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									                                             FIELD TRIP PARENT LETTER

Dear Parents:

         The Bonduel, Bowler, Menominee Indian, Oconto, Oconto Falls, Sturgeon Bay,
and Suring school districts are working with the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay on a
project called Phuture Phoenix to provide a field trip experience for your child.
         On Thursday, October 14, 2010 your fifth grade student will be bussed to UWGB
and will spend the day touring the campus, visiting classrooms and learning what
college is all about.
         UWGB students have volunteered to be ambassadors for your child that day,
have been instructed by university faculty on appropriate role model skills and are
committing their time to get to know your child. They are interested in helping to
encourage all students to do well in school, complete their high school education and
perhaps consider going on to college. The UWGB students have been asked to
contact your child after the field trip to stay “in touch” with them. This connection of
UWGB role model students and 5th grade students is what the Phuture Phoenix Program
is all about!

We hope your child will have an enjoyable day at UWGB!


University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Please sign and return this form to your child’s teacher by Friday, October 8, 2010.

Student Information:

Child’s name_____________________________________________________________

School _________________________________________________________________

Teacher’s Name __________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Name & Phone Number ___________________________________

(1) I understand that pictures/video taken of my child at the Phuture Phoenix Field Trip
    may be used for publicity purposes.
(2) I also understand that my child will travel to and from the UWGB campus by
    provided bussing. No child will be released otherwise during the field trip.
(3) In case of illness, your child’s teacher will make arrangements with you to transport
    your child home.

Parent signature___________________________________________________________

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