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  (E-Commerce with ASP.NET & SQL server)

                  By Daeryong seo

Project supervisor:          Committee Member:
  Dr. Henjin Chi             Dr. Richard J. Easton
                            Dr. Robert W. Sternfeld
• To know and use web application and
  database skills such as ASP.NET &
• To develop a website using graphic tools
  such as a Photoshop
• To design a website which provides a
  easy interface for users and administrators
• To understand the security of WebPages
 Technology / Software / Hardware
• Windows 2003 server       • Windows XP professional
• SQL server 2000           • SQL server 2005 beta 2
  (Math server)               (CS4 server)
• SQL, HTML, JavaScript,    • SQL, HTML, JavaScript,
  Visual C#                   Visual C#
• Visual Studio.NET 2002,   • Visual Studio.NET 2005
  Dreamweaver, FrontPage      beta 2, Dreamweaver,
• SMTP                        FrontPage
• Adobe Photoshop, Adobe    • SMTP
  Image Ready, Fireworks    • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe
                              Image Ready, Fireworks
            Project Design
1. Study: C#, ASP.NET, SQL server, ADO.NET
2. Installation & Configuration :
     Visual Studio.NET & SQL server
3. Web Application design & coding: Visual C#
4. Database design : SQL
5. Test
          3-Tier architecture
1. Client-tier: the presentation of data,
   receiving user events and controlling the
   user interface
2. Application-server-tier: the business logic
   of the applications
3. Data-server-tier: data storage
The new features of SQL Server 2005 beta 2

1. Security enhancements such as database
   encryption, secure default settings, password
   policy enforcement
2. New SQL Server Management Studio :
   New functionality to develop, deploy, and
   troubleshoot SQL Server databases, as well as
   enhancements to previous functionality
3. Improved tools and wizards that will make data
   mining easier for businesses of any size
4. Improved database mirroring
The new features of Visual Studio.NET 2005 beta 2

 •   Windows form, XML Web services, .NET
     components, mobile application, and
     ASP.NET application
 •   Many new wizards and smart tags for the
     simplicity of the process
 •   The Design page / The Source page
 •   New Login, LoginView, LoginStatus,
     Administrator page
              Database design
• Consists of 7 tables
Tables :
1. Project table : The information of Users
2. Shop table : The entire contents of products
3. Cart table : The shopping cart
4. Shipping table : Shipping to the user’s address
5. ISUguestbook table : Freeboard
6. ISUinformation table : Updated news or information
7. ISUquestion table : Question / Answer
          Database design II
Project              R_ID
UserID                                        ISU         ISU
                                              Guestbook   Information
Pass                 Quantity
word                                          Id          INid
                                Shop          Regi_Date   INregi_date
Name                 ID
                                Id            Writer      INtitle
SSN                  Date
                                Product_      Email       INcontent
                                name          Password
Address   Shipping
                                Vender        Title
City      S_ID                                             ISU Q/A
                                Item          Content
State     Name                                             QAid
Zipcode   Address                                          QAid
          City                                             QAquestion
          State                                            QAanswer
             WebPages design
•   Membershipjoin page
•   Login page
•   Logout page
•   Forget page
•   Product page
•   Detail page
•   Shopping cart page
•   Payment & Shipping page
•   Freeboard page
•   Information page
•   ISU Q/A page
•   Webmaster page
            WebPages design II

                              Product         Detail

Main page
                                            Shopping cart

                                          Payment & Shipping

      Webmaster   Freeboard     ISU Q/A            Information
   Conclusion & Enhancement
• ASP.NET 2.0 & Visual Studio.NET 2005
  beta 2 : to develop E-commerce web site
  (fast and easy)
• SQL Server 2005 beta 2: Increased
  scalability, availability and security to
  enterprise data
• Enhancement: Payment system design,
  Organized webmaster page design,
  Product search page.
 Thank you so much for
watching my presentation

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