free wedding service bulletin template by oyn15613


									                                Enter Program here                       Enter Program here
                             You may wish to print this page out     Programs are one of the best and
                             on a plain sheet of paper, and then     opportunities you have to put your
Our Wedding                     erase it to begin your project.

                             This program paper and template is
                                                                     own special touch on your
                                                                     wedding! In addition to the order
                                                                     of service and names of people in
   Day                      designed to fold like an ACCORDION
                              – Begin folding with the bordered
                                 cover to the left-hand side.
                                                                     the wedding party, consider
                                                                     adding one or more of these, or
                                                                     something else that is uniquely
(front cover – enter your
        own info)                                                          The story of how you met
                                                                           A poem or the text of a song
                                                                           Special memories or future plans
                                                                           A letter from the Bride and
                                                                            Groom to their guests

     Melissa                        To get started, type your
                              personalized text. To change font
                              style and size, please highlight the
                                                                     For more wording ideas, we

                              text you wish to change, and then
                                                                         Checking out wording ideas
                             click on FORMAT in the top toolbar,
                            and select FONT from the drop down           Asking your officiant what
                             menu to open the font options box.

                                                                          sort of information to include

                            You can save this document directly
                              to your computer, by clicking on       Always print a test sheet on plain
                                    File<< SAVE AS…                  paper to make sure everything
                                                                     prints the way you would like it
                              You will then be able to save and      to, and to determine how to place
  Saturday June 23           return to your project at anytime on
                                        your computer.
                                                                     the program paper into your

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