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What others Say…

                              "An outstanding programme "

                       " ... which I wholeheartedly recommend. Ranks as
                           one of the top courses I've ever taken part in."
                            Clive Taylor,

  IT Project Manager
                       So far I've got major contacts and deals with
                       companies I was only dreaming about doing
                       business with less than a month ago! You really do
                       get what you ask for and the Results Academy helps
                       you to realise that!
                        Deborah Meredith,
  Virtual Assistant
What others Say…

                            Thanks to Your Coaching Programme, I have
                            identified an area that needs addressing which
                           is costing my company in excess of £10 million
                                       pounds of missed revenue!
                                            Dr Joy Madden

Direct Sales Consultant
                          I tried just one of his techniques about the
                          Newspaper advertising. I got a £1500 advert for
                          £150. The feedback was so good they asked me to
                          write for them, and then I was approached by
                          another magazine to contribute to them. I landed
                          £13000 worth of sales from the first article and am
                          still taking enquiries. Colin McAllister,
     Sales Trainer
What others Say…

                       I signed up for the FREE audit. It quickly highlighted
                         my weak points and the gaps in my marketing skills
                          and knowledge. The content of the programme is
                          excellent, and am making definitive progress after
                        every session and this is confirmed in writing as part
                         of the programme and as part of the homework. He
                          shares results, case studies and examples of the
  Event Co-ordinator     techniques and principles in action, all you have to
                        do, is follow the advice, and do it for yourself to start
                           generating similar results. What I've learned has
                                           been invaluable.
                         My advice: Take the 3 Minute Marketing Audit, and
                                            give him a call!
                                       Hedd Adams-Lewis
What others Say…

                     We have done $500,000 in sales online since
                     January thanks to you and your course. I can
                      vouch to everyone considering your excellent
                     course - they simply cannot fail if they practice
                                  what you preach.. “
   Online Retailer            Matthew Alleyne.

                      Just one tactic from the programme, generated
                       15 prospects in 24 hours. I closed 7 of them
                        generating £4000. The 8th one, was worth
                                        £5000 alone.
                              Anne Quinn, Money Matters

   PPI Consultant
What others Say…

                   Having just completed a series of coaching sessions
                     with the Results Academy, I can highly recommend
                    the advice and expertise. The sessions are very well
                     organised, structured and professional, and would
                      urge anyone reading this to contact them today.
                       Annabel Meade Forex Trader & Author
    Forex Trader
                    The energy and enthusiasm has to be experienced
                        to be believed. The new opportunities and
                       knowledge we are being exposed to are just
                      staggering. I think everyone who wants more
                     success in their business should give him a call.
                                  Andrew James Walker
    Direct Sales   
What others Say…

                         I have just started working with the Results Academy
                            and was not going to give a testimonial until I had
                           completed the course but in my first 7 days, I have
                            collected over 120 referrals – This stuff works.
                                 Iain Whyte, Big Man
  Motivational Speaker

                             I can honestly say that this is the best value for
                            money I have ever received since starting out on
                            my entrepreneurial journey over 6 years ago.
                                  Lionel Jones, Ergot menswear

 Clothing Manufacturer
What others Say…

                         The “My Mentor” Programme is an excellent personal
                          development programme, and highly recommended.
                            The program contains a great mix of theory and
                          practical exercises that have helped me to get going
                           again. I have refined my existing goals, developed
                            new ones and feel that I am truly on the road to
                               achieving them. Ivor Murray, MindSpa
Mail Order Distributor

                            Seriously knowledgeable on anything marketing.
                                   A fantastic help to my business
                                 Warren Cass,

  Social Media Expert
What others Say…

                   Well I have only put a couple of things into practice so
                    far and already I have a full project book through the
                    summer and when I say full I mean much more than
                                   double I have ever had.
                   Roger Vanstone,

                       To say I was sceptical about marketing was an
                     understatement; three weeks into this programme.
                    Not only that I am getting amazing results using The
                      Results Academy approach I have a pipeline like
                                        never before.
                        David Harris,
What others Say…

                        Imagine thinking you did one thing and you actually do
                             the other! I found out very quickly that I'd been
                            losing ground and potential referrals - all solved
                          now. The methodology is step by step and you can't
                          get lost on the way - as I've found to be the case in
                                   other programmes. Jackie Walker,
  Divorce Coach
                        I attended one of his marketing workshops in London.
                          His advice is compelling. His material is outstanding.
                            His techniques are proven. Connect with him now
                              to transform your business before he charges
                                          what he's really worth.
                                    Phil Calvert, Founder, IFA
  Social Media Expert
What others Say…

                    “Just one of the hundreds of techniques contained in
                      this program netted our biggest deal of the year - a
                       large contract with a global investment bank. We
                      got a 24x return on the investment with that
                       one sale and I think that speaks volumes for how
                      much I value the advice that the Results Academy
    IT Consultant                  offer and you should too..

                     I would not hesitate in recommending the Results
                      Academy, theyoffer outstanding value for money."

                                     Dylan Jones
What others Say…

                     You're not left to flounder, and best of all - No fluff, no
                       flannel, no smoke and mirrors, just stuff that works.
                          I’m doing it, and it's my best decision this year.
                        Alan Simpson,

Tourism Consultant

                     “Each session follows a structured path with excellent
                              support materials and links to useful
                      resources. The knowledge is impressive - as is the
                        evident desire to provide value for money and to
                         help everyone on the programme. Mark Lee,
     Tax Adviser
What others Say…

                       Within a couple of hours he had identified a whole
                         host of issues I have with my current marketing to
                       the extent that I am probably leaving around £6k per
                        week on the table. I am convinced if you need help
                              with your marketing they could help you.
                              Peter Syme,
  Outdoor Activities

                       Wow! Write this man's knowledge off at your peril!
                       He has spent an amazing amount of time and
                       resource preparing high level content. How well is
                       your business doing at the moment? Fraser will help
                       you move a long way forward.
                           Andy Lopata,
  Corporate Trainer
What others Say…

                    " It wasn't until Monday evening that I did a quick
                     calculation of how much we've billed this month,
                    and yes, I have done twice as much business
                               in April as I did in March.
                   Jeff Underwood,
  Audio Engineer
                   This stuff really works too. In less than 24hrs after
                    trying out one of the suggestions, I started getting
                          new students registering on my website.
                                  Highly Recommended.
                     Suzanne Cauchi, The Referral Institute

  Referral Coach
What others Say…

                    One of the best marketing sessions we have had -
                     value packed, inter-active, thought-provoking and
                     entertaining. The 60 fee-paying clients loved him

                    * An IFA uncovered £130,000 of missed revenue
                     * A solicitor uncovered £250,000 of additional
    Wealth Expert                    passive revenue
                    * A Business Coach uncovered £600,000 of lost
                                   revenue opportunity
                     * A construction company director uncovered
                          £3m of missed revenue opportunity
                                   Marcus de Maria
What others Say…

                         It helped me to focus on the Key Performance
                            Indicators (KPIs) that drive my BNI business
                       forward… and increased our performance in all the
                           KPIs, moving Scotland West up 30+ places to
                         No. 2 Region in the UK & Ireland. And a
                           Ranked No. 1 Chapter out of 595.
                         Charlie Robertson, BNI Scotland West
  Networking Coach
                      I gained a very useful process to generate business
                      from existing clients and yesterday I used it and
                      gained access via one individual that I am coaching
                      to a multi national pharmaceutical company which
                      could double our existing turnover.
                      Michael McNulty,
  Corporate Trainer
What others Say…

                        The great things people say are all true. I agree with
                           all the comments, so rather than repeating them
                         here I suggest you re-read them for yourself, contact
                              The Results Academy directly and sign on.”
                                    Guy Thompson, Solicitor
                        A simple straightforward approach to assisting you in
                              making your business a success . I would
                         recommend this course without any hesitation, if you
                            are still in any doubt give them a call and try to
                                           remain unconvinced
                           Ian Murphy,
  Security Consultant
What others Say…

                        I expected great marketing advice, I did not expect to
                          like him as much as I did, and to come off the phone
                            after 2 hours with a problem I have been wrestling
                          for over a year resolved. I don't think they come any
                                              better than this.
                            Susan Mcgaughran,
  Legal Adviser
                         The marketing course is packed with loads of
                         information and ideas and they are very happy to
                         share the things that have worked for them. Do the
                         3 minute marketing audit, and do it now! This alone
                         with give you a to-do list of all the things you could
                         be doing to grow your business
                            Cali Bird, Life Coach & Author
  Life Coach & Author
What others Say…

                       In twenty years of running businesses I haven't come
                          across a product that will have such an impact on
                                 sales, profits and business growth.
                                   Stephen Harvard Davis,
                       “The UK's leading authority on job transition“
   H.R. Consultant

                       “For most businesses there will be much to gain from
                             joining this course. Just one of his simple
                          strategies generated 15 new enquiries in less
                                            than a week.”
                        Brian McLelland,

What others Say…
                        The 3 Minute Marketing Audit tool is one of the best
                         self-assessment test for marketing you can imagine!
                            offers the option to analyse in three minutes the
                           strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
                          and helps to increase the leads and sales and as a
                             methodology guide that will change the way of
                                             marketing tasks!
                            Lucas Wyrsch, Swiss Business Club
Business Club owner

                        I got 11 leads because I've put in practice what we
                        learned 2 days before !!!! One of them already
                        turned into a sale ! The Results Academy offer
                        excellent help guidance and support for individuals,
                        entrepreneurs and small business owners.
                          Piet Vannoppen, TICN.BE
Investment Club Owner
What others Say…

                                       "This is dynamite. "
                       every week jam packed solid full of crucial information
                                   for marketing/lead generation.
                                        highly recommended.
                             Paul Buckely,

   Stage School

                         The wealth of material, structure and content are
                         outstanding and the way of putting it across is very
                            motivating and challenging. I would strongly
                           recommend this course for anyone who runs a
                          John Standaloft,
  Property Developer
What others Say…

                     Whether it’s to give your self confidence a boost, help
                      you get a plan of action together, or if it’s help and
                      support, with the Results Academy, you get the lot.
                                I rate them highly – Very highly.
                      Amanda B. Fantasy Enactment Consultant
 Fantasy Enactment

                     I read the book "Why your marketing isn't working..."
                          a week ago and I've picked up more practical
                        information on exactly how to make my marketing
                         work from this book than I've learned from all the
                        other marketing books and seminars I've attended
                              over the preceding 5 years combined.
                                   Ian Gray, ITG Associates
  Business Coach
What others Say…
                      Who should be speaking to Results Academy?

                      Anyone who needs to attract new customers or
                       develop existing customers, find new markets,
                        different approaches, position or reposition their
                      products, create opportunities, increase their value,
                            their company value or their brand value.
    Textile Printer     Anyone who wants to be shaken to the core
                       when they realise how little they know about their
                      markets, their customers, their activity and their lack
                                         of knowledge.
                       Anyone who wants to be guided, encouraged,
                         challenged, coerced and driven to learn, to
                       understand and to change. Sole trader, SME, plc.
                             Eric Hearn, Atlas Printing Group
What others Say…

                        The Results Academy helped me gain a new
                      confidence and clarity about what I'm doing. I'm not
                       saying I'm doing it all perfectly, but I am certainly
                       doing things and getting results I wasn't achieving
                            this time last year, or even last month! .
 Insurance Broker
                                Einar Bjarnason, Iceland

                    I would recommend to do the audit, see where you are
                        versus where you WANT to be and take positive
                       action. This is the best investment I have made
                          on my business since I started up nearly
                              4 years ago. Remain Outstanding!
                                       Adrian Kidd, IFA
What others Say…

                   There are NO SECRETS!! Seriously, there is only
                   knowledge, learning and application, mixed together
                    with a few great ideas and plenty of calm focused
                     action to get the results you desire. you are the
                   secret to your own success. I highly recommend the
                              Results Academy to everyone
  Reiki Master     Diane Stafford,

                   It's validated some of the things we do already (thank
                    goodness), provided suggestions on how we can do
                    things better and opened up opportunities that we're
                       simply missing. very good, very practical, and the
                         ideas have already lead to additional business
                                  revenues for our company
                                 Ellis Pratt,
What others Say…

                        I am swimming with ideas and am looking forward
                           hugely to developing just a fraction of them. The
                             Results Academy really do care about you
                          succeeding and I can't recommend them enough.
                        Do their audit, add up your score then contact them
                         – You will not be disappointed., They are excellent.
 Branding Consultant             Tessa Hood, Changing Gear

                       For those that are sitting on the fence, what they
                         offer is outstanding value and provide laser-like
                               focus into where the real performance
                        improvements in your life and business are required.
                         You become totally motivated with a clear target of
                                    where to invest your energy.
                             Neil Urquhart,
  Cross cultural
     What IS holding you back from achieving your goals?

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