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                       KEVIN MCGUINNESS
                       Environmental Services Manager

                       As Environmental Services Manager, Kevin McGuinness is responsible for
                       developing and implementing programs that maintain agency compliance with
                       Federal and District environmental regulations pertaining to hazardous waste,
                       air quality, water discharges, and pollution prevention. The Environmental
                       Services Manager reports to the Chief Management Officer (CMO).

                       McGuinness joined GPO in November 2009 as the Environmental Services
                       Manager bringing nearly twenty years of environmental program management
                       experience from the United States Marine Corps, private sector, and civil
                       service. Before joining the agency McGuinness was the Waste Management
                       Division Supervisor at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, San Diego, CA
                       where he was responsible for Station’s compliance with hazardous waste
                       regulations, pollution prevention initiatives, spill response, and environmental
                       program awareness and training. After retiring from the Marine Corps in 1997,
                       McGuinness worked for several years at a San Diego epoxy compounding
                       company where he managed its environmental, safety, and transportation
                       compliance programs. His primary focus has always been and continues to
                       be regulatory compliance through pollution prevention and waste reduction.
                       McGuinness holds a Master of Science Degree in Environmental Engineering
                       from National University San Diego CA.

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