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case study Case study questions Q 1 Why is knowing


									                                Case study questions
Q 1). Why is knowing about the customer so important to a company such as 7-Eleven?

Q 2). What are the benefits of 7-Eleven’s retail information system?

Q 3). In terms of porter’s model, what strategic forces does the retail information system seek
to address?

Q 4). Which of the strategies described in the chapter does the retail information system

Ans 2). As Coca-Cola and Frito-Lay had powerful information system for analyzing what they
have sold Daily, Weekly Or Monthly… as same the 7-Eleven store made the IS for analyzing it’s
customer’s needs and wants. We must also know that this store have 5300 branches all over
the U.S.A and for collecting data from different cities is not easier without the IS.

Ans 1). 7-Eleven Stores are not all alike they have an information system to know what they are
selling most in which store from this system they better analyze the demand of specific area

Ans 1). As we know that 7-Eleven Store is the U.S.A’s number one convenience store and have
5300 store’s only in U.S.A. it is interesting fact that 7-Eleven Stores make place only for those
things which his customers most wanted.

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