First Five Year Review to Begin Sherwood Medical Company Superfund Site Norfolk Nebraska by EPADocs


									                     Region 7                                      Fact Sheet
                     Missou ri
                     Nebraska                                                July 2003

                    First Five-Year Review To Begin
        Sherwood Medical Company Superfund Site, Norfolk, Nebraska

INTRODUCTION                                   injection molding processes. Former
                                               operations at the Sherwood site used
The U.S. Environmental Protection              chlorinated solvents which are present in
Agency (EPA) conducts regular five-year        the ground water and in two soil source
reviews on certain Superfund sites, as         areas.
required by the Superfund law [42 U.S.C.
§ 9621(c)]. EPA Region 7 and the               The EPA supplied the residents of the
Nebraska Department of Environmental           PMHC with potable water after
Quality (NDEQ) have started their first        contamination was detected in the water
five-year review of the Sherwood Medical       system in 1988. Investigations identified
Company (Sherwood) site. The site is           Sherwood as the source for the
located in Madison County, approximately       contamination. Sherwood then
1.5 miles south of Norfolk, adjacent to        decommissioned its septic system and
U.S. Highway 81.                               installed a permanent potable water
                                               supply for PMHC, by 1989.
Prior to the remedial actions, drinking the
contaminated ground water posed a              Sherwood conducted a remedial
potential threat to public health.             investigation and feasibility study (RI/FS)
                                               which resulted in EPA’s 1993 Record of
SITE                                           Decision. The remedy required the
                                               following activities:
The southern part of the site is about 40
acres. It consists of the Sherwood             •   Deed restrictions: 1) to prohibit the
property, which includes the                       use of ground water supply wells in
manufacturing building and Sherwood                the contaminated portion of the
Lake. The northern part of the site                aquifer, and 2) to prohibit land
consists of the Park Mobile Home Court             disturbance in the two soil source
(PMHC) and adjacent commercial                     areas;
                                               •   A supply of potable water to the
The Elkhorn River and Medelman’s Lake              PMHC and other affected properties,
are located to the north, within one mile of       for as long as the aquifer is
the site. Commercial and residential               contaminated;
properties are on the north, east, and
south of the site. The Karl Stefan Airport     •   A ground water well system to monitor
is on the west, across U.S. Highway 81.            and evaluate changes in the ground
                                                   water quality;
Sherwood started its manufacturing             •   Removal of the septic system from the
operation at the site in 1961. Sherwood            site;
manufactures medical syringes and other
disposable medical products using              •   Excavation and low-temperature
    thermal treatment of the contaminated           ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
    soils from the two source areas. After
    decontamination, the soil would be              Detailed site information is available:
    returned to the on-site excavation.
                                                    EPA Records Center
•   Extraction of the contaminated ground           901 N. 5th Street
    water and treatment by air striping.            Kansas City, Kansas
    The treated water would be
    discharged to the Elkhorn River by a            If you have questions or need additional
    pipeline and would comply with a state          information, please contact:
    National Pollutant Discharge
    Elimination System (NPDES) permit.              Steve Auchterlonie
    Note: The extraction system would be            Remedial Project Manager
    designed to achieve potable water               U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    standards in the contaminated aquifer,          901 N. 5th Street
    within five years from start-up.                Kansas City, KS 66101
                                                    (913) 551-7778
 Sherwood proposed changing the soil                Toll-free: (800) 223-0425
treatment method to ex-situ soil vapor              Email:
extraction following a soils preliminary
design effort. The EPA and NDEQ                     Fritz Hirter
agreed with Sherwood. This was                      Community Involvement Coordinator
documented in a 1995 Explanation of                 U.S. EPA Region 7
Significant Differences Report.                     901 North 5th Street
                                                    Kansas City, KS 66101
In 1996, Sherwood entered into an                   (913) 551-7003
agreement with EPA to conduct the                   Toll Free: (800) 223-0425
design, construction and operation of the           E-mail:
remedy. The designs were completed in
1998, followed by completion of
construction in 1999. Sherwood has
operated the ground water system since

During the five-year review, EPA and
NDEQ inspect the site and study site
information to make sure the remedy
continues to be protective. We
encourage the community to tell us about
site conditions or concerns you may have.

At the end of the review, a final report will
be prepared and will be available in the
site information repositories. The goal is
to complete the review and report in
September, 2003.


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