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					Q 1). Should managers monitor employee e-mail and internet usage? Why or why not?

Ans 1). Managers worry about the loss of time and employee productivity when employees are
focusing on personal rather than company business. Personal internet use is primary time wasting
activity at work. If the personal traffic on company’s networks is too high, it can also clog the
company’s network so that business can not be performed.

Too much time on personal business, on the internet or not, can mean lost revenue or over billed
clients. Some employee’s maybe charging time they spend trading their personal stocks online or
pursuing other personal business to clients, thus overcharging the clients.

When employee uses the internet they can do anything on the internet including illegal, that may
carries the company’s name. That will also make the adverse publicity and even lawsuits for the
firm. Companies also fear e-mail leakage of trade secrets. E-mail today is an important source of
evidence fro lawsuits, and companies are now required to retain all of their e-mail messages for
longer periods than in the past.

Q 2). Describe an effective e-mail and web use policy for a company?

Ans 2). Consultants believe companies should write corporate policies on employee e-mail and
internet use. The policies should include explicit ground rules that state, by position or level,
under what circumstances employees can use company facilities for email or internet use.

Some companies try to ban all personal activities on corporate networks. Employee access must
be limited to the specific web sites or personal time on the web using software that enables IT
departments to track the web sites employees visit.

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