Gift Processing Instructions and Transmittal Form

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					                Gift Processing Instructions and Transmittal Form
                          2010 Annual Catholic Appeal

Do not open envelopes! Send directly to the Diocese of Madison.

You may enclose a parish check for any loose cash received.
Please note “Loose Contributions” on the memo line. Or, you
may place them in an in-pew envelope marked “Loose

          If sending via United States Postal Service:
          Diocese of Madison
          P.O. Box 44983
          Madison, WI 53744-4983

           If sending via UPS or FedEx to:
           Diocese of Madison
           702 S. High Point Road
           Madison, WI 53719

    --Complete separate copies of this form for each package for
    content and delivery verification.

                                  Parish Transmittal Form

            Date Sent:______________________________________________

           Sent By:________________________________________________

# of Envelopes:______
            Parish Name:___________________________________________

                 City Parish is Located in:_________________________________

                Parish Mailing Address:__________________________________


                Parish Telephone:_______________________________________

**Note: Please make copies of this form as needed

If you have any questions or problems, please call Jill Driscoll at (608) 821-3039.
Also, please make a copy of each form to keep for your records.