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Keyword Research Versus Writing Naturally In SEO
by administrator - 2010-10-22 09:15:53

It is the goal of every webmaster or blogger to use every means at their disposal to draw and drive as much traffic
to their website or blog as possible. Let's face it. Keywords are the same as in-roads. The only difference is, these
in-roads are virtual ones and are all inter-connected with the information super-highway. Naturally, some roads
have more traffic than others. In the same fashion, some keywords naturally see more traffic than others. In the
world of online-search, clicks come in two ways. First, they come through relevancy with respect to the keyword
that was entered into the search bar. Pages relevant to that keyword are displayed by search engines. The other
way is through curiosity or baiting. This would entail the writing of a title and copy so compelling and invoking that a
click is inevitable. Which is better?

Keyword Research. Keyword research is quite standard. One would simply go to the Google Keyword Selector
Tool, type in the keyword of interest, and make note of the number of local monthly searches for a particular
keyword or a series of keywords. After careful note of the number of searches per month, the webmaster or blogger
would then go to the Google homepage and type in the keyword of interest noting the number of competing pages.
The keywords with the highest search-to-competing-pages-ratio would be a candidate for use in the article or page

Exact Match versus Broad Match. A writer would need to be careful about which search function they use in terms
of calculating the traffic potential of various keywords. Broad match function shows the traffic from any and all
variations of a keyword or phrase that contains a keyword. Traffic numbers can be very misleading when using the
broad match function as the traffic number are tallied from all of these variations. Exact match number will usually
be much lower and are usually much more accurate for calculating the potential traffic for a given keyword or
phrase. This is especially important when performing keyword research with the intent of buying exact-match
domain names.

Keyword research as a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is great if and only if the numbers you receive
are accurate and even more importantly, stable. That being said, it is very easy to base a great deal of effort
around a keyword that contains inflated search numbers. Proceed with caution.

Writing Naturally. Writing in a style that comes naturally, for which minimal research has been done and about
which one has natural interest can in many cases prove more beneficial for a webmaster or blogger in terms of
traffic potential. Many times writers who write for people and readers as opposed to search engines may very well
reap greater benefits that ones confined to keyword research terms. Naturally writing about subjects that are of
interest to actual people using unique and compelling titles may very well capture the attention of an audience
whereas a title that is stuffed with high volume keywords may not.

Curiosity clicks are quite powerful and have much more potential to go viral than do keyword-stuffed articles with
keyword-stuffed titles. Keyword stuffing doesn't necessarily mean that the keyword is used to many times in copy, it
may very well mean that that particular keyword just does not belong there, that it looks forced or unnatural.
Naturally written copy invokes curiosity and gets clicks.

For subjects that are fresh and of interest to people, link bait is often the result of writing naturally. Well written copy
concerning subjects that are of natural interest will ultimately draw traffic. Keyword research is a necessary part of
SEO, but if the quality of the copy suffers because of it, it is ultimately self-defeating. In an ideal world, if a writer
finds that high-volume, low-competition keywords are available to write about naturally, then they would by all
means use them. However, if they are not available, it would be better to write about the subject naturally so that
they can still reap the SEO benefits in terms of having quality and compelling content.


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TheBitBot Organic SEO and SEM Blog -
Focusing on SEO, SEM, Internet Marketing and Product Reviews for the Small Business Owner

Are You Struggling To Promote Your Small Business?
Are You Struggling To Promote Your Website Or Small Business? Are you thinking about starting a business?
Have you already started a business and are looking to drive it forward? If you answered yes to either of these
questions, you will have to spend at least one of two different things to get things rolling - time or money. For most
small businesses, a large advertising budget is just something they do not have. Many small businesses,
depending on how new they are as well as their return on investment, still have budgets that are in the red. Does
your small business fit this description? If it does, then you need cheap internet advertising for your small
business and that is going to require some time.

Advertising on the internet is a great way to get noticed. If your business is not advertised on the internet
effectively, you may be losing business that is practically on your door step. It would be a shame to lose clients
to your competitors that are based further away from them than you are. Convenience only matters if potential
customers know you exist! What's that? You're listed in the phone book you say? Now-a-days, that is simply not
enough! You have to be listed online and not only do you have to be listed online, you have to have a strong

To have an online presence means to have a website. Your website has to be relevant to your business as well
as easily found and navigated. Potential customers have to be able to find your website based on keywords that
describe your offerings. If you have a website, just because you can type your businesses name into a search
engine and find it does not mean that the normal person will find it that way. In reality, only well established
businesses receive traffic this way through branding. Are you a brand? Probably not at this point. For this reason
you need to concentrate on Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

SEM revolves around the promotion of your business using a step-by-step process that leverages information
that is freely available. All you have to do is take advantage of it! Online courses are available that teach you
every step of marketing through search engines. A solid SEM course would teach you several things as listed in the
following paragraphs.

It would teach you the steps to building and launching a website. In the old days, launching a website entailed
knowing how to code. Those days have long since passed! Now installing a website is as easy as clicking a
button! A quality course would teach you about and recommend hosting that could give you options in this regard.

Additionally, a quality SEM course would show your the steps to creating and syndicating your content based
around keywords that describe what your business does in addition to leveraging those keywords using simple
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that are very easy to do.

Finally, a quality SEM course would teach you how to capture valuable leads using your website and a few tools
of the trade that are not so secret anymore. You would thus have the ability to market to targeted prospects over
and over again!

Modern day commerce is now moderated from within the virtual world. If your small business, regardless of your
niche, is going to compete, you have to take the plunge, meaning you need to learn how to launch a website for
your business, optimize it and drive targeted traffic to it. The right Search Engine Marketing Course will help
you do that.

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TheBitBot Organic SEO and SEM Blog -
Focusing on SEO, SEM, Internet Marketing and Product Reviews for the Small Business Owner

TheBitBot Organic SEO and SEM Blog

Focusing on SEO, SEM, Internet Marketing and Product Reviews for the Small Business Owner

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