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					Sample Case Chart: O”Regan ONLY

YOU HAVE ONE CHART PER CASE per issue. Here the issue is sensory, contemporaneous perception.
Note that not every case will discuss or hold on both prongs of the rule for this issue, or even on this
issue. Obviously a case chart cannot contain everything in a case, so you need to determine what you wish
to know about each case. At a minimum, it should have the information designed solely to help decide
what the rule is.

One way to do a case chart:
                      Case Name/Court/Date/ Issue (e.g. Freeman/Tx Sup Ctt/1988/ cont. sens. Obs)
Rule Prong/          Holding/addition Facts                Client’s Facts    Reasoning/policy/dicta
changes to rule      to rule
perceive the
#2 otherwise
experience the
shock of
upon the accident

In addition, please write a brief paragraph outlining the following:
1) The name of the cause of action
2) Its elements: injury that is reasonably foreseeable.
3) How to assess reasonable foreseeability
4) What is not an issue in Mr. Smith’s case (nearness)
5) What the remaining issues for Mr. Smith are
6) Your proposed processed rule, after reading all three cases and charting them for CSO