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					  Summary ORIGIN Depermental Store:
  We are going to make the Ms-Access database of ORIGIN departmental store that will be new
  opening store in the country before making the database we survey the market where should be it
  implemented and what type of customers needs that would be feasible for ORIGIN departmental
  store system.

  System development Life Cycle (SDLC) of Store:

1) Need analysis:
  to make ORIGIN departmental store database we research for the weakness or drawbacks of current
  system and their problems facing in the current system so we search to solve our problems we search
  departmental stores in different cities and observe their customer dealings and survey the products which
  are mostly useable by the customers.

2) System design:
  In this stage we design the database basic structure that how we can provide easy facilities to our
  customers in right manner so we chose the MS database access this system design took 3 weeks to make a
  structure that is feasible for customers and for employees.
  Screen design
  Database access tools

3) System development:
  In this stage we access different store and collect the data which is in the daily use of customers in this
  database we also add the advertisement of different products

4) Implementation:
  As you should know that our store is new upcoming in the market so we placed a phased conversion of
  database to all over stores in different cities. (Direct conversion)
5) Mantainnence:
1) Beta testing
2) Acceptance testing
   In this stage we implemented the new data in the MS access database all of the entries work right
   and in the quries options we also check the queries by passing the entries and also in the case of
   reports we have aspecific criteria of reports that what type of report we want can be easily

                           Description of the organization:

   The Departmental Store Database is very useful tool to check & query of Shipment to customers
   & employees sales. This Departmental software for the stores will help us to organize and
   manage all the sale items so that we never get tangled in so many entries. The Departmental
   Store Database would be a unique tool to check sales of products very easily.
   We have planned to computerize the Departmental Store’s that are all over the country. We have
   made many visits to the departmental stores, during which we interviewed the people working
   there. During these interviews, we came to know that they were facing problems in the query. As
   the Departmental store system is prepared in registers or in excel, the employees are unable to
   prepare different kinds of reports required by the management.

                        Working of the Existing System

   Related Information:

   Information Requirements in the Forms

1. Customer Information:
   Customer           Customer           Gender              Date              Address          City          Phone          Email
   ID                 Name                                   of                                               no

2. Employee Information:
   Employee            Employee              Job Title                  E-mail                 Phone No              City
   ID                  Name                                             Address

3. Inventory Information:
   Product Code                   Product Name                       Quantity                             Supplier ID

4. Products Information:
   Product        Product            Price                   Quantity             Category             Shelf No         Supplier
   code           Name                                       Per Unit                                                   ID

5. Shipment Information:
   Orde        Custome            Employe              Produ               Issu              Custome          Produ          Revenu
   r ID        r ID               e ID                 ct                  e                 r Name           ct             e
                                                       Code                Dat                                Name

6. Supplier Information:
   Supplier            Supplier              Address                 Phone no                  City                  Email
   ID                  Name

   Validation rule for specific identities and their field sizes:
                             ID                             Validation                   Field Size
                             Product ID                     “PD????”                     6
                             Customers ID                   “ODS?????”                   8
                             Suppliers ID                   “SD???”                      7
                             Employees ID                   “ED???”                      5
                             Order ID               “SHP????”               7

      There are two phases of data implementation:
 I.   Technical Information
      Tables, Forms, Queries, Reports, Macros
      In this stage we made the structures of all the tables, forms, queries, reports and macros so we can view
      our technical fields which are in our current database all the technical information is given right below.
II.   Implementation of Data
      Tables, Forms, Queries, Reports, Macros
      In this stage we implemented the data to all of our tables and we check the forms those are working right
      and fatherly we develop the reports that were observed right.

      Technical Information
      Table:          Customer                                     The figure shown is the design view of
      Purpose:        Customer Identification                      customer table where customer ID is
      Primary Key: Customer ID                                     primary key. There are nine fields in this
                                                                   table in field properties of customer ID
                                                                   field we have describe a validation rule
                                                                   ODS<five digit codes>. This is use to
                                                                   give specific ID’s to each and every

      Table:           Date / Cities
      Purpose:         Picking the data of cities
      Primary Key:                                                                                                 ID
In design view of table date / cities             we have used in this database are
primary key is ID. All the dates and cities       automatically recorded in this table.

Table:          Employee                          In design view Employee table build up
Purpose:        Employee Identification           on for employee’s information who is
Primary Key: Employee ID                          working in     ORIGIN.     In this      table
                                                  employee ID is primary key. ED<three
                                                  digit code> is the validation rule for
                                                  employee ID.

Table:                                        In design view of inventory table our Inventory
Purpose:                                      primary key is product code and the Identification
Primary Key: Product Code                     validation rule for product code is PD<four
                                              digit codes>.

Table:                                        Design view of product table identify theProducts
Purpose:                                                                                 Identification
                                              entire product that we have in ORIGN in this
Primary Key:                                                                             Product Code
                                              table we have used product code as a primary

Table:                                                                                        Shipment
Purpose:                                                                                      Identification
Primary Key: Order ID
                                                     Figure shows the design view of product
                                                     Shipment in this table we recorded
                                                     shipment that is made by our employees.
                                                     We use order ID as a primary key.

Table:                                               Supplier table shows the suppliers of allSupplier
Purpose:                                                                                      Supplier Ident
                                                     products that we have. Supplier ID is used
Primary Key: Supplier ID                             as a primary key in this table.



Will be used for entering or modifying information about the customers.

                                                     Figure     shows      information    about
                                                     customers that we have. In this form we
                                                     have added buttons like find record, next
                                                     record, add record, save record, delete
                                                     record, print form and close form.


Will be used for entering or modifying information about the employees.
                                                      Employee form shows all the information
                                                      about employees who are working in
                                                      By this form we can know their names,
                                                      job title, email addresses phone numbers
                                                      and the city from which they are.


Will be used for entering or modifying information about the Inventory in the Store.
                                                      Inventory table shows stock of a specific
                                                      product, quantity that we have and the
                                                      supplier of that specific product.



Will be used for entering or modifying information about the Products in the Store.
                                                                         This       form         shows
                                                                         product price, product
                                                                         quantity         per        unit,
                                                                         product category and
In above figure form of products is shown. This form helps               the    supplier        of    the
us to access the specific product that we have in ORIGIN.                specific               product



Will be used for entering information about the Products that have to Ship.
                                                                         Shipment form shows
                                                                         all the shipments that
                                                                         our    employees            have
                                                                         made       and    also       the
                                                                         customer to whom that
                                                                         shipment belongs.


Will be used for entering or modifying information about the Supplier.
                                                                         Supplier form shows
                                                                         information about the
                                                                         supplier their names,
                                                                         addresses            phone
                                                                         numbers,    cities     and
                                                                         their email addresses.


Main Menu (Switch Board)

Use form connecting forms, queries and reports.
                                                                         In main switchboard we
                                                                         have     entered   forms,
                                                                         reports and queries that
                                                                         we have recorded in our
                                                                         data base. Switchboard
                                                                         helps our employees to
                                                                         access    to   customers,
                                                                         suppliers, product and


Report: Customer Purchase Report
Purpose: To list all the Customer Purchases and their relative information.
                                                                         In customer purchasing
                                                                         report we have shown
                                                                         all the products that our
                                                                         customers           have
                                                                         purchased and at what
                                                                         price       they    have

Report: Customer List
Purpose: To list all the Customer’s who are currently members and their relative information.

Customer report shows list in which all information about
customers is placed for example customer name, their
gender, their address etc.

Report: Shipment Details
Purpose: To list all the Shipment Details and the relative information about the Revenue.
                                                                          Shipment report shows
                                                                          all the shipments that
                                                                          are   made   by   our

Report: suppliers
Purpose: To list all the suppliers and the relative information about them.
                                           Supplier report shows
                                           information about the
                                           supplier of the product
                                           that   we    have    in

Macro: autoexec
Purpose: It automatically runs the file.
                         We    generated   auto
                         executed which have
                         the argument to open
                         the switchboard when
                         we open our database.

Implementation of Data
This table contains information about people who are using our products and services in services
we use the membership ID’s for customers and additionally we have recorded Customer ID,
customer name, their genders, date of birth, addresses, cities, phone numbers, and email

Dates / Cities:                                       attribute of cities so we put data of all
                                                      cities in the given table so the customer
                                                      form filling can’t creat any problem.

In this table we put the dates and city
names and the table as customer ,
employee and supplier table they have an
             All the employees that are working in
             ORIGIN departmental store are recorded
             in this table.
             Employee table contains Employee ID,
             employee name, their job title, email
             address, their phone numbers, and city
             from which they are.

             In inventory table we have mentioned the
             entire stock of the product in our
             This table contains Product code, product
             name, quantity of products, and their
             supplier IDs.

                              Product table contains
                              information about the
                              entire product that we
                              have. In this table we
                              have recorded Product
                              code,   product     name,
                              and price, quantity per
                              unit,   category,   shelf
                              number, and product

In this table the shipment information is placed and we can see which customer have order the
specific product and how much revenue we have generated from a specific customer. In this
table we have mentioned order ID, customer ID, employee ID, product code, issue date,
customer name, product name, and revenues.


In this table we have added the record of the supplier’s which are currently providing the goods
and services in the store.

Customer Purchases:
                                                                mentioned customer ID,
                                                                customer name, product
                                                                name, product code and

This query is generated for customer’s records. Through
customer query we can access to the record of each and
every customer what the customer have purchased. We have

Product and supplier:
                                                                In this query we have
                                                                mentioned        product
                                                                name, price, supplier

This query is building up on the bases of Products and their    name, supplier ID, and

supplier this query help us to find out suppliers of specific   Supplier’s        phone

products.                                                       number.

Sale by employee:
                                                                customer name, product
                                                                code, product name and
                                                                price of the products.
This record contains all the sales that are made by our each
and every employee. By this record we can check what our
employees have soled. We have recorded employee ID,
Shipment list by product name:
                                                             Shipment         list      by
                                                             product     name         query
                                                             contains Employee ID,
In this query we have mention about the specific product’s   order ID, customer ID,
shipment to the customer by a specific employee.             customer name, product
                                                             name, issue date and

Supplier by products:
                                                             contains supplier ID,
                                                             supplier name, product
                                                             code,     product        name,
                                                             and     prices      of     the
This record is concerns with the suppliers who have supply   product that they have
us all the products which we have in stored. This record     supplied.
Customer purchase record:
                                                         (that     they         have
                                                         purchases),          product
                                                         name, and prices of the
                                                         products also we have
                                                         inserted a formula by
                                                         the purchases amounts
                                                         will    summed       up   in
Customers purchase record contains all the products or   grand total.
services that customers have purchased. This record
contains our customer ID, customer name, product code

Customer list:
                                                         Customers list contains
                                                         all the peoples who
                                                         interact with us and
                                                         uses our services or
                                                         products. In this list we
                                                         have mention details
                                                         about our customer. We
                                                         have recorded customer
                                                         IDs, names, and their
                                                         gender, date of birth,
                                                         addresses, city, phone
                                                         numbers        and    email
Shipment and revenue:
                                                                criteria as a product
                                                                name so we can see
                                                                which specific product
                                                                has on shipment and its
                                                                further details.
This report tells us about the shipment and the revenue
which we generated from the customer and there dates are
also can also been seen on this report. We entered the

Supplier list:
                                                                every              supplier
                                                                separately.   We      have
                                                                recorded their names,
                                                                city, phone numbers,
                                                                addresses,    and     their
                                                                email addresses.
Supplier list contains all the peoples who are related to the
supply department. In this list we have mention each and

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