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					     Sample Introduction: Anecdote

    When I was nine years old, my brother
and I sat my sister in the front yard with a
For Sale sign tied around her neck.
Obviously, I was not as responsible as
Squeaky in the short story Raymond’s Run. I
also was not as smart as Charles because my
mother caught on to our shenanigans pretty
quickly. We were headed across the street to
swim in the neighbor’s pool when she
stopped us. For once, we wanted to have
some fun without my little sister, who we
always had to “look after.” All three stories,
mine, Toni Bambara’s, and Shirley Jackson’s
contain some similarities, but the differences
are more obvious. The differences between
Raymond’s Run and Charles include the point
of view, style, and theme.
       Sample Conclusion: Analogy

    Charles and Raymond’s Run, are told from
different points of view, written in a unique
style, and focus on conveying a message to
the reader. After reading Raymond’s Run, I
wished that I had been a more responsible
sister. The subject matter is serious, even
though there are moments when the narrator
makes the reader laugh. Charles also made
me laugh because I don’t think that my
parents ever would have believed Charles’
story. Both stories offer readers valuable
messages about people and their
expectations for themselves and those
around them.