongame migratory
                                                              a high priority site for protection          birds.
                                                              in 1978 by the Fish and Wildlife
                                                              Services Bottomland Hardwood             ■   Opportunities for wildlife
                                                              Preservation Program. In 1991                dependent recreation.
                                                              the Kentucky Department of Fish          Management Tools
                                                              and Wildlife Resources asked the         The primary management tools for
                                                              Service to consider the site for         the refuge are:
photo: Forest Service

                                                              protection as a unit of the National
                                                              Wildlife Refuge System.                  ■   Water management for waterfowl.
                                                            ■   Clarks River National Wildlife         ■   Forest management for migratory
                                                                Refuge is the only National Wildlife       songbirds.
                                                                Refuge located solely within the
                                                                State of Kentucky.                     ■   Cooperative farming.

                                                            ■   The most significant resource values    ■   Banding wood ducks.
                                                                of this area are the wetland habitat   ■   Banding migratory songbirds.
                                                                complexes formed by the river,
                                                                creeks, beaver ponds, and natural      ■   Public hunting and fishing.
photo: Forest Service

                                                                                                       ■   Education and interpretation.
                                                            ■   This natural wetland ecosystem
                                                                is relatively intact and has           ■   Research.
                                                                high wildlife habitat values,          ■   Law enforcement.
                                                                particularly for migratory birds
                                                                and other species representative of    ■   Partnerships.
                                                                bottomland hardwood systems.
                    Michael Johnson, Refuge Manager                                                    Public Use Opportunities
                    Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge   ■   The hardwood dominated forests         The primary public use opportunities
                    P.O. Box 89                                 are used as breeding, wintering,       for the proposed refuge will be:
                    Benton, KY 42025                            and migration habitat by many
                    Phone: 270/527 5770                         species of neotropical migratory       ■   Hunting and fishing.
                    Fax: 270/527 5052                           birds.                                 ■   Wildlife observation and
                    E-mail: FW4RWClarksRiver/R4/FWS/                                                       photography.
    U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
■   Hiking.
■   Wildlife education and
    interpretation programs.
Questions and Answers
Will the Service be condemning land
to create this refuge?
It is not the Service’s policy to use
condemnation. Also, all of the funds
obtained so far for land acquisition
have a stipulation attached to them
which forbids expending those funds
on condemned land.
Will hunting be allowed?
Yes. The refuge is open to hunting
according to special regulations
contained in the free hunting permit.
If I sell my land to the Government,
can I still farm it?
In most cases yes, under a cooperative
farming agreement worked out with
the Service. In some cases, where the
land has been historically marginal
to poor in production, the Service
may decide to discontinue farming
practices and restore the land to it’s
original habitat.
What do I do if I am interested in
selling my land to the Refuge?
Contact the U.S. Fish and Wildlife
Service Division of Realty at
1/800/419 9582 or contact the Refuge
Manager Michael Johnson in Benton,
Kentucky at 270/527 5770.
What if I do not want to sell my land?
You do not have to sell your land
to the refuge. This refuge will be
acquired from willing sellers only!

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