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					District Advisory Committee (DAC) Meeting
6:30 pm – 8:00 p.m. Serna Center Community Room

April 14, 2009

Call to Order
Wanda Yanez, DAC Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 6:36 pm. Emily Bacchini opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call
Roll was recorded per the sign-in sheets. The following schools/departments were present: C.K. McClatchy (Dang Vang), California (Kathryn Tobias), Caroline Wenzel (Dale Fong), Clayton B. Wire (Dang Vang), Collis P. Huntington (Annette Thompson), Earl Warren (Carmen Huante), Genevieve Didion (Maria Sullivan), Golden Empire (Jon Renfrow), Hiram Johnson (Latisha Lawson & Pauline Tracey), Isador Cohen (Mali Currington), John Cabrillo (Jacqueline Antolin), John F. Kennedy (Laura Taira), John Morse Waldorf (Bill Aston), Luther Burbank (Léo Cauchon), Mark Hopkins (Na Wendy Xiong), Pacific (Macina Mota), Phoebe Hearst (Joe Sison, DAC Vice President), Pony Express (Emily Bachini), Sam Brannan (Nancy Garcia), Social Justice Waldorf (Bill Alston), Sutter Middle (Latisha Lawson), Sutterville (Dave Ross), Theodore Judah (Wanda Yañez, DAC President), Thomas Jefferson (Nancy Garcia), Washington (Cyndi Salazar), Will C. Wood (Rebecca Forman), William Land (Beverly Taylor), State & Federal (Corri Buckmaster & Wanda Shironaka), Parent Support Services (Manuel Guillott & Janice Lavato), LSU-C , Norm Tanaka, DELAC (David Quintero, President), and Parent Teacher Project (Carrie Rose, Yesenia Gonzalez, & Jennifer Garcia).

Minutes of the March 10 meeting was unanimously approved. No objections.

Old Business

Agenda Review
No changes to the agenda.

Officers’ Report
Wanda Yanez presented the State & Federal Program proposed timeline for DAC to receive information timely and DAC to provide feedback regarding the ConApp, LEA Plan and other district driven applications and documents that require feedback from DAC. Joe Sison updated DAC of his presentation to the board regarding DAC leadership attending the Leadership Academy.

DAC Minutes April 14, 2009 1

New Business Survey of DAC Needs:
Madam Chair Yanez started a discussion on current DAC needs. In particular, she inquired about what is needed by the site council representatives to insure an effective school site council. There were many suggestions and questions:        Too much confusion on what the mission and goals of the site council and of DAC when first encountered by someone with no previous experiences in the matter. School site plan format is too confusing. SSP format does not line up Need instructional information, i.e. a basic orientation packet for new members Alternate elections recommended so as to stagger the number of old and new members. Having someone from the school site, such as the office manager, knowledgeable of their specific budget to present current and past budgets to the site council. Create a brief, i.e. one page handout, on what the school is currently using in terms of categorical funding delineated from other types of funding needs and supports. Identify which SSC funding that can be controlled. Discussion on looking back at the Administrative Regs, Section 1118 created by a subcommittee for this current purpose. Ms. Yanez commented that the Administrative Regs are currently “tabled” as the district wants to create their own with feedback from the principals and other parent advisory committees. Members felt the Administrative Regs would be helpful in the SSC orientation. Parent were inquiring how to obtain the data. Ms. Yanez commented that school’s achievement data such as the AYP and API is available at the California Dept. Education (CDE) website, under “Data Quest.” She further encouraged everyone to use the website when planning the Single Plan for Student Achievement. Recommend more explanation and information on what actually is the Single Plan for Student Achievement. Ask hard questions directly to the principals Transparency is an issue. Budget information is not understandable. How does one analyze the data? A question came up as to whether DAC and/or SSC is under the Brown Act vs. BagleyKeene Act. It appears that neither DAC nor SSC are under these two “Acts.” Need clarification. Need DAC information in Spanish and Chinese Need assessment fit in the SSP Title I personnel–what is their duty statement? When is it justifiable to be paid under Title I?


       

Community Forum
  Leo Bennet-Cauchon, Chair of the Legislation and Analysis briefly commented on information related to the Federal Stimulus, which has yet to be incorporated into the current district budget. Motion was proposed by Mr. Bennet-Cauchon: o “DAC go on record to support a community forum between the district parent advisory committees and the school board in order to discuss school closure and consolidations; lay offs and equity access; student achievement; and parent engagement.” Seconded by Mali Currington. It was unanimously approved by DAC. No abstention or objection.

DAC Minutes April 14, 2009 2

Parent / Teacher Home Visit Program
Presented by Carrie Rose, Program Director. Ms. Rose provided information regarding the program.This program is a volunteer program for schools to participate. State grant funding expires at the end of June 2009. Title I funding may be used for home visits twice a year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Teachers a paid a $36 stipend per home visiting. The average cost for the school is about $15,000. Carrie Rose phone number is (916) 752-3206. Jennifer Garcia, a participating teacher from Tahoe Elementary, explained that teachers who volunteer to participate on the project visit the students’ homes. The teachers get to know the students in their home environment. Teachers and the family learn each other’s needs. The home visit helps develop a partnership between parent and teacher. Yesenia Gonzalez, a parent who has been involved with the project from conception. She benefitted from the teacher visiting and providing information she needed. The visit helped to build trust and respect. The Home Visit website:

Passport to Success

Manuel Guillot presented on the 10 Annual Passport to Success Program and encouraged DAC membership to encourage their respective schools to attend. Admission is free. The district has invested $65 per child in this program. It is Saturday, April 25, 2009 from 9am to 2pm at the Serna Center. There will be educational workshops for parents as well as carnival-like games and Mad Science for the children/students. Bevery Johnson, a soloist will be singing and the district leadership award will be given and parent volunteers will be honored and recognized in a public ceremony. DAC will be presenting a Title I panel on “What a Parent Should Know About Title I” from 9:00 am to 10:15 am at the Passport to Success Festival. DAC panel speakers are: Geni Boyer, from Parental Information and Resource Center (PIRC), Bill Lucia, Policy Director of Ed Voice, and Jerry Cummings, CDE Title I Accountability. At this time, given that it was already 8:00 pm, John Renfro moved to extend the meeting until 8:30 pm, seconded by Mali Carrington & unanimously approved by the membership.


ConApp Part I
Wanda Shironaka presented Consolidated Application 101, known for short as the ConApp.  The School Board authorizes the district to request for state and federal categorical funds.  ConApp is submitted twice a year to the California Department of Education (CDE), as a two part application for categorical funding from the CDE.  The Local Education Agency (LEA) Plan is required to obtain input from the DAC & DELAC about how and where categorical money will be utilized. The ConApp is a fiscal companion to the LEA Plan.  DAC is responsible for providing input to: o Title I Basic Grant (Part A) o Economic Impact Aid (EAI)  State Compensatory Education (SCE)  Limited English Proficient (LEP) aka English Learners (EL)  District selects one of the 5 low income measures used in Title I rankings: o Eligibility for Free and Reduced Price Lunch o Receipt of Cal Works o Poverty Count from the most recent Census Data o Eligibility for Medicaid

DAC Minutes April 14, 2009 3


o Composite of the above Currently, the district utilizes eligibility for free and reduced price lunch as the criteria when determining Title I needs and measures.

Public Comment
Ms. Yañez expressed her gratitude and thanks to all those that stayed late and for their dedication to the children. We are all leaders.

  See SAC DAC Website for more information: Passport to Success, Title I Workshop, “What Parents Should Know About Title I.”

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Next Meeting:
Next meeting will be May 12, 2009 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Serna Center. Dinner and childcare will be provided.

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