Class Schedule by arslanoguz


									                                        Class Schedule
                                            Additions and cancellation of classes
                                            is at the discretion of mananagement.

MONDAY                         TUESDAY                        WEDNESDAY
6:00am                        10:00am                         6:00am
Kinesis w/ Travis             Tai Chi w/ Pamela               Kinesis w/ Travis

7:00am                        10:00am                         8:30am
Dance Aerobics w/ Brandi      Easy Line w/Ignacio             Kinesis and Abs w/ Lacey

8:30am                        11:00am                         10:00am
Cardio Combo w/ Lacey         Yoga w/Pam                      Easy Line w/ Ignacio

10:00am                       4:15pm                          12:00pm
Easy Line w/ Ignacio          Yoga w/ Sam                     Beginners Kinesis w/Ignacio

12:00pm                       5:45pm                          5:00pm
Beginners Kinesis w/Ignacio   Cycling w/Dave                  Dance Aerobics w/ Brandi

5:30pm                                                        5:30pm
Kinesis w/ Tony                                               Kinesis w/ Tony

6:00pm                                                        6:00pm
Cardio Kick w/ Carlos                                         Cardio Kick w/ Carlos

THURSDAY                      FRIDAY                          SATURDAY
10:00am                       6:00am                          9:30am
Tai Chi w/ Pamela             Kinesis w/ Travis               Yoga w/Sam

10:00am                       8:30am                          11:00am
Easy Line w/Jena              Cardio Combo w/ Lacey           Dance Aerobics w/David

11:00am                       9:30am                          11:00am
Yoga w/Pam                    Yoga w/Sam                      Dance Aerobics w/Brandi

4:15pm                        10:00am
Yoga w/ Sam                   Easy Line w/David

5:45pm                        12:00pm
Cycling w/ Dave               Beginners Kinesis w/ David

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