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					Social Media and
Viral Marketing
Case Study
Agency | LINEAGE interactive

Client | Amar’e Stoudemire

Date of Campaign | December 22, 2008 – January 20, 2009

                                VIRAL MARKETING CASE STUDY: VOTE4AMARE.COM

               If your not Kobe Bryant or Lebron James how do you get
               NBA fans to vote you into the All Star Game? This is a
               question Amar’e Stoudemire wanted answered.

               At 6’10” 249 lb, numbers that would stand out in a room
               of average Joes, this NBA power forward needed more
               than a rookie year MVP award to get noticed. So what
               else can be done to promote his talent and get the
               notoriety he deserves??

               The answer…GO VIRAL!

               LINEAGE management created a New Media campaign
               for Amar’e Stoudemire to achieve his goal: to be voted a
               starter in the 2009 NBA All Star Game.

               This study covers from the planning stage of the
               successful campaign through the results stage. The case
               study is meant to inform you on what it takes to create a
               successful New Media - viral campaign.


Step 1: Strategic Planning and Development Phase
                      The objective for Stoudemire was quite simple: create
                      enough media buzz to garner attention from fans and
                      drive website traffic to vote Stoudemire into the NBA All
                      Star Game as the starting power forward.

                       After getting to know the client, LINEAGE decided that
                       exposing his personality and sense of humor would
                       endear him to fans. LINEAGE then assembled a team of
                       motion picture/television writers to create a series of
                       commercials to be distributed online and on television.
                       The plan was to create a campaign that could be
                       implemented online through traditional PR and become
                       socially relevant enough to garner legitimate media
                       coverage on television.

                       The key was to create a socially viral campaign based on
                       an authentic creative concept.


                       The concept was developed by award winning writer and
                       director Sherwin Shilati to be a parody of a character
                       that is present in every athlete’s life, the “Yes Man.” He’s
                       the sidekick to every prominent athlete, a friend who’s
                       responsible for maintaining his/her ego.

                       The idea of the “yes man” developed into the character
                       of Jay “Super Fan” Johnson. The Super Fan starred in
                       viral videos and was the face of all interactive efforts
                       online, in interviews, street teaming, and on television.

                                  For all those who don't know
                                  me, my name is Jay "Super
                                  Fan" Johnson. My mission - to
                                  get the most electric, prolific,
                                  and graceful power-forward
                       in the NBA, Mr. Amar’e Stoudemire, voted
                       as the starting forward for the Western
                       Conference in the 2009 NBA All-Star

Viral tactics drove the campaign, but were also
supported by traditional media relations. The campaign’s
social relevance encouraged most media outlets to pick
it up editorially. The two tactics combined created
significant results that increased exposure of the
campaign and the client’s brand.
Viral tactics included but were not limited to:
Fan pages * Viral videos * Social book-marking *
Blogger outreach * Video sharing * Phone hotline *
Twitter * Flickr * Facebook * Myspace

STEP 1: Information gathered/client background

STEP 2: Script written and storyboarded

STEP 3: Location found, production team assembled

STEP 4: Online campaign planned


Step 2: Production
                     The commercial spots were conceptualized, written and
                     filmed in a 30-hour window. There was a strong focus on
                     having high production value to distinguish this
                     campaign from other viral videos. It included
                     sophisticated humor and techniques used in typical
                     motion picture/television production.

                     LINEAGE set up a one-day shoot on location in
                     Calabasas, CA with an 12-man production team.

                         Executive Producer: Anthony Rodriguez
                         Executive Producer: Amar’e Stoudmemire
                         Producer: Shelley Stevens
                         Director: Sherwin Shilati
                         Production Designer: Nikki Dawn
                         Director of Photography: Michael Tedford
                         1st A.D.: Lawrence
                         Set Photographer: Blaine Eisner
                         Swing Grip: Vafa Khatami
                         Swing Grip: Rocky
                         Make-Up: Grace Phillips
                         Sound Mixer: Allen

                                                      The final series included 5 versions of the commercial.
                                                      This allowed LINEAGE to post a new video every 5 days
                                                      for the duration of the campaign. The film was shot on
                                                      Red One camera. 1

                                                      Once the viral videos were edited LINEAGE created a
                                                      website that would become the home of the campaign.
                                                      It housed the viral videos and gave fans all the
                                                      information they needed to vote or keep up-to-date with
                                                      Stoudemire and his race to the All Star game.

                                                      1The Red Digital Cinema Camera Company manufactures digital cinematography
                                                      cameras and accessories for professional and cinematic use. The company's main
                                                      product is the Red One, capable of recording at resolutions up to 4096 horizontal by
                                                      2304 vertical pixels, directly to flash or hard disk torage. It features a single Super
                                                      35-sized CMOS sensor and a cinematography industry standard PL mount.

                                                            VIRAL MARKETING CASE STUDY: VOTE4AMARE.COM

Step 4: Video Launch and

                                  LINEAGE launched the Vote4Amare
                                  website. It utilized different social media
                                  elements. The diversity of the campaign
                                  distribution was key in keeping the
                                  viewers and fans interested in the
                                  content and converting traffic into votes.
                                  The site was hosted by none other then
                                  Jay “Super Fan” Johnson, who became
                                  the face of the campaign.
                                  Included on the site were constant blog
                                  updates, which included pictures,
                                  comical stories, press releases etc.
                                  LINEAGE also created a phone number,
                                  using, for fans to call the
                                  Super Fan. Twitter and Facebook were
                                  also utilized in the campaign.
                                  Each week, the Viral Campaign team
                                  created and distributed fresh content
                                  across all available platforms.
                                  The first video launch was on December
                                  22, 2008 with traditional media. It played
                                  on the following shows:

                                    ★ Jim Rome (commercial performed LIVE)
                                    ★ ESPN First Take
                                    ★ ESPN NEWS
                                    ★ NBA Coast to Coast
                                    ★ TNT NBA halftime show
                                    ★ Jumbo-tron in America West Arena
                                    ★ Covered by Sports Illustrated magazine
                                    ★ The following local Arizona affiliates:
                                       KNXV-TV, Channel 15 (ABC)
                                       KSAZ-TV 10-Fox Ksaztv Ten Fox
                                       Phoenix News Channel 3|KTVK-3TV
                                       FOX Sports Arizona
                                       KPHO, Channel 5 (CBS)

The traditional media was supported with New Media
publicity via:

                                     ★ SayNow
                                     ★ Twitter
                                     ★ Youtube
                                     ★ Myspace
                                     ★ Facebook

The viral videos were launched on the website followed by the Vote4Amare
YouTube channel. This allowed fans to download and
repost the video on their own social media pages and
Strategized release of commercial spots based on
content in regards to relevant traditional and new media
outlets. Every video had its own push, based on clients
basketball schedule. Since the videos were shot in film
quality format they were converted in six different
formats (HD and Standard) and couriered to every major
TV station the day before each launch. This allowed
each spot to be seen in the highest quality possible. The
spots also played during Phoenix Suns home games in
the America West Arena for a 25-day period (holds
18,422 people).

              Video Launch Schedule

 December 22, 2008: The Super Fan feat. Shaq
 December 27, 2008: feat. Beyonce
 January 1, 2009 feat. President Barack Obama
 January 6, 2009 feat. Michael Jordan
 January 11, 2009 feat. George Washington


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                                                VIRAL MARKETING CASE STUDY: VOTE4AMARE.COM
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                                                VIRAL MARKETING CASE STUDY: VOTE4AMARE.COM

Step 5: Campaign Management
                    Campaign management takes many factors into account
                    including, but not limited to, timing your message,
                    launch order and placement, and the platform you are
                    going to use. In the world of digital media, you only have
                    moments to react and when you send out an erroneous
                    message, your mistake lives online forever.

                    Due to the dynamic interaction of an Internet campaign
                    (based on feedback, traffic sources and media
                    opportunities) the LINEAGE team had to meet on a daily
                    basis to refine strategy and make creative decisions.

Step 6: Distribution and Tracking
                       What makes a video viral? A viral videos can be defined
                       by how many views it receives or whether it becomes a
                       part of the culture lexicon. In this case, the Vote4Amare
                       campaign met both standards. It garnered over a million
                       views and has been subsequently mentioned as an
                       example in NBA player marketing. Most notably, the
                       campaign was recognized by Sports Illustrated

                       LINEAGE used as the main site to host
                       the viral videos. However, the campaign was distributed
                       all over the Internet. The list includes, but is not limited
                                       ★ Phoenix Suns website
                                       ★ FANHouse
                                       ★ Inside the NBA

                       The viral video had extreme success in the mainstream
                       media. Stoudemire appeared on the following television
                       shows to promote and discuss the campaign: Jim Rome,
                       ESPN First Take and ESPN NBA Coast to Coast. The
                       videos were also played during the Suns home games in
                       the arena and on local and regional broadcasts during
                       the games.
                       LINEAGE issued bi-weekly analysis and tracking to
                       measure the amount of hits to the Vote4Amare website
                       and social media platforms. This allowed the client to
                       have his finger on the pulse of the campaign and directly
                       influence the outcome.
                       Total YouTube Numbers (later videos were launched on
                       larger platforms as reflected by numbers)

                                 Episode                        Views
                                    1                           35,826
                                    2                           13,918
                                    3                           8,501
                                    4                           7,020
                                    5                           9,163


Step 6: Comparables
                      Nike Viral Video Campaign: Laker Kobe Bryant
                      Attempts Massive Stunt

                      In support of their Hyperdunk basketball shoe, Nike
                      launched a viral video featuring basketball superstar
                      Kobe Bryant recklessly leaping over a speeding Aston
                      Martin. The video's low-end production quality makes the
                      clip appear to be user-generated. This video was spread
                      far and wide as the online viewing audience tried to
                      figure out if one of the world's biggest sports stars would
                      actually attempt such a stunt.

                      Chris W Bosh: Send Me To New Orleans All Star
                      Game 2008

                      Chris Bosh re-created a used car salesman pitch
                      commercial on YouTube to promote his fans to vote him
                      into the NBA All-star Game in New Orleans. It also had
                      the look and feel of user-generated content.

Step 7: Analysis and Conclusion

                       So what are the results? After all this work and
                       campaigning what happened look what happened…

                                  AMARE IS STARTING!!

                        Congratulations on your starting role in
                        the 2009 NBA All Star Game. Now you can
                        show the world why you were voted in the
                            All Star game to start! Go Amar’e.

                         Most importantly, I want to thank the
                           fans out there for all your support!
                          Without you guys - this would not be
                         possible! Go all SUPERFANS around the
                        world! Your global support was amazing!

                                     Jay “Super Fan” Johnson

                       The total votes collected for Amar’e Stoudemire in the
                       2009 NBA All Star Balloting was 1,460,429 (an
                       increase of 565,739 votes from his previous year, where
                       the lack of votes lost him the starting position to Tim
                       Duncan and Carmelo Anthony).

                       The key success of the campaign was that Amar’e
                       Stoudemire was the first Phoenix Suns big man to start
                       in an All-Star game since Charles Barkley in 1996. His
                       campaign went viral by becoming part the cultural
                       lexicon and his exposure garnered several minutes of
                       primetime TV, print, and online coverage with no media

                       So what are you waiting for? Start working on your new
                       viral campaign and see what kind of buzz you can
                       generate. With proper planning and a strong message,
                       you too will be successful.