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									The Most Successful Child
                                   Industry: Hair care
                                   Born: 1996
                                   Succeeded: by age 10

She began selling hair care products that her family developed as
a very young child. By the age of 10, her product had grown in
popularity, and she was the CEO of her own company, aptly
named Leanna, Inc. A spate of media attention in 2008 boosted
the success of the then-12-year-old. Her success inspired her to
expand her focus to philanthropy and motivational speaking.
                                   Industry: Food
                                   preparation products
                                   Born: 1985
                                   Succeeded: by age 8

Abbey realized two things early in life: people love bacon, but
they also crave healthy foods. With this in mind, she created the
Makin’ Bacon dish, a cooking vessel that allows bacon to cook in
microwaves and shed a great deal more fat than with traditional
cooking methods. Abbey went on the talk show circuit to promote
her product, and it is still sold today.
                                    Industry: Collectible
                                    card games

                                    Born: 1994
                                    Succeeded: by age 12

Like many boys his age, Anshul had an interest in collectible card
games. Seeing the opportunity to teach as well as entertain, he
invented Elementeo, a card game that mixes combat and real
principles of chemistry. Distributing the game via his company,
Alchemist Empire, Inc., itgained popularity all around the U.S.
                                     Industry: Internet

                                     Born: 1990
                                     Succeeded: by age 14

Spending time online is a popular hobby for kids, but few turn it
into a million-dollar vocation. That’s what Ashley Qualls did with, a site aimed at kids her age and supported by
ad revenue. Since starting it, she’s generated millions of dollars,
bought her mother a house (paying all at once, in cash), and
obtained legal emancipation.
                                    Industry: Nonprofit

                                    Born: 1997
                                    Succeeded: by age 9

Neha is the youngest person on the list, but her success has not
been in amassing wealth. Where others made money for
themselves, Neha decided to help others by founding Empowered
Orphans, and nonprofit that helps underpriviledged youth in India
to educate themselves and improve their station in life. Her
organization has helped build libraries, provide medical care, and
equipment to learn or work.
                                     Industry: Internet

                                     Born: 1994
                                     Succeeded: by age 13

Video games were David’s passion as a young child, but he soon
channeled that passion into a successful blog. At first he brought
in a few dollars with AdSense, but found out early on that affiliate
marketing could be far lucrative. Today he is considered an
affiliate marketing expert, and has expanded his business
                                  Industry: Internet

                                  Born: 1986
                                  Succeeded: by age 14

Born in India, Suhas took his entrepreneurial skill worldwide
early in life. At age 14, he launched a website called and was soon building his business by selling
websites to firms with no web presence. Today he is the CEO of a
global IT company, has graduated from Harvard, and received
accolades from World Bank, Davos, and numerous other
                                  Industry: Multiple

                                  Born: 1984
                                  Succeeded: by age 15

He was a businessman by age 9, had made $50,000 dollars
selling Beanie Babies online by age 15, and by the time he was
17, he was already a millionaire, thanks in part to numerous
successful websites. Since then he’s made numerous television
appearances, holds assets and various markets worldwide, and
shows no signs of slowing in his wildly successful career.
                                   Industry: Multiple

                                   Born: 1986
                                   Succeeded: by age 11

Farrah Gray is a born entrepreneur, selling home-made body
lotion and painted rocks at age 6. By the time he was 12, he had
founded multiple companies, and by 16, several were profitable
and Gray was a millionaire. Branching into broadcast and
published media, food products, and speaking engagements,
there are few industries he hasn’t conquered.
                                   Industry: IT/Internet

                                   Born: 1987
                                   Succeeded: by age 14

By now, you’ve read of several exceptional individuals with strong
entrepreneurial spirits and businesses by age 14 (like Ben, whose
IT company Comcate was profitable by the time was 14). What
makes Ben different is his unique point of view: his life is
entrepreneurship. He has documented his ideas extensively in his
blog, and with numerous speaking engagements and professional
organizations, and they have influenced many.

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