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									A pie chart is best when you want to compare one part to the whole.

Class Party Expenses
Punch     $    4.00
Cookies $      8.00
Chips     $    5.76
Plates    $    4.28
Napkins $      3.25
Tablecloth$    4.00
CD        $   12.75

                                                       Class Party Expenses

                                          CD, $12.75               $4.00
                                                                                 Cookies, $8.00

                                                                                Chips, $5.76
                                                                Plates, $4.28

                      Tablecloth, $4.00
                                               Napkins, $3.25
part to the whole.
Interview your classmates to see what category of music they most prefer. Organize your
spreadsheet below. Create a pie chart showing the percentages for each type of preferre
 ost prefer. Organize your data in the
es for each type of preferred music.
Bar and column charts are best when you need to compare a set of
individual items or several sets of related items.

The data shown below was obtained from the US Census site (http://www.census.gov/ipc/www/world.htm
and shows estimates and projections for the world's population from 1990 to 2020. The column chart
allows a visual comparison of the numbers to be made.
Year      Population
1990     5,282,765,827
1991     5,366,815,901
1992     5,450,861,723                                                 Estimated World Populatio
1993     5,532,578,016
1994     5,613,424,524
         5,694,418,460          8,000,000,000
1996     5,773,464,448
1997     5,852,360,768          7,500,000,000
1998     5,929,735,977
1999     6,006,163,019          7,000,000,000
2000     6,081,527,896
2001     6,155,942,526          6,500,000,000
2002     6,229,629,168
2003     6,303,112,453          6,000,000,000
2004     6,376,863,118
2005     6,451,058,790          5,500,000,000
2006     6,525,486,603
2007     6,600,115,810          5,000,000,000
2008     6,675,056,342
2009     6,750,284,385          4,500,000,000
2010     6,825,750,456
2011     6,901,439,322
2012     6,977,242,285
2013     7,052,858,248
2014     7,128,025,638
2015     7,202,516,136
2016     7,276,282,928
2017     7,349,338,533
2018     7,421,568,786
2019     7,492,858,409
2020     7,563,094,182
ompare a set of

020. The column chart

stimated World Population

Simple Column Chart
1. Your goal is to create a column chart that displays the 5 day forcast for Albuquerque.
2. Visit this web site:
3. Gather data for the 5 day forcast for Albuquerque. Record only the expected high temperatures.
4. Create a column chart showing the expected high temperatures for the next 5 days of the week.

ted high temperatures.
 xt 5 days of the week.
Advanced Column Chart
1. Your goal is to create a column chart that displays the 5 day forcast for three cities: Dallas, Albuquerq
2. Visit these web sites:
                             Albuquerque http://www.kobtv.com/index.cfm?cat=ABQ5DAY
                                          Seattle http://www.king5.com/weather/
                                  Dallas http://www.dallasnews.com/weather/#fiveday
3. Gather data for the 5 day forcast for each city. Record only the expected high temperatures.
4. Create a column chart comparing the expected high temperatures for all three cities. Change the char
a major unit of 10.
ree cities: Dallas, Albuquerque, and Seattle.

high temperatures.
hree cities. Change the chart scale so it shows
A pictograph is a column chart using images of items to represent the
data. Pictographs can help younger students by providing a concrete
representation of the items being charted.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavors
           Mrs. Jones'   Mr. Smith's   Ms. Pino's
             Class         Class        Class
Chocolate       3             8             4
Vanilla         6             1             4
Strawberry      2             8            10







                  Mrs. Jones' Class                 Mr. Smith's Class   Ms. Pino's Class
o represent the collected
ding a concrete visual


no's Class
1. Select a topic for which you can collect data in the class tonight. Possibilities include fa
color, favorite ice cream flavor, grade level you'd like to teach, hair color, eye color, gende
2. Interview your classmates and collect your raw data.
3. Use the space below to set up a spreadsheet to display your raw data and totals
4. Create a bar chart to visually represent your data.
5. Use the information found at this web site: http://www.microsoft.com/education/createpi
ht. Possibilities include favorite
air color, eye color, gender, or

raw data and totals

oft.com/education/createpictograph.mspx to change your bar graph into a
A scatter diagram is used when you want to see if there is a relationsh
between different sets of data.
For example, if I study longer, will I get a better grade on my Regents e
Statisticians gather data to determine if there's a correlation (relationsh
events. Scatter plots will often show at a glance whether a relationship
two sets of data.

    Study Hours Regents Exam Score                                            Relationship Between Study Time and Regen
         3               80                                                                      Score
         5               90
         2               75
         6               80                                             120

                                                  Regent's Exam Score
         7               90                                             100
         1               50
         2               65
         7               80                                              60
         1               40                                              40
         7              100                                              20
                                                                              0    1    2    3     4
                                                                                             Hours of Study

The data displayed on the graph looks like a rising line from left to righ
  is a positive correlation. This means that according to these data, th
   correlation between studying and Regents scores. If the slope of th
negative (falling from left to right) a negative correlation would exist.
correlation, the longer you study, the worse you would do on the test.
  graph are scattered around and don't form a line, there is no correlat
 sets of data. No correlation means that the data don't show if studyin
                                  affect on Regents scores.
                                     Adapted from http://regentsprep.org/Regents/math/data/scatter.htm
 if there is a relationship or trend

grade on my Regents examination?
 correlation (relationship) between such
 whether a relationship exists between

 etween Study Time and Regents

           4      5      6   7   8
    Hours of Study

 ng line from left to right, meaning there
 rding to these data, there is a positive
ores. If the slope of the line had been
rrelation would exist. Under a negative
 would do on the test. If the dots on the
ne, there is no correlation between the
a don't show if studying longer has any
s scores.
Scatter Plot Chart (also called Scattergram)
1.The data on the spreadsheet below shows the outcome of a science experiment that looks at how the a
affects the average distance and maximum speed of a marble rolled down a ramp.
2. Create a scatter plot chart showing the intersections of time in seconds and distance in feet for all of th
eriment that looks at how the angle of an incline
a ramp.
nd distance in feet for all of the trials run in this experiment.

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