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					Landscape Conservation Cooperatives
   General LCC concept
   National Geographic framework
   Upper Midwest & Great Lakes LCC
   Next steps
   Appropriations Bill and Conference Report
     $20,000,000
     Climate change adaptive science
   Secretarial Order
     Landscape-level strategies
     DOI network
      ▪ Interface with USGS climate change efforts
     Partnership with other agencies, states, Tribes,
     conservation organizations, and others
 Partnership
 Steering Committee including partners
 Landscape-level science in support of on-the-
  ground conservation – Strategic Habitat
 Fish and wildlife adaptation to climate change
 Maintain high levels of scientific credibility
     Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management
   Two staff minimum
     Coordinator
     Science Coordinator
 Set biological
  /ecological targets
 Design strategy for
  meeting targets
 Implement strategy
  on the ground
 Monitor results,
  conduct research to
  reduce uncertainty
   Funding
     FY 2010
      ▪ EPA GLRI - $1 million
     FY 2011
      ▪ Request FWS funds
         PIF             Industries         States     Joint Venture

                 Universities         FWS
Many Others
                      Canada          NPS            USGS

                          USDA FS                            Public
               GLFC                          EPA
     AFWA                                   NRCS            NGOs
                                       ID Priorities , Top
Steering Committee                      Mgt Questions,

           Report                                                                  ID
       Accomplishments,                                                    Research/Analytical
       Feedback, Needs                                                          Agenda

                                 Concept                                           Coordinate Science
  Conservation                                                                         Activities

                          Inform Mgt                         Conduct Scientific
                           Decisions                            Activities
   Staffing                Barb Pardo         R3
     Craig Czarnecki –     Doug Brewer        R3
      interim coordinator   Louise Clemency    R3
                            Mark Holey         R3
     Planning team
                            David Stillwell    R5
   Focus                   Kofi Fynn Aikins   R5
     Science projects      Mike Millard       R5
     Not permanent         Rick Bennett       R5
     staff, yet
   Driving issues
   Conservation priorities
     Species & habitats
     Focal species
   Science needs to fill gaps
     Climate change
     Other landscape conservation issues
   For working together to enhance science
    capacity for landscape conservation
   Governance structure
   Operations
     First year
     Long term
Date              Task
Jan 14            Convene planning team
Jan 19 – Feb 12   Preliminary web-conference scoping and feedback
Mid March         Operations plan
End April         Convene steering committee
throughout        Personal contacts

    Feedback form
       Contact Teresa Woods for link to on-line survey