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					Retreat Information

Before coming up, please check the lodging arrangements if you haven't done so already.

1. Registration for the Retreat starts at 4:00 p.m. at Hayford Hall. Hayford Hall is the largest building in the
northwest portion of the campsite (see included map). This is where we are having our worship services. It sits
on top of a hill, so it should be relatively easy to locate, even at night. Please also note that worship starts at 7:00
p.m., so please do your best to arrive before then.
2. Upon registration, each individual/household will receive a package containing the weekend's itinerary, lodging
information, and a medical release form, which will need to be filled out by each individual.
3. Dinner will NOT be provided on Friday night! There are several fast food joints right off the freeway exit, so
please be sure to pick up something before you come up.

What to bring:
1. Your bible
2. Clothes
3. Toiletries
4. Towels
5. Sleeping Bags/Blankets and pillows.
6. Comfortable walking shoes
7. Flashlight is recommended.
8. Some extra money for child care* or coffee at their coffee shop and, certain activities upon availability
9. Board games if you have them.

What NOT to bring:
1. Pets
2. Colored fruit juices
3. No brainers, like weapons, fireworks, drugs, etc.
4. If you have specific questions, please call me (909-292-8390) or email me (

Weather Update:
This past Sunday, the 10-day forecast predicted mostly sunny to sunny
weather all weekend. As of this email, there is rain in the forecast
for Saturday. Please remember to bring pack accordingly.

18651 Pine Canyon Rd
Lake Hughes, CA 93532
-From the 5 Freeway, Exit Lake Hughes Road (few miles past Six Flags) and Head EAST. You'll stay on this road
for about 23 miles until it ends at Pine Canyon Rd, where you'll then make a left. THE OAKS is located 1/2 mile
west of Lake Hughes Road. Enter their driveway on the north side at 18651 Pine Canyon Road and follow it up
over the saddle.
Turn LEFT at the stop sign. You'll see lodges as you keep going and Hayford Hall will be on top of a hill on your
right side.

1. Cell coverage is limited. The Oaks' Main Phone Number is 661-724-1018. If, for whatever reason you can't
reach anyone on the
main number, please call Mike at 661-916-2869.
2. Child Care. During Saturday's free time hours, we will have child care available at a rate of $10 per child to
help compensate the staff. Sign ups will be available at registration.
3. Car Pool - If you signed up for car pool, you should receive a separate email from me directly. If you're
interested, please email me.
4. If you haven't paid for the retreat yet, please make your checks payable to City Pres and note in the memo
that it's for the retreat. If you're in a motel, the discounted rate is $150 per person. If you're in the dorm, the
discounted rate is $100. The regular rate is $170 for the motel and $120 for the dorms.
5. My contact info if you have any questions: email me at or call me on my cell at 909-

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