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Nov 11th 2008

The result of the vote on which six Majorca courses we will play in 2009 makes
interesting reading, as what was considered a reasonably popular course has not
made the top six, and a course that had previously been considered too difficult
has found its way back in favour.

An ever present fixture since we first played it in 2001, Son Termens was narrowly
beaten into sixth place despite Graham giving it maximum points. The course that
will replace Son Termens is the somewhat closer but equally tight Andratx, where
we have not visited since 2004.

The full vote count was (Number of points received in brackets);

                                1) Son Vida (64)

                                 2) Puntiro (61)

                              3) Santa Ponsa (38)

                                4) Poniente (36)

                                5) Bendinat (34)

                                6) Andratx (32)

                             7) Son Termens (29)

                               8) Son Quint (20)

                              9) Son Antem E (6)

                             10) Son Antem W (4)
 Though no surprises were to be found at the bottom of the list, there was
 reasonable support for trying another new course (Son Quint), and renewed
 support for both Poniente which was widely regarded as being in the poorest
 condition of all the 2008 courses, and Santa Ponsa where we have had a couple of
 disappointing experiences regarding management recently.

 The outcome of the vote, as agreed at the AGM, will be used to determine the
 2009 course itinerary, which as you are no doubt aware needs booking as early as
 possible these days, as more and more societies discover Majorca as a golf

 Though the other aspects of the trip are not quite as important to ensure early
 bookings, we will be asking members to confirm their intentions for the 2009 trip
 shortly, as the flights are generally booked around New Year.

 The final of the 2008 Matchplay challenge between Ian Williams and Graham
 Wilson is scheduled to be played at Werneth GC on Friday 14th November at
 approximately 12.30pm - weather permitting.

OCT 17th 2008

October 5th saw the arrival of THUGS in Majorca for the 10th anniversary of the week that
kicked the Society off. In those 10 years the list of courses played has differed a little, the
number of members making the trip has varied, and the bars and restaurants frequented have
changed almost annually, yet returning to Bendinat on the first day was like we’d never been
away.                                                         After every player had got their
drive successfully away off the first tee, that familiar competitive edge kicked in, and Majorca
‘08 was underway. On a typically tough Bendinat course there were some strong performances,
which culminated in Adie Cartwright taking the first of the honours, with his 32 points just
edging Quent Cartwright’s 31 points into what was to become an all too frequent second place.

The second round venue was a well maintained Santa Ponsa, where the wider fairways allowed
the majority of THUGS members to be a little bolder with the woods, and produce some
excellent scores, the best of which were Neil Butterworth’s 37 points, and Brian Clarke’s
fabulous match winning 39 points.

Another tight, but well conditioned course lay ahead of us when we reached Son Termens on
the third day, with a few members struggling to read what were some of the fastest greens of
the week. Derek Ashford had his highest finish of the trip with 27 points, but was eclipsed by
Ken Shadford who had a more than respectable 35 points to take the honours.
                                                   One notable event of the round was the
inability to distinguish which of Graham Wilson’s and Pete Ashworth’s ball was nearest the pin
on the 15th hole - A tie being the only acceptable result.

At the halfway stage, Adie was a handful of shots ahead of Neil in the overall Pink Jacket
competition, with the fourth day offering him the chance to defend last years win at an
unusually poorly presented Poniente. However, it was clear that last year’s events were unlikely
to be repeated the moment Jim Wilson struck his drive successfully down the first fairway (As
opposed to his three shanks off the tee twelve months earlier), and sure enough Neil pulled
back 16 Pink Jacket points to put himself firmly ahead, as he produced a very tidy 36 points to
win the honours, leaving Quent in second place on quite a reasonable 30 points.

Once again, Puntiro was an absolute delight to play on our fifth day, with not a blade of grass
out of place. And with one round to play, Adie clawed back a few Pink Jacket points from Neil
by winning his second competition of the week with 31 points. Quent unfortunately had to
accept his third runner up place of the week as he tied with both Graham and Brian on 29
points.                                                        One of the highlights of the day
was Jimmy Elliott’s superbly taken birdie at the tough 11th hole.

With the leading four Pink Jacket contenders of Ken, Quent, Adie and Neil in the final group on
the final round at the popular Son Vida track, a tight contest was expected. The best round of
the day however, came from Graham, who knocked together an impressive 36 points, which
once again pushed the steady, but unlucky Quent into his fourth bridesmaid spot of the week
just a point behind.                                The Pink Jacket still needed to be decided,
but with Neil Butterworth going into Son Vida with such a substantial lead, he only needed to
put in a reasonable effort to take the honour. In fact, Neil put in a very commendable 30 point
performance to cement his title of 2008 THUGS Pink Jacket Champion.

Sep 6th 2008 A quick update with less than 30 days to Majorca 2008;

Courses and accomodation are booked, confirmed and paid for (Mostly!), and Quent has
obtained some good quotes for hire cars (More than likely the erm- ‘very handsome’ and highly
suitable Citroen Berlingo again).                                               Flights and
Airport Lounge are organised, and Graham will shortly be booking the minibus to and from

With the week’s itinerary about to drop into everyone’s inbox, all that remains is for everyone to
remember the essentials, such as your EHIC (European Health Insurance) card, golf shoes,
passport, and in my case a large tub of Sudocrem and a family size box of ProPlus.

Jul 24th 2008 Servisair have kindly agreed to accept us in their Executive Lounge once again,
despite their policy of allowing neither parties of 8 or more nor all male groups. Fortunately we
have a history of excellent behaviour when using the lounges on previous trips, which had
already been noted, and helped me to convince Servisair that we can be trusted to act
responsibly and with regard for the other lounge guests.                     Obviously we can
revert to our usual Thuggery once we have landed at Palma, but it is good to know that we
have a good reputation with Servisair. The bad news is that the cost has increased to £20, but
I’m certain we shall still get our money’s worth.
July 5th 2008 Yet again, after uncertain weather all week, the June Cup was staged in
scorching temperatures at Duxbury Park. Despite temporarily being without a clubhouse, the
course was generally regarded as being a fine choice of venue for the competition. The greens
were in fantastic condition, as were the fairways, with the hazards offering a fair test of golf on
an otherwise relatively easy course.

With only eight points separating last place from the winner it was clearly a close run
competion, with a number of players all taking 31 points onto the last tee. In the end, Graham
Wilson’s 35 points was just enough to take the trophy, with Adie Cartwright finishing one point
behind. Graham’s putting being the strong part of his game.

Only 3 birdies were achieved all day, with Paul Fenton taking two of those and Graham grabbing
the other. Other prize monies were won by Pete Ashworth for Longest Drive, and Paul Fenton
(Nearest The Pin). Bonus points however should have gone to Jim Wilson for arranging for ice
cold Magners to be available at the end of the round, and Quent, Adie, Neil and Ashey for their
audacious horrendous choice of trousers on the day.

July 4th 2008 Rooms have now been booked at Magaluf Playa (As always!) for October 5th
2008. Due to a lack of availability on the twin bedroom apartments we have made the decision
to book five single bedroom (Twin bed) apartments, which unfortunately works out £20 more
expensive per person than last year, though still represents good value at £64.15 pp for two
sharing. Quent will of course take on his schoolmaster role and tell us all who we shall be
sharing with, in order to keep the naughty boys apart so that no mischief can be planned
against fellow Thugs’ rooms (As if...).

All that is left to book will be the car hire, which Quent generally does around August, and the
Airport Lounge, which I am in the process of arranging (Subject to Servisair allowing us to enter
as a group).

The courses itinerary is detailed on the ‘Competitions’ page, and for those who require the flight
details, they are as follows;

       Outward Flight:                                      Return Flight:

       Manchester to Palma de Mallorca                      Palma de Mallorca to Manchester

       Flight No: ZB 534                                    Flight No: ZB 535

       Depart: 05-Oct-2008 1455                             Depart: 12-Oct-2008 1925

       Arrive: 05-Oct-2008 1825                             Arrive: 12-Oct-2008 2100

       Information and Terms & Conditions;


      May 4th 2008 Graham Wilson has become the first THUGS member to win a
      major competition at his home club (Werneth GC) by triumphing in the Club’s
      Spring Eclectic Trophy. GFW’s Nett 65 was enough to see off the rest of the field
      and ensure his name was added to the boards on the Clubhouse walls to be seen
      for many more years to come.
May 3rd 2008 Duxbury Park has been chosen to host the 2008 June Cup. Quent has
booked four tee slots from 12.30pm on Friday 4th July.
Duxbury is widely recognised as one of Lancashire’s finest Municipal courses, designed
by top course architect Charles Hawtree, and measuring over 6300 yards, the par 71
track promises to be a great venue for us.

Useful Links with directions are listed below.



March 20th 2008 Never a year goes by without some problem arising whilst organising
the Majorca trip. This year we are struggling to find accomodation that doesn’t require
two people from each room to share a pull-out bed.
Our usual haunt, Magaluf Playa only appears to have one-bedroom apartments
available, which would mean booking either 4 rooms (2 @ 3 persons and 2 @ 2 persons)
whereby one person would have the pull out bed in each of the 3 person rooms, or 5
rooms where everyone got a normal bed (5 x one bedroom apartment with twin beds).
The latter would cost around £60 each, as opposed to £42 each last year. Quent and I
will continue to search for a solution.

On receiving confirmation of our flight booking it transpired that I had actually only
booked hold luggage in one direction for everyone. As I’m sure we would all prefer to
bring our suitcases back with us I contacted Monarch to rectify the mistake, and was
told that it was a common occurence due to the online booking form being complex and
badly worded.
  As the mistake was mine I have had no problems standing the cost of the return
luggage, but I do wonder how keen Monarch are to re-word their website when the
return cost of luggage jumps to £10 per person for those that didn’t scrutinize their
booking confirmation and are forced to pay at the check-in desk on their return
The cynic in me suggests that they are on too big a money-spinner to rush into changing
the complexities of their booking system.

Once again, bargains abound in the stores at the moment if you’re looking for cheap
equipment; County Golf has a wheeled travel cover for your clubs at less than £20,
Direct Golf have amongst their many good deals a set of MacGregor V-Foil M455 Forged
irons with graphite shafts at just £149 (RRP £449), and Decathlon Sports at Stockport
have some fabulous deals on their golf equipment, particularly the soon-to-be-huge
Inesis brand whose balls I have been using since October and can find no difference
whatsoever compared to Titleists.
Those who have been wondering how Quent and I are obtaining the driving distances we
do may want to look at the SMT 455DB that is still being offered at Midas Golf for £98
plus your shaft option.

Meanwhile, I will shortly be putting my TaylorMade RAC OS (3-SW) irons on ebay. They
have recently all been reshafted with TrueTemper Gold S400’s, and fully regripped with
Sharpro TourVelvet grips. I expect them to sell for £140-£150 plus delivery, but if
anyone knows someone in the market for a decent set of clubs I will let them go at £100
and include a TaylorMade R540 Driver and TaylorMade Rossa putter (Altogether worth
well over £200).

Jan 10th 2008 EasyJet have now released their new Manchester routes, which
unfortunately don’t include Palma. We are therefore restricted to using the only Sunday
afternoon flight available to us for Majorca 2008, which is the same Monarch flight we
used last year. I have took the liberty of booking the same people on board (Excluding
Paul Fenton) as made the trip last year, and allocated one set of golf clubs plus one
piece of hold luggage each direction to each person. The total cost of this is £149 per
person, which Derek is to reimburse me from the Thugs account.

I shall look at lounge prices later in the year, but expect them to remain at around £17.
Meanwhile, Quent has secured our bookings at the courses, and will no doubt inform
everyone of the details shortly.

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