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					TOPIC :
Does New
Generation Thinks
About Peace ?

Peace Combination :

       Unity                                Love


           Sensation            Affection
Here I want to tell you about
the Uno and its character.
this organization was
founded I 1949 to solve the
problems of world
 If you want to make peace, you don't talk to your
 friends. You talk to your enemies.   (Albert Einstein)

Peace Symbol :           Unity Symbol :
Peace in Islam
In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

    Praise be to Allah, and may His peace and blessings be upon Muhammad, and upon his
    family and companions, and all those who follow him.
    ‘Peace in Islam’ is an essay written by Imam Hasan Al-Banna in 1948 in the monthly
    magazine known as Shihaab.
The Imam’s argument in this essay is that Islam is a religion of love and peace, and
indeed, the true manifestation of human brotherhood. In an age of violence and
instability, this conception of the role of Islam in establishing world peace.
The Causes
 It worries the Islamists that the governments and nations of the west
  have lived for centuries ignorant of Islam, knowing nothing about Islam
  except fanaticism and stagnation, and viewing the Muslim nations as
  nothing more than weak societies which can be easily led and
  conquered. When Islamic revival emerged, they began to analyze and
  explain this phenomenon according to many frameworks and theories
  totally alien to the true essence of this religion. Some researchers said
  that this Islamic resurgence was a result of the rising tide of extremist
  Islamic tendencies and intolerant Islamic organizations. Others argued
  that it was a reaction to the political and economic pressures felt by the
  Islamic nation. Still others saw the cause for the rise of this phenomena
  as a means by which those who seek power will achieve their desired
  goal. All these speculations are very far from the truth because this
  Islamic direction is due to three main developments
The Perfection of Islam
 Secondly, and this is the positive aspect, the Islamic thinkers
  rediscovered the fundamental virtues of Islam and the
  comprehensiveness of its teachings; and they realised that Islam
  offers the most detailed, most complete, all-encompassing
  system compared to all other social philosophies that have ever
  emerged. For a long time the Muslims had forgotten this fact,
  but when Allah allowed them to compare the social principles of
  their religion with what the greatest of social scientists and the
  most prominent of thinkers have discovered, they found that the
  difference between the treasures of their great heritage and
  human attempts of thinkers and philosophers was vast. In light
  of this, they found themselves responsible for calling all people
  to this righteous path, Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
Confirming the Oneness of the Message
 For this reason, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was sent
    as a universal Prophet and not a regional one. The Holy
    Qur’an declares this universality in many verses; one of
    which is:
   ‘Blessed be He Who sent down the Criterion (of right and
    wrong) that He may be a Warner to the worlds.’
   (Surat-al-Furqaan (25), ayah 1)
   And said:
   ‘And we have not sent you except as a giver of glad tidings
    and a Warner to all mankind, but most of men know not.’
   (Surat-Saba’ (34), ayah 28)
Reaffirming the Qualities of Mercy, Love,
Altruism, and Piety

 Islam has supported its theoretical consideration and
  practical plans with the spreading of the best of
  human sentiments in the hearts and souls. These
  feelings of love of the good for mankind and the
  attitude of altruism, even at the time of need:
 ‘And do good. Truly Allah loves the good-doers.’
 (Surat-al-Baqarah (2), ayah 195)
 ‘We shall not suffer to be lost the reward of anyone who
  does his (righteous) deeds in the most perfect manner.’
Peace, and Why Fighting is Allowed in Islam

 Islam is uncompromisingly a law of peace and a religion of
  mercy. Only he who is ignorant of its teachings, hostile to
  its system, or is arrogant enough not to accept clear
  evidence, will dispute this fact.
 The word Islam is itself derived from the word peace (i.e.
  salaam). And Muslim is the best description of those who
  believe in this religion:
 ‘It is the religion of your father Abraham. It is He (Allah)
  Who has named you Muslims both before and in this (the
  Qur’an), that the Messenger be a witness over you and you
  be a witness over mankind!’
(Surat-al-Hajj (22), ayah 78)
 In accordance with Article 42 of the Laws and
Customs of War on Land “Territory is
considered occupied when it is actually placed
under the authority of the hostile army"
1)India &PAKISTAN   [Kashmir]
2) Israel             [PALISTINE]
3)Morocco            [Western Sahara]
4)China               [Tibet]
5) Cyprus            [Northern (Turkish) Cyprus]
6) Georgia            [Abkhazia]
7)Russia             [Chechnya]
8) Serbia            [Kosovo]
 9)Somalia           [Somaliland]
10)Moldova           [Transnistria]
Different countries under state of war
     Iraq with America
     Afghanistan with America
     Palestine with Israel
     Chechnya with Russia
     Bosnia with Serbia Iraq with America
     Afghanistan with America
     Palestine with Israel
     Chechnya with Russia
     Bosnia with Serbia
     Kashmir with India
     Kashmir with India
As my friend told you about the Peace that peace is the only key to all the solutions.
Same case is with the Pakistan that we want peace in the region but not the war. As
we all know that Pakistan always had some conflicts with India but India never
wanted solve it, such as water issue, Kashmir issue and many more.

The recently concluded SAARC summit in Islamabad was historic, with leaders of
both India and Pakistan addressing the core issues affecting relations between the
two countries. India agreed to talk about Kashmir, and Pakistan promised India that
it will ensure that the terrorist infrastructure within the country is dismantled. The
two countries also agreed to initiate a composite dialogue that has gone a long way in
defusing tensions.
Peace In Pakistan
  This is the combination of
 Pakistani nations there are               Pathans
 four major nations are
  They don’t think what
 they are weather they have
 different languages or
                                         PAKISTANI   Punjabi
 different cultures but they
 know that they are under
 the flag of one country

Chronology of the India-Pakistan Peace Initiative so far..

 May 2nd, 2003: India, Pakistan decide to send back high commissioners, restore civil aviation
 June 30th: Pakistan High Commissioner-designate Aziz Ahmed Khan arrives in India
 July 11th: Delhi-Lahore-Delhi bus service restored, a day after the Pakistani envoy presents his
 Nov. 23rd: Pakistan announces unilateral ceasefire along LOC
 Nov. 24th: India welcomes Pakistan's announcement and proposes its extension to Siachen.
 Jan 6th, 2004: Vajpayee and Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf agree on the sidelines of the
  Saarc summit in Islamabad to commence a composite dialogue process in February to resolve all
  issue, including Jammu and Kashmir. Musharraf assures Vajpayee that territory under Pakistan's
  control will not be permitted to support terrorism.
 February 18th: Indian and Pakistani foreign secretaries meet in Islamabad and finalize details of
  the composite dialogue process to be held after the Indian general election. March 11: The
  `Samsung Cup' cricket series between India and Pakistan begins
 Prime Minister A.B. Vajpayee has said that the two countries could solve their problems together
  and India had made it clear to Pakistani rulers that war would not benefit either country.
 In Pakistan also some people are trying to destroying the peace by creating differences among
  the nations, some says that Pathans are more strong than Punjabis and Sindhis are good than
  Balochies and something like that but I want to remind YOU ALL that we all are citizen of
  Pakistan and much important that we all are Muslims and in Islam everyone is equal.

 Since Mumbai attacks, India again is destroying the peace in the region and them trying to
  attack in Pakistan. Pakistan has asked for the proves that they collected from the site but they
  are not sharing with us. Anyhow China, S.Arabis and U.S.A Foreign Ministers arrived in both the
  countries to reduce the tensions in the region and again want to restore the Peace in both the

 I want to tell u that:

         "Probably, No Nation Is Rich Enough To Pay For Both War And Civilization.
                      We Must Make Our Choice; We Cannot Have Both."
International Countries Also Want
 The international community’s efforts for peace, security, and stability must be
  based on current international law, the UN Charter, and UN Security Council
  resolutions. The UN is a key actor in efforts to deal with threats to peace and
  security, but smaller actors also have an important contribution to make to the
  promotion of peace in different parts of the world.
 Norway has been asked on several occasions to serve as a facilitator for peace
  negotiations between warring parties, and has in certain cases agreed to take
  on this difficult and challenging task. In the current peace process in Sri Lanka,
  for example, Norwegian facilitators have assisted the Sri Lankan government
  and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam to negotiate a ceasefire, and have
 Another example is the peace process in Southern Sudan, where Norway was an
  active supporter of the peace efforts led by the Intergovernmental Authority on
  Development, a regional cooperation organization. Together with the UK and
  the US, Norway helped to ensure that the peace process had sufficient
  international support. This was important, as it put those seeking a peaceful
  solution into the driving seat.
 e assisted in the effort to achieve a comprehensive peace agreement. This
  important work
Boys and girls I want to tell you about the conclusion which
my fellows spoke before. The point is here why…… till peace
is not here in the world. IS Human is not taking it seriously
OR. He is busy in his lush and contemporary world. Peace
comes from love and love comes from smiling. Is every one
of us thinks about peace? Is
                 Me …You or Everyone.
Thinks about peace, harmony, love, affection, sensation.
We have to think it and start from little our community.
Our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) forgive everyone in his
life and he didn’t take revenge from his enemy to show his
Ummah that there are other ways of solution of everything.
“Everyone Should Like

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