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Course Title: Introduction to Flow Cytometry

Course Number: 289–029–10

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  Introduction to Flow Cytometry Course Verification and Evaluation Form              23-12404-00 Rev. A            Page 1 of 2
Use this form to evaluate the course. Fill in the numbered circle to indicate your ratings for this course and
objectives. Choose only one response for each line. Turn in the completed form as directed on the previous

 OBJECTIVES RATING                                             Low/Poor            High/Excellent    Not Applicable
  To what extent was each objective achieved?

  1. Define key flow cytometry terms.                                                                            N/A

  2. Describe and explain key flow cytometry principles.                                                         N/A

  3. Discuss the components and functions of the                                                                 N/A
     fluidics, optics, and electronics systems.

  4. Explain how data is analyzed.                                                                               N/A

  5. Describe the sorting process on flow cytometers.                                                            N/A

 COURSE RATING                                                 Low/Poor            High/Excellent    Not Applicable

  1. To what extent did the course content relate to the                                                         N/A
     course's objectives?
  2. Rate the contribution of this course to your overall                                                        N/A
     knowledge of this subject.

  3. Rate your overall degree of satisfaction with this                                                          N/A

  4. Rate your level of expertise in this subject prior to                                                       N/A
     this course.




  Thank you for completing this P.A.C.E.–approved course and completing this evaluation form.

  Introduction to Flow Cytometry Course Verification and Evaluation Form   23-12404-00 Rev. A    Page 2 of 2

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