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									OCS                                                               Letter of Recommendation Request Form
Office of Career Services, Hope College

Writing letters of recommendation is an important responsibility of any evaluator. Often, the letters determine
whether or not an individual will be hired or admitted for advanced study. Therefore, the evaluation must be
complete, accurate, but also concise. To ensure this, the following information is provided along with a copy
of your resume.

Your Name:
                                                                            Birthdate:         Date:
            Last                First             Middle

Permanent Address: _______________________________________________________________________________

Current Address: __________________________________________________________________________________

Phone:             ____________________________________           Email: _______________________________________

Major(s):          ___________________________________            Minor(s): _____________________________________

College Advisor:                                           Advisor’s Phone #: ___________________________

Classification: (Circle One) Freshman        Sophomore             Junior          Senior

GPA:        Cumulative Grade Point                Grade point in major area of concentration ________

This letter of recommendation is for:      ____ Employment        ____ Graduate / Professional School

     ____ Other (Specify): ___________________________________________________________________________

Type of work or graduate programs requiring this letter; career interests and goals within field:

A.   What do you consider your strongest points regarding your life’s ambition or goal? List any related experiences you
     may have had.

B.   What do you consider your weakest points regarding your life’s ambition or goal?

C.   If you could create the ideal job for yourself, what would it be?

D.   Do you intend to teach? What teaching experience have you had?

E.   What special skills, interests or hobbies do you have?
F.   If hired for the job for which you are applying, how long to you plan to continue working?

G.   Circle the word(s) that describe you as a person:
     warm                critical                 lenient             quiet                 loud                    cool                 undisciplined
     tidy                outgoing                 average             morose                messy                   negative             hospitable
     withdrawn           optimist                 pessimist           reliable              positive                friendly             dependable
     punctual            happy                    honest              reserved              humorous

H.   With which of the following age groups do you especially relate well?
     small children                 early teens                   young adults                     older people                  other
     children                       late teens                    middle age                       all age groups

I.   How do you respond to unpleasant tasks?

J.   How do you work under stress?

K.   Do you prefer to work in a group situation or do you prefer working alone? Why?

L.   If this evaluation is for admission into an institution for advanced study, indicate what type of program, degree, and
     how long you expect to be at that institution.

M.   I have decided to: (circle one)
       1. Waive my right to have access to this letter (confidential);
       2. Have access to this letter of recommendation.

N.   Delivery options: (circle one)

      1. Please upload the letter to Interfolio.com

      2. Please email me at the following address when the letter is ready to be picked up in the sealed, addressed
     envelope that I have provided. ____________________________________________________

      3. Please seal and mail the letter in the addressed and stamped envelope that I have provided.

      4. Please use the following URL to submit your letter: ___________________________________________

O. THIS LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION IS DUE BY: _____________________________________

                                                      Thank you in advance.

                 Adapted from the letter of recommendation form developed by Dr. Harvey Blankespoor, Biology Department, Hope College.

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