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					Having a Successful Party Overview
Parties are the most critical piece of your business to make sales, find new Hosts, and even find new Demonstrators.

Getting Started
The first step to having a Party is finding the Party. Here are a few proven methods to finding a Party: • • • • • • If you have never done a Party or if it has been a long time since you have had your friends and family together to sample Gold Canyon’s products, the easiest way to find a Party is to host your own. If you have hosted a Party for a friend who demonstrates for another company, ask them if they would be willing to host a Party for you to kick off your business. Contact any previous Hosts and share with them the exciting enhancements to the Host Program. Ask if they would like to earn even more free products than before. Ask your closest friends or family members to host a Party for you. Check with some of your best or most frequent customers to see if they have considered earning some of the product they normally order for free. You may have someone in your address book that booked a Party once but then cancelled. Call and ask them again.

Host Coaching
The success of any Party is a direct result of how effectively you coach your Host. Your Hosts are capable of generating excitement and attendance, but your coaching and direction will help them achieve MORE. By coaching with consistency and enthusiasm, you and your Hosts will receive the amazing benefits of being part of Gold Canyon. Never assume that your Host knows how to have a great Gold Canyon Party. Give every Host all the information necessary to reach his or her goals and be successful. Begin by assembling a Host Packet. This packet should include information about Gold Canyon’s product line and the business opportunity. While it may be tempting to put a lot of information into your Host packet, try to keep it to a minimum. The less there is, the more likely your Host is to read it. You want your Host to have fun, get people there and help increase sales - not feel overwhelmed. Follow these easy steps to begin coaching your Host: • Assemble a Host Packet. This packet should include information about Gold Canyon’s product line and the business opportunity. Use the Host Packet envelope to create your Host packets. You might include the following items: -- Host Planner -- 3-4 catalogs -- 4-5 Customer Order Forms -- 45 postcard invitations

• •

-- Your business card -- A monthly incentive flyer (if applicable) Give the packet to your Host when you schedule a Party or deliver it at least two weeks in advance. Remember that a successful Party begins the moment you give the Host packet to the Host. Take a few minutes to go through each item with your Host. Be sure to explain the Host Rewards Program and find out what your Host wants to earn for hosting a Party. Doing so will give you both a goal to work toward. Offer tips for increasing sales to reach those goals. Most importantly, be excited and encouraging so the Party will be fun and successful for the Host, the guests, and you.

Timeline of Host Coaching
Host coaching is a great way to get to know your Host, motivate her to have a successful Party and generate enthusiasm for the products. Playing an active role in coaching your Hosts, consistent communication, and active follow-up can ensure mutual success for you both. Being consistent and active with your Host doesn’t mean being pushy. In fact, most Hosts appreciate reminders and enjoy hearing about the incentives coming their way. The teamwork and partnering you develop with your Hosts also can lead to future bookings. Building valuable relationships with your Hosts will lead to more exciting business opportunities in the future. Successful Host coaching can take place in a few simple steps. You can stay in touch, follow-through, and ensure a successful Party or open house where the goals of both your Host and you are met. When a Host books a Party, show your excitement and appreciation. She is the lifeline to your future business. While conducting these calls, remember: • • • Use your most powerful business tool – your voice. Always smile. Address the Host by name.

First Call – Schedule or Confirm the Party Within a day or two after giving the Host Packet to the Host, call your Host to confirm the date. A simple call can avoid a cancellation. Many Hosts will need to check their calendar after returning home to ensure the Party date will work in their schedule. A simple phone call from you can avoid a cancellation later. Plus, it creates a wonderful opportunity to thank your Host again for booking a Party and generate additional enthusiasm for the fun evening ahead. Make sure she understands the Host Rewards Program and the many ways to earn gifts from Gold Canyon and you. Find out what free products your Host would like to earn so you can keep her focused and coaching her more effectively. And finally, share with your Host the importance of inviting at least 40 guests. Encourage him or her to invite them in person first and then send invitations as a


reminder seven to 10 days prior to the Party. Not only will it help your Host earn even more rewards, but it will also help you increase your circle of influence. Second Call – Reminder to Send Invites Call your Host again seven to 10 days prior to the Party. Remind her of the importance of sending out invitations and give her ideas from Essentials Online on increasing attendance and the importance of outside orders and bookings. Ask your Host to invite guests unable to attend the Party to host a Party when it’s more convenient. Be sure to ask if he/she needs additional catalogs and order forms for those outside orders. Ask your Host which products she’d like highlighted at the Party and how many guests she is planning on inviting. Continue to generate enthusiasm and remind your Host of the amazing gifts he or she is working toward. Listen and address questions. Remember you’re building a fun and dependable relationship and you want your Host to feel supported and appreciated. Third Call – Encourage Reminder Phone Calls Make a final call either the day before or the day of the Party. Your Host might feel a little stressed at this point and it’s important to be positive and reassuring. Let her feel confident in your professionalism. Let your Host know that you’ll arrive 15-20 minutes early to set up. Take a minute to discuss the Party logistics, display areas, available tables, etc. Once again, encourage your Host to make reminder phone calls. A simple phone call can be the key to great attendance and those Host Rewards. After the Close of the Party The day after you close the Party, send a thank you note to your Host, letting her know again how much you appreciate her time and effort. Remind her of all the great gifts she received and invite her to host with you again when the next catalog is released. Be sure to follow-up on any recruiting conversations you had with her throughout the Party and its preparations. Here is an example of a Thank you note you can send to a Host after a Party: Thank you for inviting me into your home and hosting a Gold Canyon Party. Congratulations on earning [insert dollar amount] in FREE products and enjoying [insert amount] in discounted products! You had [insert number of Parties] Parties book from yours which earns you another [Insert amount] in rewards! Your order will arrive shortly and in your packet, I have included some candle labels. Could you please attach one to each candle before delivering it to your guests? Thank you again for everything. It was a pleasure working with you! [Insert Demonstrator information]

What You’ll Need at the Party
Demonstrator Kit The Demonstrator Kit includes all the products and Fragrance Samplers you will need to set up a beautiful display.


Host Candle Be sure to have a Host Candle with you so you can recognize and thank your Host and show prospective Hosts what they can receive. Sales Aides Parties are the best place to find future Hosts and recruit new Demonstrators. Be sure to have the following sales aides with you so you can provide additional information about Gold Canyon and the opportunities: • • • • • Complete Host Packets, including invitations, catalogs, and receipts Customer Contact Cards to collect vital customer information Fundraising Trifold for guests that may be interested in an organization fundraiser Opportunity Trifold for guests that may be considering the Demonstrator or Host Opportunity Recruiting Packets for those people you have spoken to who may be more interested in the Demonstrator opportunity

Forms There are two order forms that you will need to complete a Party. Get familiar with these forms: • • Customer Order Forms - It is recommended that each guest be presented with an order form and catalog or that they are placed on each guest’s chair. Host Totaling Form - This form’s purpose is to bring the totals of the Customer Order Forms onto one form, which will then help determine the Host Rewards. This step-by-step form will allow you to easily calculate the Host’s order, the Host’s 50% off items, and the Host Rewards. This form also acts as the Host’s order form. The Host will keep the last copy of the Host Party Totaling Form and the Demonstrator will use this form to complete the online ordering process or order by mail.


Continued Party Training
A Gold Canyon Party supported with the Demonstrator Kit is both easy and fun. We have provided an outline and tutorial to conducting your own Gold Canyon Party. Use this as a guide and be sure to personalize it with your own information and experiences. The more Parties you have, the easier they will become, the more fun you will have and the more profitable your business will be.

The Party Outline
Time is of the essence and probably it’s one of the reasons you decided to build your own home-based business with Gold Canyon. With this in mind, we have developed the following Party outline. It offers a friendly way to present the Gold Canyon product line and business opportunity completely. Plus, following this outline should take less than an hour! Set-Up (15 minutes) Once you arrive, set up displays and light the candle you will highlight during your presentation. Use the products in your Demonstrator Kit to create a small ambience arrangement. Depending on the available space, set up the easels for each collection. Displays should consist of the show candle and fragrance samplers for each collection and should be kept simple and attractive. (See Your Product Display within this tab for additional information). Discuss any final details with your Host. The most important thing to do at this time is to keep your Host stress-free. Remember, a calm Host sends the message to guests that you’re easy to work with. Your goal is for them to start thinking of hosting a Party before you even begin the demonstration. Invite your Host to share her favorite products with the guests and be involved in the Party and not in the kitchen preparing refreshments. Arrival of Guests (5 minutes) Welcome guests individually as they arrive by offering them any materials they will need for the Party. Engage in casual and positive conversation with guests who don’t seem to focus on Gold Canyon or the products. This will allow the guests to see you as more than a salesperson and also makes you more approachable and believable later. It’s also an important time to understand the interests of the guests at the Party by listening to the conversations they’re having among themselves. It will give you the tools for booking and recruiting invitations at a later point in the presentation. (See Making the Most of Opportunities at the end of this section for examples.) Suggested types of engaging activities to use as guests arrive: • Encourage them to move toward the fragrance samplers and become familiar with the different groupings. Have them choose their favorite sample and at a later point in the presentation, let them share why they chose that particular fragrance.



Offer each guest the opportunity to sample one of the Mineral Gold® Spa lotions as you prepare to begin.

Welcome (5 minutes) Once your Host has everyone’s attention, ask her to introduce you. Doing so allows you to be the guest speaker for the evening and offers you more credibility. Plus, it’s more comfortable for your Host to interrupt the chatter and get guests’ attention. Introduce Yourself Here’s an example of how to introduce yourself and begin the Party. “Hello. Like [Insert Host’s name] said, my name is [Insert name]. I’m glad [Insert Host’s name] invited me to show you our wonderful Gold Canyon product line this evening (today). I’d like to ask [Insert Host’s name] to share with us why she decided to host a Party.” Host comes up and shares why she wanted to Host a Party. “Did you know [Insert Host’s name] is working toward [insert one of the gifts that she is working toward]. [Insert Host’s name] has chosen [Insert Host Appreciation Candle] as special thank you just for having this Party tonight (today).” Show the Host Appreciation candle at this time and pass it around the room. Guest Introductions Go around the room and invite guests to introduce themselves and what sample they chose and why they chose it when they first came in (if applicable – See “Engaging Activities” previously). As they are sharing their favorite fragrance, have them pass the sample around the room for everyone to experience. What an easy way to present a variety of products and open the minds of guests to experience different fragrances they may have ignored initially! Present Your Commercial Tell everyone why you love to promote Gold Canyon products as a Demonstrator and what it has brought into your life. Make it personal and simple. Here is an example: “You know, I fell in love with my first Gold Canyon candle just over two years ago. It was a Gardenia candle and it reminded me of walking down the aisle in my wedding gown holding my bouquet with gardenias in it. I had to have it Then, I took a trip to Arizona in March. Have you ever been? The orange blossoms are so light and fresh you can’t help but stop and enjoy them. When I found out Gold Canyon had an Orange Blossom candle; that was it, I had to have that, too! I love how each of our candles transport me to a different time and place. They create such a warm feeling in my home and are so reasonably priced. It’s an indulgence


and I just love them. In fact, I loved them enough that I decided to become a Demonstrator and share them with others. “I gave up my full time job a few years ago to be home with my kids. As time went on, I really needed some additional income and I thought selling candles might be a fun way to do it. I signed up and I’m happy to say I paid off one of my credit cards and have been able to do many other fun things because of my Gold Canyon business. I’ve been able to travel and meet new friends and I just love sharing the Gold Canyon experience. If you’re looking to meet new people, have a flexible schedule and earn some extra income, watch what I do tonight and see if it is something you’d be interested in doing yourself. If so, you are welcome to talk to me afterward and I have some information you can take home and consider at your convenience.” Presentation (20 minutes) Create Excitement and Set the Stage Take a few minutes to preview what will happen during the Party. Use language that describes the ambience created by Gold Canyon products and how fragrance can transport you to a different time and place. Promote several different fragrances while setting the stage to appeal a variety of tastes. Make it personal so your own feelings and memories come through. Here’s an example of how you can create this excitement: “Just as I fell in love with my first Gold Canyon candle a few years ago because it reminded me so much of my wedding day, you might have a similar experience tonight (today). That’s the great thing about aroma; it evokes strong memories and creates ambience and moods. Ambience is that special mood or feeling you like to create in your home. And I’m going to talk more about it in a few minutes. “Have you ever caught the smallest hint of a scent and instantly been transported to a different time and place? You probably do what I do; without thinking, you pause and take a deep breath. “It’s usually followed by an ‘ahhh’ and a smile. This happens every time I smell our Clean Sheets fragrance. Even the smallest whiff of Clean Sheets instantly, reminds me of the relaxation I feel each time I climb in-between clean sheets at home after a long day. My muscles start to relax, my mind calms down and a sense of contentment comes over me. That’s the power of fragrance. “Take a minute and think about smells you really like. Scents that create that ‘ahhh’ moment for you. Maybe it’s the smell of Orange Blossoms, Sugar Cookie or Ocean Breeze. Wouldn’t it be great if you could feel that sense of peace, relaxation and overall sense of contentment any time? Gold Canyon provides products that transport you back to these memories and feelings. Although my first love in the Gold Canyon line was a candle, we offer many other avenues to enjoy these amazing scents as well: lotions and crèmes, body washes, mineral soaks and for those times you can’t burn a candle, bookmarks, room sprays and


hanging air fresheners. And that doesn’t include all of our amazing holders and accessories that add the essence of living well™ in beautiful and timeless ways! “I want to share with you the five different product collections tonight (today). As we talk and you experience a product you love, be sure to mark it on your order form or catalog, so you can revisit it fully later. If you find your wish list gets longer than your budget will allow tonight (today), you might consider hosting a Party of your own and earning some of those products for free.” Presentation of Collections and Catalog Tour Spend a few minutes presenting each collection as you take guests on a tour of the catalog. Share your favorite fragrance and highlight key features in each collection. It will allow you to focus more on the ambience of each fragrance collection and less on the technical information, such as size and price. Guests can easily see that information as they turn the pages of the catalog with you. As you show each collection, highlight the holders that go with that collection. You can do this by pointing out in the catalog how much more beautiful each collection is when presented in one of our many holders rather than bringing a large selection of holders to a Party. Decorative and Seasonal Items This section of the presentation covers the first several pages of the catalog, which include the seasonal items, Pillars, votives, tealights, holders and accessories. The catalog has been designed to show you how to combine various Gold Canyon products together to create the perfect home ambience. This ambience can be fragrance-driven or motivated by color and shapes. Again, use the catalog photography to help everyone imagine how they’d create ambience in their home instead of trying to re-create these scenes in each Host’s home. It will save you a great deal of time, effort and expense in your business. Remember walk your guests through the products in your display so they can touch, smell and get a real sense of what these products can offer. “What is ambience? As I said before, ambience is that special mood or feeling you create in your home. It’s what makes a house a home. It makes special occasions memorable. Maybe it’s the photographs on the mantel, the choice of color and texture in your furniture and a fire in the fireplace. It could be the addition of plants and accessories as the autumn sun streams through the windows. Ambience is always that little expression of mood and feeling you create in your home. Your personal touch. At Gold Canyon, we help enhance that mood through the use of fragrance, candlelight and decor. We like to make that event even more unforgettable. That important party even more significant. That quiet evening at home even more restful by adding a touch of fragrance and candlelight. “The first collection I’d like to share tonight (today) is our decorative and seasonal items. Starting on page, x in the catalog, you’ll find beautiful images of the entire collection.


(Share your favorites as you walk through the beginning of the catalog. Indicate your favorite holders or fragrances offered in this section.) “Next are our Pillars, tealights, and votives. These items are a must in creating ambience. Have you ever noticed how votives can really add sparkle to an everyday occasion? Look how sophisticated and elegant the pillars are. The addition of these elements of ambience makes décor look finished. And it really is an inexpensive way to create a luxurious environment. Candles have been around forever, but Gold Canyon has given them the gift of scent and transformed them into wonderful shapes. “Gold Canyon offers a full line of decorative holders and accessories for candles that enhance the ambience of your home. We have beautiful holders designed to compliment and hold each of our different jar and Pillar candles. “Our Pillars, votives and tealights are offered in a variety of colors and fragrances to compliment and enhance any décor. And our Seasonal Specialties are simply wonderful. After all, what holiday is complete without a little decorating? “Do you have any questions about our decorative and seasonal items?” Example: “Don’t you love the look of a group of tealights in holders as you walk into a room? They seem to just add a little something that tells your guests you care about the small details.” Example: “Our most elegant product line is our Pillar Series. Available in three sizes and six fragrances, they are so beautiful when grouped together on a fireplace mantel or as a table centerpiece. They’re part of the Tuscan Collection because of the wonderful finish of the candles that’s unique to each one, like antique Italian walls. When lit, they’re the strongest scented pillars available. Not to mention they elegantly complement any room.” Example: “Votives are those items that decorators use most to add drama. Whether used with a centerpiece for a nice dinner or scattered around a room, they are a simple way to create ambience.” And they’re surprisingly long lasting!” Example: “Are you looking for that perfect decorative holder for your favorite candle? Gold Canyon holders are not only made of high-quality materials but are designed in styles that fit any taste or occasion.”


Memories Collection The Memories Collection helps you recall special moments. As you present this collection, share a personal experience that holds a special memory connected to a scent. You may also consider inviting someone in the room to share a fragrance memory. If you have each guest choose a favorite fragrance and tell why, you can use that information to build your business. Remember to take a minute and note some of the photography within the catalog that highlights each of these fragrance categories in various holders. Here’s an example of how you could present this collection: “Next I’d like to share with you the Memories Collection. As our core collection, it consists of our Signature Series™, Baking Line, Comforts of Home and Prayer Child candles, which I’ll talk about a little later. It also includes two of my favorite fragrances, Clean Sheets from the Signature Series™ and Banana Nut Bread from the Baking Line. This collection features some of our most popular fragrances and I’m sure you’ll find one you love.” “For those of you who have burned a Gold Canyon candle, you know what makes them great. For you, first-timers, let me share some of the features with you. The double wicks on our larger sizes allow even burns and a strong aroma. Our coolburning wax in our container jars prevents burns if accidentally spilled. And for those of you wondering if the wicks are safe, the answer is yes! Our lead-free wicks are made of cotton with a zinc core. Our larger jar candles have safety wicks that will not burn when they get to about ½ inch from the bottom.” Comforts of Home (Pass a Comforts of Home candle around the room as you present this collection so your guests can enjoy the fragrance as you talk about it.) “The Comforts of Home Line includes great decoration candles for your home and can be found on pages [x-x] of the catalog. It comes in a beautiful glass that can be displayed alone or in of our many holders just like this one (show sample or page in catalog). There are nine fragrances and two sizes. I have to say my favorite is Glowing Embers found on page [x] of the catalog. I not only love the fragrance but also the color goes in any room of my house. ” (As the group experiences the fragrance, be aware of feelings they’re sharing with each other so you can build on those personal testimonials). “Do you have any questions about the Comforts of Home Collection?” Signature Series™ (Pass a Signature Series™ candle around the room as you are presenting this line so your guests can enjoy the fragrance as you talk about it.) “The Signature Series™ line consists of the fragrances that have proven themselves to be customer favorites. Originally, they were released as a seasonal item for a short period of time, but their sales have shown they deserve to be offered year around.


“Did you know that our Signature Series™ candles have two wicks (excluding our 5 oz. candles) to eliminate messy sidewalls and tunneling? It also ensures more of the wax burns, which means no more wasted product. And the double wicks help create that strong fragrance you fell in love with.” (Did anyone choose a Signature Series™ as their favorite fragrance during the engaging activity? Invite them to share more about their fragrance memory here. Share your personal favorite or ask a question of the group to get them sharing about their favorites. If applicable, you can also remind the guests of the personal experience shared earlier). “You can find these candles on pages [x-x] of the catalog.” Baking Line (Pass a Baking Line candle around the room as you are presenting this line so your guests can enjoy the fragrance as you talk about it). “The Baking Line also belongs to this collection. There’s nothing better than the smell of baked goods straight out of the oven. It not only fills your home with a delicious aroma, but it also creates a warm, comfortable feeling. Every time I smell Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, I am reminded of my mother and the fun we used to have baking cookies for on rainy days. The Baking Line reminds me of those fun times at home and the comfort and love I felt from my mother. Oatmeal Raisin Cookie is just one of the nine different fragrances found in our very popular Baking Line. Each one comes in a darling baking crock jar found on pages [x-x] of the catalog. Be sure to add your favorite scent to your wish list.” (As the group experiences the candle, be aware of feelings being shared with each other so you can build on those personal testimonials). Add a Booking Opportunity at This Time Two examples might be: “If you’ve been picturing your living room filled with your friends, like [insert name] has done here tonight, I’d love to tell you more about the fun of a Party. By the way, our average Host earns $60 in FREE products.” OR “You may find your wish list is growing. Don’t worry, you, too, can host your own Party and earn some of these items as FREE host gifts.” Celebrations Collection (Pass a product from this collection around as you talk about it so that guests can experience it.)


The Celebrations Collection is comprised of products that involve celebrating others. They include the Signature Sampler Sets, Baby Powder and the Moments Remembered products. At this time, invite guests to think of those people in their lives they could give a Gold Canyon gift to as you present this collection. Here’s an example of how you can present this product line: “Our next collection we’ll be talking about tonight (today) is the Celebrations Collection. This collection highlights the special occasions we celebrate with others. Maybe you need a baby shower gift. Our Baby Powder candle might be just the thing. Maybe you need a gift for that special someone and you want a little of everything, be sure to look at the Signature Sampler Sets found on page [x] of the catalog. You might also consider celebrating a memory with another by giving them the gift of a Moments Remembered candle. It combines a memory captured in a photo with a very memorable scent. “Do you have a favorite or any questions about the Celebrations Collection?” Example: “How many of you have been desperate to find just the right gift for someone? Well, you’ll be glad to know gift giving has never been easier! Our Signature Sampler Sets are a great idea for birthdays, holidays or whenever! These sets are great because they include a 5 oz. candle, two votives, and three tealights, as well as a straight votive glass! The fragrances in these sets vary with each catalog. At this time, they are available in (insert fragrances).” Example: “Do you know someone who is having a baby? If so, be sure to mark the page with our Baby Powder fragrance.” Example: “Do you know someone who could use a little inspiration? A great gift is one of our seven Inspiration products. These are great items that will really touch that person who needs a lift and are available in both 5 oz. and 26 oz. jars. Spa and Wellness Collection (Pass a product from this collection around the room as you talk about it so that guests can experience it.) The Spa and Wellness Collection is really about taking time for you. In our busy and rushed lives, taking a few minutes to massage a little Mineral Gold® Spa lotion into tired hands can be just the thing to give us the needed energy to finish the task at hand. As you present this collection, talk about how taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Using the Mineral Gold® Spa and Aroma Gold ® products will help you have enough in your cup to then share with others. Here is an example of how to present the collection:


“We’ve have taken the time to create ambience in our homes with our decorative and seasonal products. We’ve cherished special moments with the Memories Collection. We’ve even thought about how the Celebrations Collection brightens the day of another. What about you? I think we’ve all earned a little indulgence, don’t you? The next collection I want to share with you tonight is the Spa and Wellness Collection. How many of you wish you had more time to pamper yourself? Is the thought of spending the day at the spa out of the question both financially and time-wise? Maybe you wish you could have just a few more minutes to unwind at the end of a busy day or week. “Did you know fragrance create feelings of relaxation? When you combine the fragrance of our Aroma Gold® products with the unique spa experience of our Mineral Gold ® Spa Series, you’re minutes away from pampering yourself. Light one of our Aroma Gold® candles. Our Silky Soft Body Lotion massaged into tired hands or feet or a quick spray with our Dry Oil Body Mist after a shower can be just the thing to help you relax and get you ready for the day ahead. “How many of you liked the lotion you tested earlier? Didn’t it feel wonderful? It comes in a variety of our most popular fragrances. This lotion is part of our Spa and Wellness Collection.” “These make great gifts for anyone in your life who needs to take more time for themselves. Do any of you have a favorite scent in the Spa and Wellness Collection or are there any questions?” Example: “Our Mineral Gold® Spa series provides you a complete spa experience for a fraction of the price. It consists of a Whipped Body Crème, Silky Soft Lotion, a Body Wash, a Dry Oil Mist and a Mineral Soak. The soak is excellent for replenishing minerals and the dry oil mist will make your skin feel and smell fabulous all day! The Mineral Gold® Spa is offered in five of our most popular fragrances and you can see the complete sets on page [x-x] of the catalog.” Example: “Our Aroma Gold® products have a beautiful look. Each of these nurturing candles comes in soft white wax, so they simply look great anywhere in your home. This line features fragrances that range from relaxing to rejuvenating for your body, mind and soul and are found on page [x] of the catalog.” Add a Recruiting Opportunity at This Time Here is an example: “You know, I just love what I do. I love these products, I love this company and I love the things it brings to my family! If this seems like something you’d be


interested in as well, just let me know and I can send you home with some information.” Suddenly Scented Collection (Pass items around the room as you discuss this collection.) Just as the collection describes, the Suddenly Scented Collection includes products that provide fragrance quickly. When presenting these products, allow your guests to experience the collection by passing around samples. If you use one of the Suddenly Scented room sprays, choose the fragrance that works well with the candles you are burning. Here’s an example of how you could present the Suddenly Scented collection: “Our final collection is Suddenly Scented. Have you ever wanted the scent of your favorite candle but unfortunately were in a place where you couldn’t burn a candle? Then the Suddenly Scented Collection is for you! Our products are easy to use and offer an alternative scent when a candle can’t be used. “I remember one time getting a visit from a neighbor right after we had just cooked some fish. You know, the feeling of an unexpected visitor and then the smell of fish just made it worse. I simply grabbed our Cinnamon Vanilla Suddenly Scented room spray and gave it a quick mist. Ta-da, and the smell was gone! “Have you ever noticed how your car tends to take on a smell of its own in the summertime? It seems like no matter how hard I try to keep it clean, there’s something about having the windows closed all day in the hot sun that brings out unusual smells. That’s why I’m so grateful for the Auto Gold™ line. I just keep an Apple Spice Auto Gold in my car and it always smells fresh and clean.” “I recommend having a few of these products on hand for those unexpected times when you need a quick burst of your favorite fragrance or can’t burn a candle. “Do you have any questions about the Suddenly Scented Collection?” Example: “The Suddenly Scented Room Sprays come in some of our best-selling fragrances and are attractively priced as you can see in the catalog. How many of you like Sweet Pea or Clean Sheets? These are both available in the Suddenly Scented Room Sprays.” Example: “Does your closet ever have a dingy smell? I have just the answer. Our Auto Gold ™ products are great for these areas, not to mention your car.” Example:


“We don’t want to leave your children out of the mix. They love to read, so we have our Scented Bookmarks that are a great little gift. And these fragrant bookmarks make great gifts for teachers!.” Candle Care Our Cleancut ™ Wick Trimmer and Wick Dipper are easy add-ons to any order. Mention them throughout your presentation so guests understand the importance of adding these products to their orders. Here is an example of how to present these items: “One of the most important things to remember is how to take care of your candles. Gold Canyon offers special products that support candle care such as our wick trimmer and wick dipper. Both are essential in making sure your candles wicks are trimmed and dipped in wax when extinguished. Both are found on page [x-x ] of the catalog, and we recommend including them in your order.” Prayer Child Candles (pass the clamshell around the room for this collection so they experience these fragrances as you talk about them). Present the Prayer Child Candles and Prayer Child Program at the end of your presentation. Doing so allows you to share the importance of this amazing program while also giving you the tools as you transition to a strong close. To make the most of this portion of your presentation, be personable and use your resources effectively. Here’s an example of how you can present this program with the accompanying products. “I’d like to share with you our Prayer Child Program. It includes the Prayer Child candles and is one our ways of giving back to the community. In conjunction with the Prayer Child Program, Gold Canyon has selected (insert name of current charity) as their partner this year. One hundred percent of all proceeds from the candles and toppers go to the charity selected as part of our Prayer Child Program. “Last year at our annual Conference, we had the chance to hear from a child that was in cancer remission. It was such a good feeling to know I was making a difference for children who are going through difficult times. If you want to make a difference in children, I invite you to purchase one of these products. You might consider giving it as a gift to someone you know.” A Strong Close (5 minutes) A strong close is imperative to a great Party and should include the following points: • Give a short recap of the product line • Thank the Host for opening their home • Invite others to host a Party and/or to take home information about the business opportunity


Here’s an example of how you can have a strong close to your next Party: “Tonight, we’ve enjoyed time together walking down memory lane. It’s been a pleasure to share with you the amazing Gold Canyon product line and the impact it can have on creating moods, ambience and memories in your home. These are all what we like to call affordable luxuries - easy ways to improve your home as well as your outlook. At this time, I’d like for you to turn back to the beginning of your catalogs and re-cap the products we have enjoyed tonight. I’ll also explain how simple it is to order these fun products.” (Take them on a quick 1-2 minute tour of the catalog highlighting where the collections are located, where the order numbers are and how they work). “Again, I’d like to thank our Host, [Insert name], for inviting us to such a fun evening. If you can think of someone who wasn’t here tonight, I invite you to host a Party of your own and invite them. We have a special gift for anyone booking a Party of their own tonight and [Insert Host’s name] will also receive additional gifts for those bookings. Just let me know if you’re interested. “Have you have been watching what I did tonight and thought it would be something you’d like to learn more about? Maybe there’s a financial goal you are working toward. Believe me, being part of Gold Canyon helps you achieve that goal. Just let me know if you’re interested in becoming a Gold Canyon Demonstrator and I’ll be happy to send some information home with you. “I invite you to take some time and experience the Gold Canyon product line again at your leisure. I will be close by if you have any questions.” Delivery Time Your guests will want to know when their products will arrive. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the shipping procedures so you can easily answer any questions. (For additional information, please see the Procedures tab within this manual.) Making the Most of Opportunities Look for booking and recruiting opportunities throughout the presentation. Following are some examples to help you make the most of that next opportunity: Bookings If a guest is sharing her love of the product and how she wishes she could afford more, invite her to host a Party of her own by saying something like: “You should host a Party of your own and earn some of those beautiful products for FREE. My last Host earned [insert dollar amount] worth of free gifts and had so much fun she immediately booked another Party!”


If a guest shares with her friend about how [name inserted] should have come because she would have loved it. Your response could be: “You might consider hosting your own Party and inviting her.” Did you overhear someone wanting to purchase more? Your response could be: “You should host a Party of your own and earn some of those items as free Host gifts.” Recruiting If a guest is concerned about an upcoming financial obligation (wedding, car repair, remodel, etc.), try to mention the business opportunity. You could say something like: “You know, our car broke down last year and I was so grateful I had my Gold Canyon business to help pay for the repairs.” There may be a guest who just loves the product line and is encouraging others to purchase. You could invite them to join the business by saying: “I couldn’t help but notice tonight how much you love the Gold Canyon product line. Have you ever thought of sharing your passion with others and getting your favorite products for free?” Maybe a guest would love to take their family on a special vacation. You could invite them to join Gold Canyon by sharing a personal story of yours like: “You know, thanks to my Gold Canyon business, I was able to take my family to Disneyland last summer without going into debt. It was such a fun vacation and I was so thrilled that my business profits paid for it!” Before Leaving When finishing your Party, remember the following: • As each customer hands in their order, take a minute to ensure it is totaled correctly and make a note of the method of payment (cash, check or credit card). This will save you quite a bit of time when you close the Party with your Host. • Thank your customers and call them by name. • Don’t eat. If you are eating you can’t sell the product line and provide quality customer service. If your Host expects you to enjoy the dessert she has prepared, offer to take a plate with you so you don’t offend her. • Don’t pack up your display until the guests have gone. You don’t want to rush your guests to the point that they don’t place an order. After the guests have gone…



• •

• •

Total the orders and tell your Host the dollar value of the rewards earned so far. Remember, rewards are based on the subtotal sales of the Party. Refer back to her goal and help her develop a plan to reach her goal. If she has already reached the goal, help her see how easy it would be to reach the next level. Take all the money and the white and light yellow copies of the order forms with you that night. Put them in an envelope for safekeeping. Set a date and time to meet with your Host to close the final details of the Party. If you have a hard time getting your schedules to match, offer to close through the mail. Encourage your Host to close within five days, as her guests will be anxious to get their products. Compliment your Host on all of her hard work. Thank her again for the chance to come into her home. As you prepare to leave, glance around and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

Closing the Party
A Party can be closed either at the Host’s home or yours, depending on which is easier for everyone involved. Although you are wrapping up the Party, remember that it isn’t over yet. If schedules allow you to close in person, you have an additional opportunity to discuss recruiting and additional bookings with your Host. Begin by thanking your Host again for their time and efforts. After all, you wouldn’t have a business if it weren’t for her! Tell your Host the dollar value of her FREE gifts, the number of discounted products she/he was eligible for and how much she earned in booking coupons from the Parties booked from hers. If you didn’t give it to her at the party, don’t forget to add the Host Appreciation Candle. After reviewing all the wonderful gifts and discounts she’s receiving from you and from Gold Canyon, invite him/her to host with you again. She’ll love the opportunity to earn additional gifts at a later time. Inviting your Host to join you in the business opportunity of Gold Canyon can be simple if you know what to look for. If your Host had a lot of guests at her Party, invite her to become a Demonstrator – she already has a customer base. If her sales were high, mention the 25% commission he/she’ll be making for just a couple of hours of work. If she enjoyed showing the product line to her friends, invite her to join you because she already loves to share the Gold Canyon product line. You may choose to have the products shipped directly to your Host or to your own home. If you have it shipped to your Host, leave enough of your personalized candle labels with her so she can attach them to each of the products before delivering them to customers. If you have the product shipped to you, you can attach the labels yourself but it will add a little more time to get the product to the customer because you’ll have to deliver them to the Host. Either way, make sure you communicate what will happen so your Host knows what to expect.


Closing the Party Long-Distance If you have difficulty scheduling the closing or don’t live close to the Host, it might be beneficial to close the Party through the mail. Just leave a large, self-addressed envelope with adequate postage with your Host. A 6” x 9” envelope works best. Leave a copy of the Host Rewards Form with instructions for your Host to fill out and include in the envelope. After receiving the Party paperwork, enter the order quickly. Your guests will be anxious to get their products and good customer service includes a quick turn-around time!


Party Outline Note Cards
Here is an example of how you can organize the Party Outline onto note cards.



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