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									  FACT SHEET
  Herculaneum Lead Smelter Site
  Herculaneum, Missouri                                             January 2002

 Protecting the children in Herculaneum, Missouri is a top priority for the U.S. Environmental
                                     Protection Agency.

EPA is continuing to take actions to address the
Herculaneum Lead Smelter Site. EPA’s goals
are to reduce the amount of lead Doe Run                          PUBLIC MEETING
emits through its smelter and to clean up the
lead in homes and yards in the community.                   You are invited to attend a public
This lead contamination exists because of                       meeting concerning the
previous lead emissions from the smelter.                   Herculaneum Lead Smelter Site.

We are working with Doe Run to make sure                  The meeting will be held on Tuesday,
they meet the national air standard. This                          January 22, 2002
standard is intended to protect public health.                   7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Under this standard, the facility will have to               Senn-Thomas Middle School
operate at levels which do not cause significant                     Gymnasium
recontamination in the community.                                  204 Main Street

Site Update

                 January 2002
                                                        EPA is taking these requests very seriously.
Congressman Richard Gephardt and Missouri               We have and will continue to look for ways to
Governor Bob Holden sent letters to EPA.                improve on how we are addressing the health
The letters request the Agency to take                  threats to the community.
necessary actions to address health threats and
hazards in the Herculaneum community,                                  December 2001
including adding Herculaneum to the National
Priorities List. The National Priorities List, or       On December 21, 2001, EPA and Doe Run
NPL, is a list of the worst Superfund sites.            signed an order to speed up the yard cleanups
                                                        which includes yard soil
                                                        replacement, house cleaning, and transportation

The order directs Doe Run to:                           MDNR is currently operating five ambient air
                                                        monitors with a sixth to go on line in the next
#       Clean up homes, within 30 days, of              few weeks. The remaining air controls are to
        children six years old and younger who          be installed no later than July 2002.
        have elevated blood lead levels. As
        new homes are identified, Doe Run will          Health Information
        clean up these homes within 30 days.
                                                        The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease
#       Clean up all homes, within four months,         Registry and the Missouri Department of Health
        where lead in the soil is above 400             and Senior Services continue to work very
        parts per million (ppm) and children six        closely with EPA and MNDR.
        years old and younger live at the home.
                                                        We encourage you to have your child tested for
#       Clean up homes, parks, playgrounds,             lead exposure. Please contact your private
        and schools, within six months, where           physician or the Jefferson County Health
        lead in the soil is above 10,000 ppm.           Department at 636-789-3372 to have your
                                                        child tested.
#       Clean up homes, parks, playgrounds,
        and schools, within one year, where             We advise you to continue to take the following
        lead in the soils is between 2,500 and          actions to reduce your and your children’s
        10,000 ppm.                                     exposure to lead. It is advisable to take the
                                                        following actions:
#       Clean up the interior of the homes
        within 20 days of the yard cleanup              #       Have children play on solid grass cover
        completions.                                            in yards or parks.

#       Submit a transportation plan for the use        #       Remove shoes before entering your
        of trucks and/or rail.                                  home.

               Previous Actions                         #       Do not allow children to play in the
                                                                street or on the curbs.
Additional air controls were installed at the end
of July 2001. Preliminary data shows that lead          #       Encourage children not to put their
concentrations in the air are lower. We expect                  hands in their mouths.
further reductions as the rest of the controls go
online in the next four to six months.                  #       Encourage frequent hand and face
                                                                washing before eating, drinking and

Temporary Relocation
                                                        Additional Information
EPA believes that the required activities, such
as air monitoring, yard cleanups, continued             If you have questions, please contact:
blood lead screening and slag pile controls, will
reduce or eliminate exposure to lead sources.                        Health Information

                                                        Missouri Department of Health and Senior
We realize that until these activities are              Services
completed, young children may continue to be                   Angela Minor
exposed to high levels of lead.                                314-877-2806
We will be offering temporary relocations for
families whose yards and homes meet the                 Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease
criteria for a cleanup.                                 Registry
                                                                Denise Jordan-Izaguirre
Temporary relocation will be offered to:                        913-551-1310

#       Households with children under six                             Site Information
        years old with soil lead levels above
        400 ppm.                                        Missouri Department of Natural Resources
                                                               Karen Cass
#       Households with a pregnant woman.                      Dave Mosby
#       Households with people who are
        potentially sensitive to lead exposure                         Site and
        will be considered for temporary                    Temporary Relocation Information
        relocation on a case by case basis.
                                                        U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
We anticipate households being relocated until          Region 7
the yard soil replacement and interior home                    Karen Flournoy
cleaning is completed. Our goal is to relocate                 Bruce Morrison
households to furnished housing in the                         Tony Petruska
community or as close to the community as                      1-800-223-0425


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