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									                                                                                                                                                ONE-TO-ONE LEADERSHIP
  Leadership Solution: Situational Leadership® II (SLII®)
  Ask us about our training and consulting capabilities for Situational Leadership® II. More details on page 22.
  Situational Leadership® II creates a common philosophy and model for approaching leadership within an
  organization. The process ensures that goals are in alignment and performance is monitored, tracked, and
  focused. SLII® develops peak performers who are proven to deliver to your bottom line.
  Call to learn how we can help introduce this concept into your leadership curriculum!

    Introduction to Situational Leadership® II Learning Program
    The Introduction to Situational Leadership® II program teaches an overview
    of SLII® theory in two or three hours. This self-facilitated program starts
    participants on the path to becoming Situational Leaders who can effectively
    deal with the many challenges they face. The Introduction to SLII® focuses
    primarily on the first two skills of a Situational Leader: Diagnosis and

                                                                                                                   SITUATIONAL LEADERSHIP® II
    Flexibility. To learn more about the third skill of a Situational Leader—
    Partnering for Performance—and to acquire in-depth skill building training
    that is facilitated in the full program contact The Ken Blanchard Companies®.
    • Create organization-wide awareness of Situational Leadership® II
    • Diagnose the development levels of your employees and choose the
        appropriate leadership style
    • Open up communication within your organization to increase the frequency and quality
        of conversations about performance and development between managers and coworkers
    • Create a communication model for all levels of the organization that supports culture
        change and move toward becoming a high performing organization.

    Introduction to Situational Leadership® II Facilitator Kit
    The facilitator kit includes the Introduction to SLII® Leader Guide and provides activities
    and information on how to facilitate the program. Also included is the SLII® PowerPoint®
    presentation to support the program content, and the Development Level Needs Card Sort
    game—an interactive activity that helps participants practice diagnosing development levels.
    The Card Sort activity includes 4 packs of cards for 20 participants.
    16052                 $179.00     (Available in Spanish and French)

    Introduction to Situational Leadership® II                   Situational Leadership® II
    Participant Workbook with the LBAII® Self                    (SLII®) Building the Model
    and Scoring Form A                                           Poster
    Designed to be used in conjunction with the activities       Reinforce the Situational Leadership® II
    in the Introduction to Situational Leadership® II            Model by having participants
    Facilitator Kit, each participant workbook includes          actively build the components of the
    exercises, reference information, and a copy of the          model themselves. The leadership
    Leader Behavior Analysis II® (LBAII®). The LBAII             styles, development levels, and the
    instrument measures a manager’s ability to diagnose the      corresponding descriptors of the
    development level of an individual and use the correct       styles and levels make this tool a
    SLII® leadership style that individual needs.                perfect check for understanding and
    Participant workbooks not sold separately without            increasing retention.
    an initial purchase of the Introduction to Situational       The 26” x 50” poster contains the
    Leadership® II facilitator kit.                              graphical model with all verbiage
    16053         $450.00 (Pack of 10)                           removed from it. The poster is placed
    (Available in Spanish and French)                            on a table, and participants overlay
                                                                 the clear plastic pieces with the SLII®
    Situational Leadership® II Poster                            language. Also contains a pad of 30
    Enhance classroom training with this colorful 26” x 40”      11” x 17” full-color model answer
    poster and help to reinforce the SLII® Model.                keys to use as reference and as take-
                                                                 home reminders.
    14321        $40.00 (rolled)
    14507        $40.00 (folded)                                 13541       $275.00

United States: 800 728-6052 • Canada: 800 665-5023 • United Kingdom: +44 (0) 20 8540 5404                                                                       17
                                                        The Situational Leadership® II and                                 Leadership and the One Minute Manager
                                                        One Minute Manager Game                                            Participant Workbook
                                                        Once you are familiar with SLII®, this exciting                    Designed to be used in conjunction with the video for
                                                        board game provides a fun way to build your                        half-day or full-day workshops, this guide is ideal for skill
                                                        knowledge and skills and transfer learnings                        development and action planning. The participant workbook

                                                        to your job. Two
                                                        teams of any size                                                  • One Minute Notetaking Method
                                                        can actively compete                                               • Video Viewing and Discussion
                                                        against each other                                                 • Flexibility
                                                        to develop their                                                   • Diagnosis
                                                        diagnostic and
                                                                                                                           • Partnering for Performance
                                                        leadership skills.
                                                                                                                               Action Plan
                                                        Each team uses the SLII® concepts to analyze
                                                        and diagnose various true-to-life management                       13382                 $30.00
                                                        situations and decide which leadership style is                    (Available in French)
                                                        most appropriate for each situation.
                                                                                                                           Matching Leadership Style to the Situation Video
                                                        13542                     $195.00
                                                                                                                           Using Situational Leadership® II and entertaining vignettes,
                                                                                                                           participants learn how to develop others‘ motivation,
                                                        Leadership and the One Minute                                      competence, and confidence by using the right leadership
                                                        Manager Video                                                      style in a given situation. This newly revised video illustrates
                                                        The video classic—updated for the 21st century!                    how to match the correct
                                                        Teach your managers Situational Leadership® II                     leadership style to development
                                                        through Hollywood movie clips and entertaining                     level, and how oversupervision
                                                        examples from                                                      and undersupervision, or mismatch
                                                        master teacher                                                     in leadership style, can have a
                                                        and storyteller Ken                                                disastrous effect on productivity
                                                        Blanchard.                                                         and morale. (Length: 38 minutes)
                                                        Situational                                                        Preview          14375           Free
                                                        Leadership® II                                                     Rental           14376           $250.00
                                                        creates a new                                                      Purchase         14329           $750.00 VHS
                                                        business language                                                                   15489           $750.00 DVD
                                                        where managers                                                     Call for Discount Information.
                                                        direct, support,                                                   (Purchase includes VHS or DVD and leader guide.)
                                                        and coach employees in a way that fosters
                                                        confidence and competence—helping people
                                                                                                                           The Bob Knowlton Story Video
                                                        become more skillful, adaptable, and open to
                                                                                                                           This video case study clearly depicts the impact that
                                                        new challenges!
                                                                                                                           ineffective leadership has on communication and teamwork.
                                                        Teach your managers why there is no one                            Your managers learn how inappropriate leadership styles
                                                        best leadership style and how the most                             greatly influence employees’ performance and commitment.
                                                        effective leaders use a combination of four                        The Bob Knowlton Story is perfect to use as a springboard
                                                        styles—Directing, Coaching, Supporting,                            when discussing team building, goal setting, Situational
                                                        and Delegating. This video is guaranteed to                        Leadership® II, motivation, and interpersonal skills.
                                                        supercharge your Situational Leadership® II                        Purchase includes
                                                        training through a magical combination of                          • VHS or DVD and Leader Guide (29 pages)
                                                        Hollywood entertainment and the insights of
                                                                                                                           • Bob Knowlton and Situational Leadership® II Worksheets
                                                        Ken Blanchard.
                                                                                                                                (3 pages, reproducible)
                                                        (Length: 40 minutes)
                                                                                                                           • Bob Knowlton and DISC Worksheets (2 pages,
                                                        Preview              13331         Free                                 reproducible)
                                                        Rental               13332        $225.00                          • Bob Knowlton and Tracom/Wilson Learning Social
                                                        Purchase             13333        $895.00 VHS                           Styles Worksheets (2 pages, reproducible)
                                                                                                                           (Length: 25 minutes)
                                                                             15488        $895.00 DVD
                                                        Call for Discount Information.                                     Preview          12409           Free
                                                                                                                           Rental           12434           $200.00
                                                        (Purchase includes VHS or DVD, the leader
                                                        guide and the participant workbook.)                               Purchase         12391           $595.00 VHS
                                                                                                                                            15492           $595.00 DVD
                                                                                                                           Call for Discount Information.
                                                   18                      *All quantity discounts off the retail price.                       Order online:
                   Leadership and the One Minute                        The Leadership Pill Participant Workbook
                   Manager Book                                         The participant workbook is designed to supplement

                                                                                                                                   ONE-TO-ONE LEADERSHIP
                   Kenneth Blanchard, PhD, Patricia Zigarmi, EdD, and   the video-based training program and help managers
                   Drea Zigarmi, EdD                                    build a solid leadership foundation based on the core
                   In this best-seller on Situational Leadership® II    principles
                   learn why tailoring management styles to             • Integrity
                   individual employees is so important; why            • Partnership
                   knowing when to delegate, support, or                • Affirmation
direct is critical; and how to consistently identify the correct
leadership styles that enhance motivation on all levels.                15833     $99.95
                                                                        (Pack of 10)
Hardcover Book            10036        $19.95 $13.97*                   Call for Discount Information.
See page 35, Schedule A for Quantity Discount.

                                                                        Preferred Leader
The Leadership Pill THE MOVIE                                           Assessment™
Video/DVD                                                               Ken Blanchard’s books have
Based on the best-selling book, The                                     helped more than 20 million
Leadership Pill, THE MOVIE is an                                        people worldwide discover
entertaining and inspiring parable that                                 effective leadership, but how
shows managers the many advantages                                      can any manager measure
of demonstrating quality leadership and                                 his or her effective use of and
leading with character.                                                 ability in what Ken teaches?
THE MOVIE takes you behind the scenes and follows a                     The Answer
“real-life” director and a newly formed troupe of actors                A leader can take the Preferred
as they create a “Leadership Pill” movie. Immediately,                  Leader Assessment™ in just 10 minutes and receive
it becomes apparent among the actors that their new                     an immediate score plus 6 months of e-learning
leader/director, and his genuine use of the leadership skills           customized to his or her unique profile. An electronic
portrayed in the book, is actually very motivating. They find            goal tracking system ensures leaders bridge the gap
that “acting” motivated is easy when it’s a reality!                    between learning and doing.
Special interviews throughout the film with Ken Blanchard,               e-learning Features:
PhD, and coauthor, Marc Muchnick, PhD, offer insights and               • Blanchard Training Videos—Watch best-sellers such
personal commentary on the core leadership principles.                      as Whale Done!® and The One Minute Manager®
Learning Points                                                         • Hollywood Movies and Historical Events—
Participants attending this film-based training session will                 Salient examples bring effective leadership to life
learn how to build a solid leadership foundation based on               • Ken’s Keynotes—The best-selling business author
the core values addressed in The Leadership Pill                            shares his wisdom
•    Integrity—Lays the foundation for trust and respect                Versions Available
                                                                        Choose from both self and 360º versions online, or use
•    Partnership—Harvests the potential of the team
                                                                        the self-scoring booklet to tally your own results. The
•    Affirmation—Lets people know that what they do is                   self-scoring booklet does not include the e-learning
     important                                                          features.
An amazing new “Leadership Pill” heightens a leader’s powers            Why It Works
but contains the wrong ingredients, stimulating the leader in a         Coauthored by Ken Blanchard, the test measures the
shortsighted direction with disastrous results. In contrast, the        core leadership behaviors that earn the commitment
“Effective Leader,” working without the pill, earns his team’s          and support of your people. Rigorous research with
respect and trust with a blend of integrity, partnership, and           thousands of leaders supports the assessment.
affirmation. The hard-won result is a highly motivated team
                                                                        How Do I Get Started?
producing consistent top performance and success.
                                                                        Get immediate access to online versions via a Web link
(Length: 22 minutes)                                                    we send to you, or the booklet version can be shipped
Preview                   15829         Free                            directly to you.
Rental                    15830         $295.00                         15748 $29.95 (Self assessment booklet, does not
Purchase                  15828         $695.00 VHS/DVD                 include e-learning features)
Call for Discount Information.
                                                                        15747 $49.95 (Self assessment online)
(Purchase includes VHS tape, DVD, and Leader Guide with                 15780 $149.95 (360° assessment online)
Participant Workbook and one Leadership Pill book.)                     Call for Discount Information.

United States: 800 728-6052 • Canada: 800 665-5023 • United Kingdom: +44 (0) 20 8540 5404                                         19
                                     Whale Done!                ®
                                                                                                          Whale Done! ® Participant Workbook

                                                                                                          The Whale Done! Participant Workbook is designed to
                                     Whale Done!® Video Complete                                          enhance the learning experience and increase retention
                                     Program                                                              for viewers of the program. Use of the workbook is highly
                                     Having fun in the workplace and channeling                           recommended.
                                     positive attitudes and energy in order to make
                                                                                                          15283                     $99.95 (pack of 10)
                                     great things happen is an increasingly popular                       Call for Discount Information.
                                     concept. But how do you make it a reality in
                                     your organization?
                                                                                                          Accentuate the Positive Video
                                     It starts with an environment where employees                        The enchanting animals of SeaWorld
                                     know they are respected, valued, and trusted.                        entertain managers and employees alike
                                     So, what does this have to do with killer                            in a short whimsical program. Enhanced
                                     whales? If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing                         with plenty of personality and memorable
                                     Shamu and company perform their incredible                           music, this program is great for breaks,
                                     acrobatic feats, you’ve gotten a glimpse of the                      transitions, and the perfect prelude or
                                     kind of results that are possible when trusting                      ending to the Whale Done! training
                                     relationships are nurtured. Ken Blanchard takes                      experience!
                                     you in the water and behind the scenes with                          (Length: 3 minutes)
                                     the trainers who are responsible for the magic
                                                                                                          Purchase                  15280        $295.00 VHS
                                     that happens day in and day out at SeaWorld
                                     parks across America. It’s all about trusting                                                  16186        $295.00 DVD
                                     relationships, admiration, and respect.
                                                                                                          Whale Done!® Video
                                     Watching these amazing videos will not only                          Some clients only need the first video Whale Done! for
                                     give you a charge, you will learn how to lift                        their training purposes.
                                     energy to new levels and bring out the best in
                                                                                                          This video comes with a discussion guide—a 12-page guide
                                     your people. The concepts of Whale Done!®
                                                                                                          to facilitate dialogue on the power of positive relationships
                                     are incredibly powerful, and the quality of this
                                                                                                          and the impact relationships have on achieving results.
                                     video program is unsurpassed. This is a must-
                                                                                                          (Length: 21 minutes)
                                     (Length: 36 minutes)                                                 Purchase                  15278        $595.00 VHS
                                                                                                                                    15551        $595.00 DVD
                                     Preview              15279          Free                             Call for Discount Information.
                                     Rental               15306          $295.00                          (Purchase includes VHS or DVD Whale Done! Discussion
                                     Purchase             15277          $995.00 VHS                      Guide.)
                                                          15281        $1,295.00 DVD
                                     Call for Discount Information.
                                                                                                          Whale Done!® Book
                                                                                                          Kenneth Blanchard, PhD, Thad Lacinak, Chuck Tompkins,
                                     (Purchase includes two videos: Whale Done!                           and Jim Ballard
                                     and Whale Done! in Action, a leader guide,                           In this moving and inspirational new book, Blanchard
                                     10 participant workbooks, 10 lapel pins, and                         explains that both whales and people perform better when
                                     one stuffed whale. The DVD includes all                              you accentuate the positive. He shows
                                     materials mentioned above plus a third video,                        how using the techniques of animal
                                     Accentuate the Positive, and interviews from                         trainers—specifically those responsible
                                     content experts, including Ken Blanchard.)                           for the killer whales of SeaWorld—can
                                                                                                          supercharge your effectiveness at work
                                                                                                          and at home.
                                                                                                          14895                     $19.95       $13.97*
                                                                                                          See page 35, Schedule A for Quantity Discount.

                                                                                                          Audio on Cassette         14896        $20.00

                                                                                           “Whale Done! has reduced our employee turnover dramatically. By correcting
                                                                                           errant behavior without criticism or negative behavior our performance and
                                                                                           retention was greatly improved!”
                                                                                                                                         —Andrew Arvay, Director of Employee Development
                                                                                                                             United States Beef Corporation (an Arby’s Roast Beef Franchisee)

                                     20                   *All quantity discounts off the retail price.                            Order online:
Whale Done!® Stuffed Whales

                                                                                                                      ONE-TO-ONE LEADERSHIP—WHALE DONE!®/TRUSTWORKS PROGRAMS
Great for gifts and
rewards, these eight-
inch plush killer
whale characters
make perfect office
decorations to remind
people to live the
Whale Done! philosophy
every day.                                          TrustWorks!® Learning Programs
15081      $6.00                                    Experts agree that trust is the critical
Call for Quantity Discount.                         ingredient in effective relationships.
                                                    Yet many people are not aware of
                                                    how their actions influence trust or
Whale Done!® Lapel Pins                             what they can do to be trustworthy.
These one-inch lapel pins are
                                                    The self-facilitated TrustWorks!®
perfect for gifts and rewards!
                                                    Learning programs provide a positive,
15102      $4.00                                    behavioral approach to developing
Call for Quantity Discount.                         individual, team, leader, and
                                                    organizational trust.
Whale Done!® Poster                                 The TrustWorks! programs are based on four elements:
Enhance classroom training with this captivating    • Able—Demonstrate Competence
poster that highlights the Three Keys of Positive   • Believable—Act with Integrity
Relationships.                                      • Connected—Care about Others
                                                    • Dependable—Maintain Reliability
16185      $40.00
Call for Quantity Discount.
                                                    Myself as a Trust Builder
                                                    This workshop focuses on helping individuals see themselves as
Whale Done!® Praising
                                                    trust builders. The workshop can be completed in 2 1/2 hours.
Catch people doing things right                     Facilitator Kit        16129       $100.00
with these appreciation cards.                      (Includes Facilitator Guide and reference Participant Kit)

15401      $10.00 (pack of 40)                      Participant Kit       16131     $250.00 (pack of 10)
Call for Quantity Discount.                         (Includes 10 Participant Workbooks, 10 Assessments, 10 Trust
                                                    Pouches with 5 Nuggets each, and 10 Jogger Pads)
Whale Done!® Pens                                   Call for Discount Information.
This simple “whaletail” black ink
pen makes a great gift or prize                     Leader as Trust Builder
for anyone learning, practicing,                    The focus of this workshop is on helping managers learn
or executing the Whale Done!                        how their behaviors influence trust. The workshop can be
approach in the workplace.                          completed in 3 1/2 hours.
15470      $25.00 (pack of 10)                      Facilitator Kit           16135          $150.00
Call for Quantity Discount.
                                                    (Includes Facilitator Guide and reference Participant Kit)

Whale Done!® Stickers                               Participant Kit       16137     $500.00 (pack of 10)
Applaud efforts by awarding coworkers,              (Includes 10 Participant Workbooks, 10 Assessments, 10 Trust
managers, and employees who have caught             Pouches with 5 Nuggets each, and 10 Jogger Pads)
the Whale Done! approach with this                  Call for Discount Information.
delightful sticker!
16034 $15.95                                        TrustWorks! Support Tools
(Packaged in roll of 100)                           Trust Nugget™ Pouch              16139        $8.00
Call for Quantity Discount.
                                                    Trust Stones                     16140        $3.95
                                                    Call for Discount Information.

United States: 800 728-6052 • Canada: 800 665-5023 • United Kingdom: +44 (0) 20 8540 5404                            21


                             Situational                            (High)

                                                                                           High Supportive                        High Directive

                             Leadership® II                                                and
                                                                                           Low Directive            G    C                  and
                                                                                                                                High Supportive         Delivery Options


                                                                                           Behavior                                    Behavior

                                                                                                                                                        For maximum impact, our SLII® process

                             Situational Leadership II (SLII ) is
                                                    ®        ®

                                                                     SUPPORTIVE BEHAVIOR

                                                                                                                              H IN
                             the world’s most comprehensive                                                                                             can be delivered on-site by one of our


                                                                                                                    S3   S2                             facilitators or by your own in-house
                             and up-to-date, yet practical
                                                                                           S4                                                    S1

                                                                                                      I NG
                                                                                                                                                        trainer who has completed our Training

                                                                                                                                     DI R
                             method for effectively leading


                             and developing people into peak                                                                                            for Trainers process. Our considerable


                                                                                                L                                                G

                                                                                           DE                                                           experience and expertise in utilizing
                                                                                                      Low Supportive     High Directive
                                                                                                                 and     and
                                                                                                        Low Directive    Low Supportive
                                                                                                            Behavior     Behavior
                                                                                                                                                        a wide array of delivery technologies
                             SLII® is designed to increase          (Low)      DIRECTIVE BEHAVIOR        (High)
                                                                                                                                                        allows us to reduce class time and
                             the frequency and quality of
                                                                                                                                                        effectively close the distance barrier.
                             conversations about performance
                             and development between managers and the                          Whether you choose our latest cutting-edge
                             people they work with so that competence is                       instructional design or work with us to create a
                             developed, commitment is gained, and talented                     custom design tailored to your organization, Blanchard
                             individuals stay with the organization. SLII® provides            is committed to partnering with you to ensure you
                             a model and process that leaders can use to inspire,              achieve sustainable results.
                             communicate, direct, take action, empower, and
                             develop their people into outstanding self-directed
                                                                                               Essential to closing the learning-doing gap, The Ken
                             performers. The healthiest and most resilient
                                                                                               Blanchard Companies provides coaching to leverage
                             organizations use SLII® to intentionally create an
                                                                                               your training dollar and to support organizational
                             environment where people get the direction and
                                                                                               initiatives. Our best-of-the-best coaches have
                             support they need for individual development
                                                                                               significant real-world organizational experience, have
                             and high productivity. Individual goals are clarified
                                                                                               specific coach training, have demonstrated a minimum
                             and tied to organization goals so that everyone is
                                                                                               of 750 hours coaching experience, and are continually
                             working toward the same business result. The role
                                                                                               assessed by Master Certified Coaches. Blanchard
                             of the Situational Leader is to provide whatever it
                             takes—goals, direction, training, support, feedback,              offers Executive Coaching, Coaching to Support
                             and recognition—                                                  Learning, and Coaching Essentials for Leaders to help
                             to develop employees’ skills, motivation, and                     people integrate coaching within their leadership style.
                             confidence to excel. The result is an organization                 eLearning
                             where people feel more empowered, engaged, and                    Bringing the power of Situational Leadership® II right
                             open to new challenges where they can contribute                  to the manager’s desktop, Blanchard offers innovative
                             their ideas and energy. SLII is foundational in
                                                                                               and exciting instant online access to SLII®. Learners
                             nature and is recognized as a business language and               benefit from reviewing the basics at their own pace
                             framework for developing people. It is a model and                online and focusing on application during classroom
                             process that works across linguistic, cultural, and               learning. We also offer blended solutions, combining
                             geographic barriers by teaching leaders to diagnose               virtual and classroom learning to ensure maximum
                             the needs of an individual and to use the leadership              impact.
                             style that matches the situation.
                                                                                               Call 800 728-6000 to speak with a sales consultant
                                                                                               about our Situational Leadership® II program.

                        22                                                                                                                            Order online:
One Minute Management                                           The One Minute Manager® Book

                                                                                                                                  ONE-TO-ONE LEADERSHIP—ONE MINUTE MANAGEMENT
The skills of One Minute Management are the                     Kenneth Blanchard, PhD
                                                                and Spencer Johnson, MD
foundation of any great leadership education!
                                                                The best-selling management
                           The Story of a New One               book of all time!
                           Minute Manager Video                 “If you haven’t read it, do …
                           Based on The One Minute                       If you have, read it again.”
                           Manager®, one of the best-selling    Discover why this book of timeless
                           management books in history,         truths started a management
                           this video shares the fundamental    revolution that continues today!
                           secrets of effective goal setting,
                           praising, and reprimanding.          Hardcover Book            11989        $17.95 $12.56*
                                                                See page 35, Schedule A for Quantity Discount.
                           Learning Objectives
•    One Minute Goal Setting—Understand the
                                                                                      Goal Setting, Praising, and
     importance of clear goals
                                                                                      Reprimand Planning Guides
•    One Minute Praisings—Learn how to help
                                                                                      These valuable tools help managers
     people reach their potential
                                                                                      identify and prioritize goals, set
•    One Minute Reprimanding—Learn how to                                             performance standards, design action
     correct poor performance and keep people                                         plans, follow through to ensure that
     on track                                                                         behavior and goals match, and develop
(Length: 22 minutes)                                                                  plans for delivering effective praisings
Preview                   13141       Free                                            and reprimands.
Rental                    13142       $225.00                   OMM Goal Setting—Self                  10208     $2.95
Purchase                  13143       $695.00 VHS
                                                                OMM Goal Setting—Other                 10209     $2.95
                          15490       $695.00 DVD
Call for Discount Information.
                                                                OMM Praising
(Purchase includes VHS or DVD, Leader Guide, and                Planning Guide                         10210     $2.95
Participant Workbook.)                                          OMM Reprimand
                                                                Planning Guide                         10211     $2.95
The Story of a New One Minute Manager                           Call for Discount Information.

Participant Workbook
Designed to be used in conjunction                              The One Minute Manager®
with the video in a half-day or full-                           Live Audio Program
day workshop, this guide is ideal for                           Through this highly acclaimed
skill development, action planning,                             audio program, Ken Blanchard
and providing the viewer with a tool                            speaks to a live audience and
to reference back on the job.                                   introduces the three core principles
Learning Objectives                                             of One Minute Management—
                                                                One Minute Goal Setting, One
•    One Minute Notetaking Method
                                                                Minute Praisings, and One Minute
•    Video Viewing and Discussion                               Reprimands—along with a very effective and crucial
•    The three secrets of The One Minute Manager®               fourth principle, the One Minute Apology.
                                                                (Length: six hours)
•    One Minute Action Plan
                                                                11992                     $49.95
13145                     $14.50
Call for Discount Information.
                                                                The One Minute Manager® Video
                                                                Ken Blanchard shares the three secrets of One Minute
                                                                Management using humor and storytelling as only
    Whose job is it to motivate                                 Ken can. This program features timeless principles and
                                                                classic footage of Ken Blanchard.
        your sales team?
                                                                Preview                   12003        Free
      If you hold sales meetings to motivate
                                                         Rental              11999      $200.00
   and inspire your sales teams, you will enjoy
        hearing the keynote speakers from                Purchase            10201      $495.00 VHS
          The Ken Blanchard Companies.                   (Purchase includes VHS and a Leader Guide.)
United States: 800 728-6052 • Canada: 800 665-5023 • United Kingdom: +44 (0) 20 8540 5404                                        23
                    See page 3 for details.

                           The Secret: What Great Leaders Know—and Do Learning Program
                           In this four-hour program, participants learn the five practices that all great leaders have in common.
                           These five practices, combined with the underlying motivation to serve those they lead, is the secret of
                           great leaders. In addition to learning practical, performance-enhancing skills, participants see the big
                           picture of leadership and learn how to apply these new skills immediately in the workplace.
                           Leaders explore each of the following practices through the S.E.R.V.E. Model:

                           •   See the Future—Reach your vision by helping the people you lead see the destination and the
                               advantages of getting there.
                           •   Engage and Develop Others—Get maximum results by engaging the hearts and minds of the people
                               you lead.
                           •   Reinvent Continuously—Become a lifelong learner by challenging yourself and others to learn and
                           •   Value Results and Relationships—Maximize your results by improving your relationship
                           •   Embody the Values—Increase your leadership credibility by consistently living the values and
                               walking the talk.
                               The Secret Facilitator Kit                                The Secret Participant Kit
                                            *All quantity
                               Includes a leader guide;discounts off the retail price.
                                                          a PowerPoint®;                 Includes a participant workbook
                               a poster; and a video featuring the                       and The Secret hardcover book
                               authors, Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller                    16326                     $500.00
                               16255                         $225.00                                       (Includes 10 Kits)

                           Additional Leadership                                                  Words to Lead By Video
                           Resources                                                              What makes a great leader? Some
                                                                                                  have said it is courage, some
                           The Heart of a Leader Book                                             vision, some even put it down to
                           Ken Blanchard, PhD                                                     something as simple as energy and
                                                                                                  the desire to succeed. The truth
                           Thoroughly challenging and completely                                  is that many elements combine
                           inspiring, this outstanding book will                                  to create a human being who is
                           encourage you to develop the courageous                                capable of leading others to the
                           heart of a true leader.                                                desired goal.
                           Ken Blanchard has condensed his greatest                               This video is set to inspiring music
                           life and leadership lessons into an inviting format that allows        and offers phrases and thoughts by some of
                           you to reach for instant motivation and insight. As a leader,          history’s most successful leaders and mentors.
                           the decisions you make today will impact many lives. Whether           It’s perfect for any audience as a great
                           your office sits high atop a skyscraper or comfortably at               meeting opener or closer.
                           your family’s dinner table, take the time to improve yourself.
                           Influence is an art—and it begins with the heart of a leader.           Purchase
                           10125            $14.95           $10.47*                              12905            $49.95 VHS
                           See page 35, Schedule A for Quantity Discount.                         15241            $89.95 DVD
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                           The Heart of a Leader Video
                           A unique format of quotes from the book The Heart of a Leader and set to stunning images
                           and captivating music, this video is a great way to open or close a meeting or training session
                           to motivate and inspire people to lead with character and heart.
                           (Length: 4 minutes)               Purchase        15463 $145.00 VHS
                                                                             15518 $145.00 DVD
                        24 Call for Discount Information.                                            Order online:

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