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									         Healthy Lifestyle Screening
What is a Healthy Lifestyle Screening? It is a comprehensive review of your current health
status which includes a blood pressure screening, body composition, blood analysis, height, weight,
PSA (prostate blood test) for eligible men, bone density test for post-menopausal women, metabolic
assessment, TSH (thyroid function), cardiac lab tests for people with a personal or family history of
heart disease and a comprehensive health questionnaire. Upon completion of the Healthy Lifestyle
Screening you will receive a personalized health risk assessment and the opportunity to ask questions
regarding your results. Note that reports will be available 7-10 business days after the last screening date.

How much does this screening cost? The Healthy Lifestyle Screening is FREE to the first 200
benefits-eligible faculty, staff or retirees that sign up. Unfortunately, at this time spouses are not eligi-
ble to participate. Space is limited so sign up today!

How do I sign up? You can sign up for a specific date and time by contacting Mariela Molina-Smith
at x3538 or by logging on to the website. In addition to the date and time you request, please include
the following:

 •   Legal First and Last Name
 •   Date of Birth
 •   Employee ID Number
 •   Mail Stop
 •   Gender
 •   Optional tests you would like to have (refer to the list above)

Who will see my results? All of your results are kept confidential and are reported to you only.

What else do I need to know? You will receive the most accurate results by fasting at least 10
hours prior to your screening appointment. The day of your appointment drink only clear liquids. Ex-
ercise caution if you are diabetic or have a condition that requires you to eat or drink on a schedule.
Please do not harm yourself through this fasting -- use your best judgment! Early appointments are
available for your convenience. We also recommend that you wear clothing that is comfortable and
easy to adjust. Please do not wear pantyhose as some of the screenings require you to be bare foot. You
will receive a confirmation of your appointment date and time via campus mail along with the health
questionnaire. Please bring the completed questionnaire with you to your appointment.

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