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The Small Business Internet Marketing Guide

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					TheBitBot Organic SEO and SEM Blog -
Focusing on SEO, SEM, Internet Marketing and Product Reviews for the Small Business Owner

TheBitBot Organic SEO and
SEM Blog
Focusing on SEO, SEM, Internet Marketing
and Product Reviews for the Small Business

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TheBitBot Organic SEO and SEM Blog -
Focusing on SEO, SEM, Internet Marketing and Product Reviews for the Small Business Owner

The Small Business Internet Marketing Guide
by administrator - 2010-10-19 09:18:22

If you own a small business or are thinking of starting one, get ready for some hard work. It is going to take
persistence and dedication if you are going to succeed. However, persistence and dedication are not all that is
required for success to find you. A great advertising plan or small business marketing guide is also needed.
Additionally, that advertising plan or marketing guide as some may call it, must be not only effective in terms of
bringing you potential customers, it must also be cost effective. This is very important, especially if you are just
starting out. Your advertising budget must bring you bang for you buck.

Search Engine Marketing is just the type of advertising plan that can successfully deliver with respect to these
requirements. If you are not familiar with Search Engine Marketing or SEM as some refer to it, it would be very
beneficial for you to become familiar with it as many products and services are found this way, especially these
days. So, what does the methodology that surrounds search engine marketing bring with it? It bring with it several
very valuable assets that every business, be it small or large, new or established, must have. Here are some of

Targeted Traffic. Search engine marketing is based around another field of interest very similar to itself, Search
Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO revolves around researching and discovering keywords that are of interest to your
potential customer base. If you sell a particular item, "widgets" for example, SEO and the tools that it uses may
point out to you that "blue widgets", specifically, are in high demand, or maybe used widgets. Information like this is
very useful in helping you as a business owner or a services provider to position yourself and resources in a way so
as to maximize your business and income. SEM technique, with SEO at its core brings targeted traffic.

Converting Traffic. There are several phases that an individual who is part of a potential customer base can be in
with respect to how close they are to making a purchase. Part of search engine marketing is the targeting of buying
or converting traffic. Very commonly, an individual will research an item or a subject several times before deciding
to purchase it. This type of traffic usually follows generalized keywords such as the widget we spoke of. SEM
allows your business to target buying keywords that, in most cases are much more specific, such as "blue widget"
or "blue widget 5000x". It is no secret that the more targeted your traffic is, the higher your conversion percentages
will be.

Cost Effective Traffic. Search Engine Marketing relies on a particular type of search engine optimization, organic
search engine optimization or organic SEO. Organic search results are the results that appear on a search engine
results page, not because a business or person paid for them to be there, they are results that list there naturally or
organically due to the high level of relevance that they have in terms of the original search term.

Search Engine Marketing revolves around the tools and techniques that bring business and clients together in a
way that is as easy as entering a search term and clicking the search button. If you have a small business or are
interested in starting one, explore the possibilities of SEM and SEO and get yourself a small business marketing
guide. It may be the best decision you ever made for your small business.


Are You Struggling To Promote Your Small Business?
Are You Struggling To Promote Your Website Or Small Business? Are you thinking about starting a business?
Have you already started a business and are looking to drive it forward? If you answered yes to either of these
questions, you will have to spend at least one of two different things to get things rolling - time or money. For most
small businesses, a large advertising budget is just something they do not have. Many small businesses,
depending on how new they are as well as their return on investment, still have budgets that are in the red. Does

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TheBitBot Organic SEO and SEM Blog -
Focusing on SEO, SEM, Internet Marketing and Product Reviews for the Small Business Owner

your small business fit this description? If it does, then you need cheap internet advertising for your small
business and that is going to require some time.

Advertising on the internet is a great way to get noticed. If your business is not advertised on the internet
effectively, you may be losing business that is practically on your door step. It would be a shame to lose clients
to your competitors that are based further away from them than you are. Convenience only matters if potential
customers know you exist! What's that? You're listed in the phone book you say? Now-a-days, that is simply not
enough! You have to be listed online and not only do you have to be listed online, you have to have a strong

To have an online presence means to have a website. Your website has to be relevant to your business as well
as easily found and navigated. Potential customers have to be able to find your website based on keywords that
describe your offerings. If you have a website, just because you can type your businesses name into a search
engine and find it does not mean that the normal person will find it that way. In reality, only well established
businesses receive traffic this way through branding. Are you a brand? Probably not at this point. For this reason
you need to concentrate on Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

SEM revolves around the promotion of your business using a step-by-step process that leverages information
that is freely available. All you have to do is take advantage of it! Online courses are available that teach you
every step of marketing through search engines. A solid SEM course would teach you several things as listed in the
following paragraphs.

It would teach you the steps to building and launching a website. In the old days, launching a website entailed
knowing how to code. Those days have long since passed! Now installing a website is as easy as clicking a
button! A quality course would teach you about and recommend hosting that could give you options in this regard.

Additionally, a quality SEM course would show your the steps to creating and syndicating your content based
around keywords that describe what your business does in addition to leveraging those keywords using simple
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that are very easy to do.

Finally, a quality SEM course would teach you how to capture valuable leads using your website and a few tools
of the trade that are not so secret anymore. You would thus have the ability to market to targeted prospects over
and over again!

Modern day commerce is now moderated from within the virtual world. If your small business, regardless of your
niche, is going to compete, you have to take the plunge, meaning you need to learn how to launch a website for
your business, optimize it and drive targeted traffic to it. The right Search Engine Marketing Course will help
you do that.

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TheBitBot Organic SEO and SEM Blog -
Focusing on SEO, SEM, Internet Marketing and Product Reviews for the Small Business Owner

TheBitBot Organic SEO and SEM Blog

Focusing on SEO, SEM, Internet Marketing and Product Reviews for the Small Business Owner

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