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					                                                                    Attachment 7
                                                                    Cost Schedule
Description                                         Unit Type               Price per Unit   X    Units Monthly Cost Months           Annual Cost
1. Banking Services
Payments by checks                                  Paper Check                              X       260                  X12
Payments by ACH                                     ACH Trans                                X       120                  X12
Daily deposit of cash and checks                    Daily Deposit                            X       20                   X12
Receipts by ACH                                     ACH Trans                                X       62                   X12
Receipts by wire transfers                          Wire Trans                               X       20                   X12
Positive Pay (fraud detection)                      Paper Check                              X       260                  X12
Daily on-line reporting of accounts' activity       Checking Account                         X       5                    X12
Monthly hard copy statements                        Checking Account                         X       5                    X12

1. Total for Banking Services                                                                              $                     $

2. Trust Services
                                                  Line tems in
Transfers among trust subaccounts                 Transaction report                         X       42                   X12
Payments by wire transfer (including confirmation
notice)                                           Wire Pay                                   X       8                    X12
Daily activity report                               Report                                   X       22                   X12
Monthly electronic statements                       sub accts 35 month                       X       35                   X12
Monthly hard copy statements                        sub accts 35 month                       X       35                   X12
AIDEA initiated investment purchases                Transaction                              X       8                    X12
Money Manager Purchases & Sales                     Transaction                              X       8                    X12
Monthy Pay down and interest collections            Transaction                              X       125                  X12
Receipts by Wire                                    Transaction                              X       2                    X12
Annual Hardcopy Reports for each subaccount (2
copies)                                             Report                                   X       3                    X12

Monthy Customer Service Fee                         Services as requested                    X       1                    X12

2. Total for Trust Services                                                                                $                     $

3. Transfers between Bank and Trust Services
                                                    Line Items in
Transfers between trust and checking                Transaction report                       X       60                   X12

3. Total Combined Bank and Trust Services                                                                  $                     $

4. One Tme Costs -- As appropriate include any
one time contract costs that may be required to
transfer or set up accounts                                                                      $                               $

5. Total of 1, 2, 3, and 4 above                                                                 $                               $

Important: In order to be considered responsive provide additional information on a separate sheet for all fees and terms associated with
doing business with your institution.

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                                                  RFP 2010-0800-8908 Banking and Trusts Services
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