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                         2008 ALBERTA SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY

Alberta Science and Technology Leadership Foundation
126 Alastair Ross Technology Centre
3553 - 31 Street NW
Calgary, Alberta T2L 2K7
Phone: 403.220.9130
Fax: 403.220.9128
Email: info@astech.ab.a
                       TABLE OF CONTENTS

 2 Dinner Menu                               33 ASTECH Foundation Special Award

 3 Program                                   34 Distinguished Patrons

 4 Master of Ceremonies                      41 Awards and Reception Hosts

 5 Featured Entertainment                    43 Adjudication Panels

 6 Message from the Gala Host                44 Nominators

 7 ASTECH/Alberta ScienceFair                45 Awards Gala Committee
    Foundation Featured Student,
    Gary Kurek
                                             46 ASTECH Foundation Board of
 9 Message from the Foundation

                                             47 Previous Recipients
11 Finalists and Recipients

                                   SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS YOU!   1
                                          DINNER MENU

SALAD                                                      DINNER WINES
Wedge of Boston Lettuce                                    Sparkling Wine:
                                                           Paul Zinck Cremant d’ Alsace Brut
APPETIZER                                                  White Wine:
                                                           Paul Zinck Pinot Gris
Achiote Rubbed Hot Smoked Salmon
                                                           Red Wine:
                                                           Schug Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir
Medallions of Veal and Prawn Mousse
with Pinot Noir Glace Potato-Squash
Purée, Baby Carrots and Spinach Terrine

Triple Chocolate Mousse and Crispy
Lemon Fritter

    2                                                                      LA

         VIP & Main Reception
           Sponsored by IBM

         Master of Ceremonies
              Mary Walsh

         Opening Ceremonies

  Greeting from the ASTECH Foundation
              Ed Knash, Cha

Greetings from the 2008 A ECH Gala Host
      Conematic Heating Systems Ltd

 ASTECH/Alberta ScienceF Foundation
           Featured Student
     Sponsored by Alberta Ingenuity

   Dinner and Presentation of Awards

          ASTECH After-P
           Hosted by Cyb

                          T                         3
                                      MASTER OF CEREMONIES

                          Mary Walsh

                    Mary Walsh, the winner of numerous Gemini awards for her work on CBC’s
                   wildly popular take on current affairs, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Mary Walsh
               Open Book and her new series Hatching Matching and Dispatching, has revealed
      her hilarious Newfoundland bent on politics and current affairs to comedy fans since the
      award-winning CODCO troupe hit the stage 20 years ago. From CODCO to This Hour Has 22
      Minutes, which Mary created (and now in its 15th year), her roles and variety of characters
      have earned Mary critical acclaim and numerous awards.
      Mary has also starred in the highly rated television mini-      Jane Curtin in Geraldine’s Fortune, co-wrote the popular
      series Random Passage and the Showtime film feature             children’s film Bailey’s Billion$, and recently appeared with
      Bleacher Bums, co-starring Wayne Knight and Maury               Matt Lucas (Little Britain) in The Wind in the Willows for
      Chaykin. Mary’s talent can be seen outside the realm of         the BBC. Mary’s directorial feature film debut Young
      television with feature film credits such as: Mambo Italiano,   Triffie’s Been Made Away With, was released in 2007. She
      the highest grossing Canadian film since Porky’s; Violet; The   also starred in the picture, alongside Colin Mochrie,
      Divine Ryans, with Pete Postlethwaite; and New Waterford        Andrea Martin and Corner Gas’s Fred Ewanuick. Mary
      Girl, which made its American debut at the Sundance             has also done a movie-of-the-week for DeVinci’s
      Film Festival. Mary appeared in the feature Extraordinary       Inquest producer Chris Haddock, called The
       Visitor, with Andy Jones, co-starred with Michael Moriarty     Quality of Life.
           in the award-winning TV mini-series Major Crime, with

                                             FEATURED ENTERTAINMENT

VIP and Main Reception
Jerrold Dubyk Quartet
Jerrold has been pursuing music with a newly acquired determination and it is this pursuit that led him
to New Jersey/New York where he completed his Masters degree in Jazz Studies at Rutgers University.
He has had the privileged opportunity to study with and perform alongside of his
mentor, saxophonist Ralph Bowen of the 80s hard-bop super group OTB as well
as legendary drummer Victor Lewis, pianist Stanley Cowell, Vic Juris, jazz
Grammy nominated trombonist Conrad Herwig, Mickey Roker and many
other distinguished jazz musicians in the New Jersey/New York area.
He was extensively featured as a soloist during the “Rutgers in New
York” series at the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York City
                                                                                            Awards Show
                                                                                  Awards Show Stingers Ensemble
After Party                                                                     Stingers Ensemble is a collection of local
Jim Brenan Quartet                                                         Edmonton musicians who have played together in
Founded in 1994, the Jim Brenan Quartet has been a                         a variety of formats for a wide range of musicians.
continuous presence on the Canadian music scene. Equally                    These performers have collectively played with
at home in nightclubs, at intimate parties or at international                Tommy Banks, David Foster, the Edmonton
music festivals, this collection of Alberta based musicians, with                       Symphony among others.
their traditional instruments and their fascinating repertoire,
have proven over the years that they can come into any situation,
capture anyone’s attention and really swing!

                                                                         SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS YOU!   5
                         MESSAGE FROM THE GALA HOST

             Conematic Heating Systems is proud to host the Alberta Science and Technology (ASTECH)
             Leadership Foundation Awards Gala. As one of the previous years’ award recipients, we
             can relate to what the ASTECH Awards must mean to each candidate. For us, it was an
             affirmation of our direction and a catalyst for our staff that flooded them with enthusiasm,
             pride and drive to continue our applied innovation. The ASTECH Awards will take on a
             different meaning for each individual; however, we encourage you to embrace it as your
             catalyst to further your innovations which, in turn, will paint a bright future for science and
             technology innovations in the Province of Alberta.
             Conematic has pioneered technologies that are setting the standards for energy savings
             and affordable, environmentally responsible heating solutions. This has been made
             possible through Conematic’s relationships with its outstanding partners and alliances that
             represent the best in the world within their respective areas. Innovating together with:
             SAIT Polytechnic, Grundfos, HBX Control Systems Inc, Caleffi Hydronic Solutions, Dungs
             Combustion Controls, Bekaert, and ebm-papst Inc has propelled Conematic into a world-
             class technological innovator and industry pacesetter.
             We thank the ASTECH Foundation for its continued support of science and technology
             innovation in Alberta. These awards are very meaningful and will certainly continue to
             foster the spirit of innovation in Alberta.

             Mr. Doug Smith
             Conematic Heating Systems


 Up and Coming Alberta
    Gary Kurek – Driven by Curiosity
    At 16, Gary Kurek has found his scientific niche. One in which he can
    combine his love of all things medical with his flair for engineering.
    Mr. Kurek found his calling when his increasingly immobile
    grandmother couldn’t find a walker that could do everything she
    needed it to.
    “I observed how she moved around and what she needed,” he
    remembers. “I thought of ways I could improve the device to suit her
    needs.” The enterprising young man spoke to several people in the
    nearby community of Bonnyville and discovered that almost everyone
    had a relative or friend who experienced the limitations of wheelchairs
    and walkers.
    Always alert to possibilities, Mr. Kurek set out to design a better
    contraption. He calls his model a Rollator wheelchair hybrid. It’s based
    on a rolling walker to which he attached a kit that allows users to use
    the walker manually or as an electric wheelchair.
    “By combining the functions of a walker and a wheelchair into one
    mobile assistive device, I was able to offer more functionality than

                          SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS YOU!         7

what is currently out there,” he explains. “And I made it more versatile and smaller. And it’s less
expensive than what’s out there.”
Mr. Kurek took the Rollator to the Edmonton regional science fair and was asked to represent
Alberta at the Canada Wide Science Fair in Ottawa. He took home the silver medal in the
Intermediate Engineering category. He also won the Peer Innovation Award and his project
was recognized as the project best applicable to a patent.
 It’s the third time he’s been at the Canada Wide e
Science Fair, having won a bronze medal last year.ear.
Mr. Kurek built his first science fair entry when
he was in Grade 8. He designed a nighttime
roadside system of signals that could alert
drivers if wildlife was near the roadway.
That way they could slow down to avoid an
Mr. Kurek says he has always been fascinated byy
biology and science, driven by a rural upbringing and
his insatiable curiosity. He was encouraged to pursue science more
seriously by his Grade 8 science teacher who spotted his scientific
ability. The rest is history, as they say.
These days when he’s not in school, in the drama club or playing volleyball
on the school team, Mr. Kurek is going through the process of patenting
the Rollator wheelchair hybrid. He’s received a development offer from the
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology to design and build a final prototype of
the Rollator wheelchair hybrid.
“This project has introduced me to the business side of life and I’m interested in that,” he says.
His dream is to start up a company that specializes in medical assistive devices.


Science and Technology Impacts You….and we                 visionary leadership in establishment of a world
are glad you have joined us to celebrate Alberta’s         class S&T capability, you and others will learn
achievements this year. On behalf of the twenty            about the tremendous impacts Alberta is having
two patrons of the Alberta Science and Technology          on industry, academia and society around the
Leadership Foundation, I would like to welcome             world.
you to the 2008 celebration of outstanding
achievement in Alberta science and technology.             Alberta is clearly “punching above its weight” in
Over the past nineteen years, the ASTECH                   the global science and technology community.
Foundation has recognized over two hundred                 This year’s finalists and award winners are
recipients for their outstanding contributions in          driving innovation in the health of individuals
science and technology. These contributions                and our society, environmental stewardship,
have impacted the lives of Albertans, Canadians            information technology, and our food supply.
and humanity beyond our borders, and stand as              They are helping to harness and utilize our natural
testament to the global influence of world class           resources in more efficient and more sustainable
science and technology originating in Alberta’s            ways, and strengthen the health of our people
laboratories, classrooms, workshops and…even our           and our society. In doing so, they are also
garages!                                                   contributing to the education and employment of
                                                           Albertans, to an increasing range of opportunities
At this year’s ASTECH Gala, we recognize twenty            for young people across the province, and to
two finalists, and present thirteen awards to 2008’s       the health and welfare of Albertans young and
science and technology leaders. These finalists and        old. At the ASTECH Foundation we are confident
award winners illustrate the breadth and depth of          that the Science and Technology leaders who are
Alberta’s science and technology capabilities. From        being recognized this year are already having a
 university knowledge creation and dissemination,          direct impact on the future of all Albertans and
    to technical inventiveness and ingenuity, to           Canadians.

                                                       SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS YOU!     9

Recognizing how “Science and Technology Impacts You” in Alberta
would not be possible without the patrons and sponsors of the ASTECH
Foundation. These are organizations and individuals who believe that
Alberta is making tremendous contributions to the global Science and
Technology landscape. Leading research and educational institutions,
committed leaders from our federal and provincial governments, and
visionary public and private companies contribute significant time, talent
and financial resources to recognize Alberta’s science and technology
heroes….and I ask you to join me in thanking these ASTECH patrons and
sponsors for their insight and support. You’ll see their names and logos
profiled during the ASTECH Gala, and throughout this program; please
take an opportunity to thank them for their encouragement of Alberta’s  s
science and technology leaders.
Finally, I would like to thank you for joining us in celebrating the
tremendous achievements of this year’s ASTECH Awards finalists and prize
winners, as your involvement further honours the contributions being
made by Alberta’s Science and Technology heroes.


Ed Knash
ASTECH Foundation Chair


                                   Inspiration in the Night Sky
                                   The Rothney Astrophysical Observatory
                                   Dr. Phil Langill, Director

                                    Dr. Phil Langill is still buzzing from the   funding about 10 years ago Dr. Langill was hired as resident
                                    recent open house he hosted at the           astronomer. He began using the unique facility to educate the
                                    Rothney Astrophysical Observatory            public by helping to institute open houses for the public and
                                    outside of Calgary. “Three hundred           tours and seminars for schoolteachers.
                                   people came to the observatory,” he           Several years later, the observatory hired Dr. Langill as its
                                  enthuses.                                      director and he proposed continuing and expanding public
                                He remembers specifically a youngster            outreach activities at the facility. Given the green light, Dr.
                              who climbed up the ladder to peer at               Langill proceeded.
                           the night sky through an eyepiece on the              Now the observatory has grade-specific programs for school
                        observatory’s largest telescope. It took him a while     children from grade 6 to 12. It has partnerships with Girl
                  to see anything. Dr. Langill coached him to “jiggle your       Guides, Brownies, Scouts, Cubs and Beavers, in which they
eye a bit to the left. See anything?” He received a negative response.           work towards various astronomy badges. Day camps have
“Jiggle it a bit to the right then. See anything?” Still nothing.                organized sessions and the observatory is open to visitors
Then suddenly an excited burst of “Holy cow! Look at all the stars!”             three afternoons a week. Open houses are also a regular
 It’s those magic moments that stay with the wonderstruck child for              event.
  a lifetime and with Dr. Langill for a long time, too.                          All this goes on while the observatory remains one of
  Although he admits to being biased about the interest value                    Canada’s leading astrophysical observatories and a vital U of C
   in astronomy, Dr. Langill hopes the Rothney Astrophysical                     teaching and research facility. Its location in the foothills of the
    Observatory will instill in people, youth especially, the wonder of          Rockies gives RAO the unique ability to scan the northern sky,
     science through astronomy.                                                  and to make a valuable contribution to astrophysical research
       “If we are able to inspire even one in 500 of our visitors to
         remember their time at the observatory and become an                    And next year, The Rothney Astrophysical Observatory will
          astronomer, a scientist or a teacher,” he says, “then we are           be a major Canadian player in the United Nations-designated
           successful.”                                                          International Year of Astronomy. The year will commemorate
                                                                                 the 400th anniversary of the first study of the heavens
            Originally the University of Calgary used the observatory as
                                                                                 through a telescope by Galileo Galilei, who is considered the
              a teaching and research facility. When it received additional
                                                                                 father of modern astronomy.


Pushing the Tech Envelope
Dr. H. James Hoover, Professor, Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta, and
Antony G. Olekshy, University of Alberta and Avra Software Lab Inc.

Dr. James Hoover recently visited the City of Edmonton website.     In 1998 before the Internet was on
It worked exactly the way it was supposed to.                       most people’s radar, Mr. Olekshy
“I was pleasantly surprised to discover that one of my students     realized the web was more than just
was involved,” he says. “Getting ideas out into practice            static pages of information and began
characterizes our work.”                                            imagining how to use it to deliver
                                                                    workstation-caliber applications.
Jim Hoover and his lifelong collaborator, Tony Olekshy, have
spent the better part of 35 years examining computing from all      The “crown jewel” in their techie caps is
angles. They build systems that allow professionals, particularly   “making the web sing and dance as if it was
engineers, do their jobs better.                                    a computer on your desk.”
They are the driving force behind Avra Software Lab Inc.,           Among their most impressive products is
a University of Alberta spin-off company, formed in 1998.           iPRSM®, the first web-enabled engineering application.
Avra provides software development services and acts as an          Developed for the petro-chemical industry, the technology enables
industrial test bed for research.                                   plant personnel, compliance auditors and engineers to have
                                                                    instantaneous simultaneous access and analysis to data on any
The duo grew up on the same street in Edmonton. As high
                                                                    pressure relief system, from any location with web connectivity.
school students they would spend late nights hacking in the
U of A’s Department of Chemical Engineering process control         “In looking back on all the products we’ve made, each one pushed
lab, according to Dr. Hoover. He went on to study Computing         the envelope of current practice in some way,” Dr. Hoover says. “We
Science while Mr. Olekshy studied Electrical Engineering.           didn’t invent the big things such as the web, or markup languages,
                                                                    but we did see a way to combine and leverage them beyond
Mr. Olekshy and Dr. Hoover are not seduced by the latest
                                                                    their original intended purpose.”
technology just for the sake of novelty.
                                                                    The duo is motivated by the intellectual challenge of their work
“We ignore the hype, and instead ask what the new technology
                                                                    and by the joy of seeing how their products help clients.
can do that makes a difference in the way we build systems and
improve how our customers work,” Dr. Hoover explains. “Our          “It’s great to know we are giving people a way to do their jobs
strength is being consistently ahead of the curve in pushing        even better than before,” Dr. Hoover says.
new technology to its limits in making useful products.”

                                                                                     SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS YOU!         13

                                  Keeping Food Supply Abundant and Safe
                                  Dr. Ronald Howard, Plant Pathologist, Pest Management Branch, Agriculture Research Division,
                                  Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development

                                    As consumers, we tend to take the        “My role is to study disease issues to contribute to the overall
                                    food on our plates for granted. We       body of knowledge on pest management strategies for
                                    can do so because researchers like       crops,” he says.
                                    Dr. Ronald Howard work in their labs     The CDCS’s mandate to bring crops from around the world to
                                   and in farmers’ fields protecting crops   Alberta to test their adaptability keeps Dr. Howard busy. Out
                                 from pests such as weeds, insects and       of their element, the plants may fall prey to a disease or bring
                               diseases.                                     new diseases to the region. Alberta already grows a large
                            “One of the eternal challenges to crop           variety of crops; and producers continually introduce new
                         producers is plant diseases,” Dr. Howard says.      methods of farming. All of these challenges offer Dr. Howard
                     “We try to give growers up-to-date information so       fertile ground for research ideas.
              they can cope with crop diseases to minimize losses in         Not only does he discover new plant diseases and find
  yield and quality.”                                                        ways to protect crops against them; Dr. Howard is also an
  For the past 33 years Dr. Howard has worked as a plant pathologist,        ambassador, sharing his findings with producers, researchers,
  researcher and manager at the Alberta Crop Diversification Centre          extension specialists and academics around the world. He has
   South (CDCS). During that time he has studied about 50 different          written publications and made presentations numbering over
   types of crops and the diseases that plague them.                         1,000 in his career, and has advised post-graduate students
    Whether it’s tomatoes, potatoes or grains, Dr. Howard has the            and visiting scientists from across Canada and in China.
     ability to work with producers to help them understand the              He also spearheaded the construction of a new $16-million
     diseases that affect their crops and how to manage them.                research greenhouse facility at CDCS, the most modern in
      “My goal is to try to answer the questions that are at the top         Canada. “We will be able to conduct leading-edge research as
       of the producers’ minds,” Dr. Howard explains. “What is this          a result of this legacy facility,” he says.
        disease? Where did it come from? What can we do about it?”           “I hope my scientific contributions will help produce healthier
          In his quest to answer these questions, Dr. Howard                 food crops for Alberta consumers and beyond,” says Dr.
           collaborates with colleagues in provincial and federal research   Howard, who is anticipating retirement. “And hopefully
            stations, university faculties, private sector companies and     healthy plants will help to keep Alberta’s crop industry strong
              consultants, and teams of agriculture producers.               and competitive in the future.”


Bringing Increased Efficiency to Industry
Dr. Hong Zhang, Professor, Computing Science, Faculty of Science, University of Alberta;
Syncrude/iCORE/Matrikon/NSERC Industrial Research Chair

Alberta’s oil sands hold estimated reserves of 174 billion          and cause less damage to the
barrels of oil. And Dr. Hong Zhang is dedicated to finding          environment.”
ways to waste as little of that and process as much of the          Dr. Zhang began conducting oil
resource as is possible.                                            sands-specific research in 1999.
By working closely with industry, specifically Syncrude             He was seeking a challenge as
through a partnership with NSERC, iCORE, Matrikon and the           a researcher. His partnership with
University of Alberta, the professor of Computing Science           Syncrude allowed him to do that.
developed advanced image processing software, which he              “I enjoy doing research people care
thinks of as a suite of “visual analyzers”. They give equipment     about,” he says. “I talk to my partner at
operators an effective means to measure ore particles, which        Syncrude about technical issues that need to be
must be under a certain size in order to pass through a screen      resolved. Then we try to come up with solutions that can
before they are delivered to the extraction process.                benefit the industry, and can create an immediate impact in the
Dr. Zhang has also developed image-processing software              province of Alberta. That’s gratifying to me.”
to allow operators to detect large frozen oil sand lumps and        Dr. Zhang credits much of his success to his students. “I bring
minimize the risk of jamming crushing machinery in winter           them problems and resources and they generate the solutions.”
operations.                                                         He adds that he takes particular pleasure seeing his students
Dr. Zhang’s advanced image processing software improves             grow and enjoy success after graduation, often taking positions
the oil sands industry business performance through an              in industry in Alberta.
increased understanding of ore preparation process.                 The advanced image processing technology Dr. Zhang
“Given the vast volume of the reserves, if we improve the           and his students developed has injected new science into
efficiency of the mining process by even a fraction of a            conventional engineering methods in the oil sands industry.
percent, it could translate into billions of dollars,” Dr. Zhang    Now Dr. Zhang’s goal is to provide support to Syncrude to
explains. He adds the improved efficiency allows industry to        help with the technology transfer. And he wants to see
reduce rejected material.                                           how his advanced image processing research can be
“That means there is less material that needs to be trucked         extended to other areas in the oil sands mining.
and reprocessed,” Dr. Zhang says. “So we use less energy

                                                                                  SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS YOU!         15

                                 Managing Garbage to Solve Big Problems
                                 Dr. Patrick Hettiaratchi, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Schulich School of Engineering,
                                 University of Calgary

                                    Dr. Patrick Hettiaratchi has a mission   Before Dr. Hettiaratchi’s biocell can accomplish the ambitious
                                    to change the way people think           agenda, municipalities have to buy into the concept – starting
                                   about garbage. He’s designed a            with Calgary.
                                   revolutionary landfill ‘biocell’, which   Dr. Hettiaratchi and the City of Calgary are conducting a full-
                                  will contribute to solving some of the     scale pilot project of the biocell. It covers one hectare and is
                                 major problems the world is facing.         processing about 55,000 tonnes of waste, producing about
                               “The biocell can help control climate         300 kilowatts of power, over the next five years.
                           change by reducing methane emissions,”            “What works in Calgary may not work in Indonesia,” he
                        he explains. “It can reduce dependence on            observes. “But every country has a problem with garbage and
                   non-renewable energy by creating energy from the          the idea of the biocell is worth pursuing.” He cites the amount
            garbage, which will also affect oil and gas prices; and it       of moisture and the type of garbage as variables that need to
addresses land use because most of the garbage will be converted             be considered when designing the biocell.
to a usable product and we can reuse the landfill cell and reduce
                                                                             Dr. Hettiaratchi is building an international biocell network to
traditional landfill use.”
                                                                             help advance the technology for use in various climates and
 The biocell is a large pit lined with clay and plastic. It is loaded with   conditions.
 tonnes of ordinary garbage. When it is filled, the biocell is sealed
                                                                             “What to do with all of our garbage is one of the world’s
  with a plastic cap. To enhance natural breakdown of waste either
                                                                             biggest problems,” he says. “We hope our project in Calgary
  water is added, or “leachate” collected at the bottom of the landfill
                                                                             produces good results so we can provide information to
   is re-circulated. The gas is captured and used to make electricity.
                                                                             policy makers to make the decision to use the biocell in
    When the methane production dwindles, oxygen is pumped                   integrated waste management systems. The biocell has the
     back into the biocell and it becomes a giant composter, a               potential to solve some of the world’s problems and benefit
       process that may take about a year. The biocell is opened,            all of society in several ways.”
        compost is removed, recyclable material is harvested and the
         rest, about 30 per cent of the original volume, is moved to a
          traditional landfill. Then a new biocell is set up on the same


Designing Spaces for Today
DIRTT Environmental Solutions
Morgens Smed, CEO of DIRTT

Welcome to the end of renovations that make the office a                chunks your space stops being a
construction zone for months on end. And then you wish you              barrier and becomes an extension
would have designed the space differently.                              of the culture and addresses the
“Traditionally, office renovations are a series of concessions,” says   needs of the individual at that
Geoff Gosling, a founding partner and responsible for product           particular time. This allows self-
development at DIRTT. “Everyone has to have a say and you are           expression and individual function.”
making decisions that you have to live with for years. This is an       DIRTT developed and uses a software
inferior way to design a work space.”                                   program created specifically to design
Calgary-based DIRTT (Doing It Right This Time) Environmental            and manufacture the walls. ICE® minimizes
Solutions builds pre-engineered and pre-manufactured                    the complexity of design for clients and
moveable walls. They can be configured to support existing              manufacturing costs. It allows designers to work with
office furniture and offer storage options.                             DIRTT Walls without in-depth product knowledge, such as how
                                                                        modules connect together and other specifications. ICE has had
They also eliminate construction waste and future renovation
                                                                        such a huge impact that “ICE EDGE”, a wholly owned subsidiary
waste – no demolition, procuring and re-building. That’s
                                                                        was formed to apply this technology to other industries. This
because once the DIRTT system is installed, it’s easy to change
                                                                        technology is now being used in several other industries such
the configuration of the offices without major renovations.
                                                                        as modular housing, command and control environments, and
“Even a lay person can do it with a small amount of training,” Mr.      office furniture.
Gosling insists. “This technology is sustainable from a behavioral
                                                                        “ICE® sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to
perspective. It can change, evolve and adapt to small or large
                                                                        seamlessly and radically change our product over time,” Mr.
needs. It provides the opportunity to individualize a space. This
                                                                        Gosling says. “We never build the same thing twice.”
is critical in giving people ownership of their environment.”
                                                                        For now DIRTT is focusing on offices. Their future lies in
The fundamental assumption DIRTT operates on is that the
                                                                        wherever drywall exists, in particular residential construction.
future is unpredictable and that requires agility in designing
spaces to accommodate the unforeseen.                                   “When the kids go off to college, you don’t paint their room.
                                                                        Their room is gone,” Mr. Gosling jokes. “DIRTT is about
“Generally people wait to make major reconfigurations to the
                                                                        addressing what the world is about today and what it
office,” Mr. Gosling says. “But if you make changes in smaller
                                                                        might be tomorrow.”

                                                                                        SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS YOU!         17

                                Internationally Renowned Chemist sees Long-Term Results
                                Dr. Tristram Chivers, Faculty Professor and Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemistry, University
                                of Calgary
                                “Had I not come to Alberta I wouldn’t      Dr. Chivers points out that in spite of considerable interest, the
                                have researched sulphur chemistry at       new process has yet to be developed on an industrial level
                                all,” says Dr. Tristram Chivers, faculty   because of economic considerations.
                                professor and professor emeritus in        Dr. Chivers wrote a book about sulphur-nitrogen compounds
                               the Department of Chemistry at the          called A Guide to Chalcogen-Nitrogen Chemistry, which he
                              University of Calgary.                       considers one of the areas in which he and his team made a
                            That would have been a missed                  major contribution. He talks about combining sulphur, which
                          opportunity for Alberta’s sour gas and           is an insulator, and nitrogen, which is a gas, into one molecule.
                       petrochemical industries and for the main           They produce a conducting polymer.
                   group chemistry world.                                  “That was a remarkable observation,” he says. “Our studies
          Dr. Chivers has been described as the “godfather” of main        played a pivotal role in explaining why the combination of
group chemistry, the chemistry of common elements such as                  the two non-metallic elements leads to a compound with
phosphorus and sulphur. He is widely considered to be Canada’s             metallic properties.”
most distinguished researcher and one of the world’s elite in this         Discoveries such as this motivate Dr. Chivers to continue his
 broad area of research. He has made significant contributions to          research. He also values the stimulation that comes from the
 applications of this branch of chemistry to Alberta’s sour gas and        interaction he has with his many students.
  petrochemical industries. And much of his ongoing work is still in
                                                                           “I like the excitement of sharing discoveries with these
  the development stage.
                                                                           extremely bright young people,” he says. “I liken it to getting
   “As a chemist, my goals are long term. What one does today              to the top of a mountain and seeing a view you didn’t expect
    doesn’t necessarily have immediate impact,“ Dr. Chivers explains.      and sharing that new perspective with them.”
    “I make new compounds that are precursors to useful materials.
                                                                           Dr. Chivers recently co-authored his second book, which is
     You have to appreciate the timescale from the fundamental
                                                                           intended for senior undergraduate and graduate students.
       discovery to application could be 10 to 15 years.”
                                                                           It’s called Inorganic Rings and Polymers of the p-Block Elements:
        As an example, he describes a discovery he made in the             From Fundamentals to Applications. The book is based on Dr.
         1980s – a process to convert hydrogen sulphide from sour          Chivers’ 40 years of research experience in the chemistry
          gas directly to sulphur and hydrogen, a useful commodity.        of inorganic ring systems of which elemental sulphur is the
           The current industrial process produces sulphur and water.      prime example.


Discoveries Leave Lasting Legacy
Dr. Marvin J. Fritzler, Professor of Medicine, University of Calgary

Dr. Marvin Fritzler remembers clearly the incident that shaped his     technology policy and strategies
professional life. It was soon after he’d started the MD program at    with other industry and
the University of Calgary when a professor invited him to visit a      scientific professionals as well
patient with Lupus, an autoimmune disease that was previously          as government representatives
unknown to him.                                                        in provincial, national and
“This was the first time I saw a real patient with a real disease      international organizations.
and it turned out that what I was doing in the research lab had        He’s served and chaired committees
amazing relevance to this disease,” recalls Dr. Fritzler, professor    of the World Health Organization
of Medicine at the University of Calgary. “This and subsequent         and Centres for Disease Control for over
patient encounters motivated me to focus my career around              20 years with a mandate of developing
autoimmune diseases and the challenge of developing new                international standards used in diagnostic
diagnostic techniques to provide earlier diagnoses before              testing.
patients’ organs were damaged.”                                        Dr. Fritzler is also the chair of the Alberta Science and Research
His first major contribution to world science was in 1976, when        Authority (ASRA), a role he has held for the past five years. During
he was the first to identify a unique antibody in the blood            his tenure, ASRA made significant contributions to the strategy
of patients with an autoimmune disease. Over his career, Dr.           around nanotechnology, prion and water research, among others.
Fritzler’s research opened up new areas of cell biology and is the     “Developing science and innovation strategy and policy for
basis for more than 10 distinct antibody markers that continue         government took me to a different level of patience,” Dr. Fritzler
to be used by laboratories around the world in the diagnoses of        says, chuckling.
autoimmune disease.
                                                                       Dr. Fritzler, a native Albertan, sees big challenges ahead of
Dr. Fritzler considers his greatest contribution was his recent        him. He wants to make sure the strong legacy of biomedical
discovery of GW bodies, a previously undetected part of the cell.      research support and excellence that inspired him to return,
“Although it never received any attention, surprisingly, the           stay and work in Alberta is sustained.
antibodies to this new cell structure were not rare in patients who    In the same vein, he wants to continue building his
had a certain neurological condition,” he explains.                    diagnostic lab as a world leader in providing diagnostic
When he’s not conducting research at the U of C, Dr. Fritzler          services for autoimmune diseases and innovative
is generally in meeting rooms hammering out science and                technologies that attract business to Alberta.

                                                                                       SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS YOU!           19

                                Getting to the Heart of the Matter
                                Dr. Gary Lopaschuk, Scientific Director, Mazankowski Heart Institute

                                  Dr. Gary Lopaschuk’s discoveries are       “Initially we aimed at treating ischemic heart disease, but
                                   saving the lives of people from infancy   because obesity is such a big problem in society, the market
                                   to old age who suffer from heart          for a drug to treat obesity is becoming the major indication
                                   disease.                                  for commercialization,” Dr. Lopaschuk explains.
                                  His pioneering work in cardiovascular      As well as his outstanding contributions to the areas
                                 research has identified, at a molecular     of cardiovascular research and commercialization of
                                level, the role and mechanisms of a          therapeutic heart disease and obesity treatments, Dr.
                              number of key enzymes that are important       Lopaschuk has trained many graduate students and post-
                            in how fatty acids are metabolized in the        doctoral fellows. He says he enjoys that aspect of his career,
                         heart.                                              as he hopes he is able to “turn on young investigators to
                   His findings have a major impact on understanding         research.”
            how heart disease may be caused and potentially                  As part of his job as scientific director of the Mazankowski
prevented. They have led to applications in the treatment of heart           Heart Institute, Dr. Lopaschuk is charged with hiring these
disease that have changed the field of cardiovascular medicine and           researchers. He recently signed on 12 new recruits from
benefitted the care of patients suffering from heart disease.                around the world.
 Dr. Lopaschuk’s innovative approach, which focuses on novel                 “We can attract top-notch researchers because of the
 anti-ischemic compounds that act in specific ways, is undergoing            infrastructure we have in Alberta,” he says.
 advanced development for treatment of patients with angina                  An AHFMR Scientist, Dr. Lopaschuk was attracted to the
  pectoris. It could revolutionize how heart disease is treated in the       province 23 years ago for the same reason. He stayed 18
   future.                                                                   years longer than intended even though he’s had several
    “What excites me most is the transfer of the research into a clinical    attractive offers. He intends on sticking around for a while
     reality to treat heart disease,” Dr. Lopaschuk says. “We’ve been able   longer.
      to move forward a whole new approach to heart disease.”                “The environment in Alberta is very conducive to supporting
       Dr. Lopaschuk has been described as a scientific risk-taker whose     research and there is a wonderful opportunity to build
        wide-ranging investigations often don’t work out as planned.         something here,” Dr. Lopaschuk says. “I am very excited
          So perhaps it’s no surprise his research into heart disease        about the next part of my career, creating a facility that
           had unintended consequences. He discovered the same               people throughout the world will regard as a leader in
             compounds could be used to treat diabetes and obesity.          cardiovascular research.”


Innovator of Green and Intelligent RF Electronics
Dr. Fadhel Ghannouchi, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
University of Calgary
Of all his significant accomplishments in radio frequency (RF)           “We’re contributing to a new wave
electronics, Dr. Fadhel Ghannouchi holds training over 70 masters        of eco-friendliness and energy
and PhD students as the most gratifying.                                 efficient ‘green’ electronics,” Dr.
“My students are very important to me,” says the professor in the        Ghannouchi explains. “By working
department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. “They have            on minimizing the power loss in
helped shape my career and influenced me to produce interesting          electronics devices and circuits used
work.” He has trained students from all parts of the world, who          in radio batteries in mobile terminals
are now high-ranking professors at prestigious universities, senior      can last for weeks or even months,
researchers and executives at high-tech companies.                       compared to days for commercially
                                                                         available terminals. That is important to
In addition to his stellar record as an educator, Dr. Ghannouchi is
a world-renowned research engineer and scientist and respected
technical leader and innovator. As iCORE professor and senior            Just as important is the universality and sustainability of
Canada Research Chair in RF radio technology at the U of C’s             the technology, Dr. Ghannouchi is developing a communication
Schulich School of Engineering, he has an opportunity to make            terminal that can be used anywhere safely without sacrificing the
good use of all of his talents.                                          performance.
Dr. Ghannouchi’s Intelligent RF Radio Technology Laboratory              It’s understandable that the Canadian Space Agency is interested
(iRadio Lab), established three years ago, has attracted the             in Dr. Ghannouchi’s work. The iRadio Lab program, Quick
attention of industry and top-flight researchers from around             Sat, is developing a radio transmitter for the agency that
the world. Its mandate is to address problems of an individual           enhances power reliability and energy efficiency. Both are
device to a systems level and deliver specialized designs to             critical components in flying objects, like satellites, that rely on
industry, which develops the technology into distinct products for       transmitting power from a solar cell.
commercialization.                                                       “It’s exciting to think that one day we will fly one of our
iRadio receives support from all levels of government and industry.      prototypes in space,” Dr. Ghannouchi says.
It is developing radio technology that focuses on energy efficiency      He also has a more earthbound desire to build a company
and optimizing the flexibility, mobility and universality of the radio   to commercialize iRadio Lab’s technology, “to get a return
communication terminals. The niche lab is one of a kind in Canada        from the investment that we and society have put into
and has few parallels in the world.                                      this venture.”

                                                                                         SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS YOU!           21

                                  For the Excitement of Discovery
                                  Dr. Jacob H. Masliyah, Professor Emeritus, Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Alberta

                                   Dr. Jacob Masliyah clearly loves his       understanding of the bitumen extraction phenomenon, and
                                   work. When he’s asked what motivates       was applied to guide operating efforts towards improved
                                   him to work in oil sands research, he      processes in the fields of extraction, froth treatment and
                                   responds with great enthusiasm.            tailings.
                                  “For the fun of it. Most of us in science   He explains that his work put the “art of oil sands extraction”
                                 and engineering are puzzle solvers,” he      on firm scientific footing, the only way the process can be
                                explains. “It’s the excitement of discovery   improved.
                              or being able to explain a phenomenon. It’s     “From my point of view, if we improve the recovery of
                           also the excitement of doing something good        bitumen from the oil sands, we make better use of the
                       for society and knowing you are being useful.”         resource,” he explains. “We are the guardians of the resource
                Dr. Masliyah, professor, Chemical and Materials               and we are beholden to improve the process of extraction to
Engineering, University of Alberta, has used his abundant enthusiasm          lower the impact of oil sands operations through emissions
and his strength in theoretical applications to improve recovery of           control, water usage and land foot print.”
bitumen from the oil sands. He holds the NSERC Industrial Research            Dr. Masliyah is also credited with establishing unique
 Chair in Oil Sands Engineering and he is past holder of the Canada           academia-industry partnerships, based on research
 Research Chair in the same field.                                            collaborations and technology development and the transfer
  When Dr. Masliyah, an officer of the Order of Canada, first came            of complex knowledge from the classroom into the field
  to Alberta from Saskatchewan in 1977 he hadn’t heard of the oil             and vice versa. He says industry’s support and long-term
   sands. Now he is credited with leading his team to become the              funding of his team’s research are testimony of the industry’s
    world’s leading centre of bitumen extraction research, work that          willingness to embrace good science to improve operations. It
    is critical to the oil sands industry’s ability to optimize recovery of   also improves business outcome.
     oil while reducing environmental impact.                                 Among his most cherished roles are mentoring and teaching,
       Dr. Masliyah combined his expertise in fluid particle dynamics         both to his university students and to practitioners in the field.
        with research into surface dynamics between clays and                 Dr. Masliyah attributes collaboration with students inside and
         bitumen to reveal the true nature of bitumen interactions            out of the lab and with the workers in the field to the success
           with solids and water. His research advanced the                   of his research and its practical applications.


Reliability Research Rewarding
Dr. Ming Jian Zuo, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University of Alberta

Harsh climate and extreme operating conditions wear on the           to develop tools that improve
equipment used in Alberta oil sands. And when millions of dollars    reliability of such systems while
are at stake reliability becomes an issue.                           minimizing operating costs and
Enter Dr. Ming Jian Zuo, professor in the Mechanical Engineering     the risk of industrial accidents.”
department at the University of Alberta and a world leader in the    The aim of the research is also to
research fields of reliability and maintenance optimization. Both    avoid reactive maintenance practices,
are applicable to Alberta’s oil sands industry.                      common in the oil sands and move
Dr. Zuo’s pioneering work in integration of reliability and          toward proactive maintenance that is
condition monitoring provides industry with insight into             less expensive and safer for operators.
scheduling maintenance shutdowns of facilities that extends the      Dr. Zuo’s technology uses leading-edge
useful life of industrial equipment while saving money.              vibration analysis techniques, allowing monitoring
In 1997 while on sabbatical leave in Hong Kong, Dr. Zuo picked       of the internal components of specialized equipment without
up ideas about using online condition-monitoring data to help        disrupting operations.
assess equipment health and develop tools to enhance reliability     Dr. Zuo says people often don’t understand how industrial
in industrial facilities.                                            reliability has an impact on their lives. “You read in the Edmonton
Coming back to Alberta, he began working with engineers at the       Journal that a coker has been upset and production is being lost,
Syncrude Research Centre. The team conducted experiments and         or that there’s been a power outage, or a train has derailed. This
researched innovative applications using algorithms to monitor       is how reliability is related to our daily life,” he explains. “These
wear in some components in large slurry pumps. Dr. Zuo also          are the kinds of problems I am trying to address.”
devised methods to diagnose wear and crack growth in heavy-          Dr. Zuo’s work has and will continue to have a major impact to
duty components in gearboxes and is now addressing anomaly           ensure the long-term operation and sustainability of Alberta’s
assessment in pipelines.                                             oil sands operations. His work has other applications in
“Reliability is a critical measure of performance of today’s         areas such as wind energy, mining, agriculture and waste
engineering systems, like airplanes, spaces shuttles, automobiles,   treatment, among others.
trains, mining equipment, pipelines and chemical refineries,” Dr.    “I want to push the research frontier of condition-based
Zuo explains. “Using my advanced training in reliability theory,     reliability analysis and apply these research results in
data analysis, signal processing and optimization I am able          practice,” he says.

                                                                                     SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS YOU!             23

                                  Success through Science and Entrepreneurship
                                  CV Technologies Inc.
                                  Dr. Jacqueline Jie Shan, President, CEO, CSO, CV Technologies Inc.

                                     CV Technologies Inc. is one of           COLD-fX revenue for the past four and a half years, totalled over
                                     Alberta’s most successful life science   $158 million.
                                     stories. The company’s lead product is   In 2008 CV Technologies opened a new 29,000-square-foot
                                     COLD-fX.                                 headquarters and research and discovery centre in Edmonton. The
                                   The natural health cold remedy has         company employs 85 scientists, administrative staff and marketers,
                                  been proven to prevent colds and            a substantial increase over the eight employees on payroll in 2003.
                                relieve symptoms, so it’s no surprise that    COLD-fX is successful because of the scientific rigour applied to
                              the over-the-counter product is Canada’s        the research and clinical studies used to develop the product.
                          number one cold/flu remedy and has become           CV Technologies’ revolutionary research and discovery tool,
                      iconic.                                                 ChemBioPrint uses chemical and biological analysis to define the
            Celebrities as diverse as Ralph Klein and Rick Mercer are big     complex bioactive ingredients in natural health products.
 COLD-fX fans. Half of the CFL teams use it and the NHL named it              The National Institute of Health, one of the world’s top research
 the league’s official cold remedy. The City of Edmonton purchased            organizations, recognized CV Technologies’ clinical trials as one of
 COLD-fX for their front-line workers, including the police, fire             the top 25 advancements in dietary supplements research in the
  fighters and paramedics as part of its pandemic plan. And as the            world for 2005.
   official celebrity spokesperson for COLD-fX, the controversial
                                                                              Dr. Shan grew up with traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Her
   hockey icon Don Cherry is helpful in getting the word out.
                                                                              science is based on that knowledge, combined with her education
    “The single most important achievement of CV Technologies                 in pharmacology and physiology. As a physiologist, she knows
     is that we have translated our scientific vision into applicable         that after an illness has established itself, it is extremely difficult to
      commercial products,” offers Dr. Jacqueline Shan, president, CEO,       reverse or cure it. That’s why at CV Technologies, the focus is on
       CSO. “We used public relations as part of our marketing strategy       prevention through natural remedies, while most pharmacology is
        to bring ‘buzz’ to the product by using word of mouth and             based on relieving symptoms.
         getting it into the consumer market.”
                                                                              “Our company is one of the first to develop a preventative,
          CV Technologies’ success can also be measured by its                evidence-based health product and because of our innovative
           financial and operations results. The company posted               science and marketing, we have created a new industry,” Dr. Shan
             revenue of $1.5 million in 2003 after launching its COLD-        says. “We are very proud that we can help people’s health and
              fX commercialization program. Since then, combined              grow our company.”


Leading the Market in Industrial GPS Products
Hemisphere GPS Inc.
Steven Koles, President, CEO
Hemisphere GPS Inc. is revolutionizing the way farmers work their       The Outback Guidance® suite of
fields by introducing precision farming tools.                          products claims more than half of
The company’s guidance and auto-steering products allow                 the global market share in after-
farmers seeding, swathing or combining their fields to improve          market precision agriculture GPS
efficiency and decrease input costs. With the guidance systems          applications. Over 50,000 farmers in
farmers can set a map in a desired pattern, be it a straight line, a    50 countries are using the company’s
circle or adjusted to contours.                                         products. With over 70 per cent of their
                                                                        clients in North America, Hemisphere
“This is important to farmers because traditionally they have
                                                                        GPS is focusing on international growth.
purposely overlapped rows to avoid skipping ground cover,”
explains Steven Koles, president and CEO of Hemisphere GPS Inc.         The company trades on The Toronto Stock
“They can lose up to 10 per cent or more of the land like that. So      Exchange. It achieved revenue growth of 27 per
Outback Guidance® helps reduce fuel, fertilizer and seed costs,         cent, from $45.9 million in 2006 to $58.1 million in 2007. Growth in
reducing environmental waste.”                                          the first and second quarters of 2008 was up 56 and 59 per cent,
                                                                        respectively, setting new records for the company.
Other than efficiency gains, Mr. Koles says Outback Guidance®
auto-steering systems offer additional benefits to farmers.             While the Outback Guidance® products comprise 75 per cent of
                                                                        Hemisphere GPS’s revenue, the company’s products have other
“It reduces driver fatigue,” he explains. “That way they can work
                                                                        industrial applications in marine and aviation, with growth plans
longer hours and through the night. If it takes fewer days to
                                                                        in other vertical markets.
harvest and helps farmers avoid potential severe weather, that
translates to better crop yields.”                                      Hemisphere GPS continues to develop its intellectual property
                                                                        with a total of 39 patents awarded or pending. The company
This technology and the precision farming practices it fosters,
                                                                        continues to collaborate with the University of Calgary on a
allows farmers to conserve soil. Farmers can do what is called “strip
                                                                        number of research programs.
tilling”, pre-planting nutrients in the autumn after harvest and
returning in the spring to plant seeds in the same rows without         “We are working together to make Calgary a centre of
disturbing the soil. The process can also improve crop yields.          excellence in geomatics,” Mr. Koles explains. “We are
                                                                        pushing the level of innovation in what GPS can do in
No wonder Hemisphere GPS, a global leader in precision
                                                                        industrial markets.”
commercial GPS technology and products, is leaving its
competitors in the proverbial dust.

                                                                                         SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS YOU!          25
                                          ASTECH SOCIETAL IMPACT

                                 Narrowing the Digital Divide
                                 Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre
                                 Dermot Baldwin, Executive Director, Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre
                                    The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre          Internet connection also provides homeless and low-income
                                    (DI) is narrowing the digital divide        Calgarians with a sense of connectivity to their family and the
                                    and offering hope to low-income and         broader community through email, access to social networks
                                    homeless Calgarians.                        like Facebook and other Internet groups. Social connections
                                   Six years ago the DI partnered with 14       help them stay encouraged and motivated.
                                  social agencies and began the Computer        Computer training is critical to the demographic served by
                                Learning Centre (CLC) as a pilot project. CLC   the DI. Many of its clients haven’t completed high school.
                             offers a computer lab, computer training, life-    They require basic technological skills tailored to their needs.
                         skills training and certification programs.            CLC offers computer courses in programs like Microsoft Word,
                   The approximately 34,000 homeless and low-income             email, Excel and PowerPoint through classroom instruction,
            Calgarians that have taken advantage of the centre are              e-learning and one-on-one training.
testimony to the need for such a service.                                       Computer modules are incorporated into several of the job-
More and more jobs are dependent on technology and computer skills.             readiness training. Trainees use e-learning to earn certification
 The marginalized and the poor often don’t have access to computers             in several fields including Workplace Hazardous Materials
 so they are further marginalized because they are computer illiterate.         Information System (WHMIS), Transportation of Dangerous
                                                                                Goods (TDG) and Confined Space Pre-Entry (CSP). Students
  “From our perspective, everyone deserves to have an opportunity to
                                                                                can also complete certification in Construction Safety Training
   be part of the Alberta Advantage,” says Dermot Baldwin, executive
                                                                                Systems (CSTS) using CD ROM-based courseware.
   director of the DI. “Every Albertan should be able to keep learning,
    growing and changing regardless of their financial status.” He points       By encouraging individuals to step across the digital divide
    out that the DI is also contributing to the workforce for Calgary’s         to improve their economic status, the DI ensures homeless
     tight labour market.                                                       individuals have the facilities, the opportunities and the skill-
                                                                                sets to changes their lives and end homelessness, one person
      The DI’s clients can connect with the broader world through a
                                                                                at a time.
       program called Voices of the Community (VOC), which provides
        secure, reliable and personalized free voice mail services.             “We help people get jobs, and connect with others in a
         Through VOC, people experiencing homelessness can connect              variety of ways,” Mr. Baldwin says. “In doing so our program
           with employment and housing opportunities, health care               creates a more vibrant community. That’s priceless.”
            providers and family.

                                         ASTECH SOCIETAL IMPACT…CONTINUED

A Vision to Democratize Knowledge
Dr. Adriana A. Davies, Executive Director and Editor in Chief, Heritage Community Foundation

For Dr. Adriana A. Davies, the World Wide Web is a tool to          4,000 audio files and 2,000 video
democratize learning.                                               files. Over 1.5 million visitors
Her life’s work in literature, fine art and research, combined      accessed in 2007
with the possibilities presented by the Internet, led Dr. Davies,   and returned on three occasions.
executive director of the Heritage Community Foundation,            “The Library at Alexandria, The
to create the visionary Alberta Online Encyclopedia (www.           Library of Congress, The British                                                  Library and other great libraries were
“The encyclopedia is using new information technology               traditionally available only to elites,” Dr.
for public education,” says Dr. Davies, editor-in-chief of the      Davies says. “Our encyclopedia is not in a
Alberta Online Encyclopedia. “We are creating websites that         gated environment where people have to pay,
are born digital and using all of the capabilities the web gives    so it truly is accessible to everyone.”
us.”                                                                The heart of the Alberta Online Encyclopedia is the democracy
The dynamic virtual encyclopedia of 76 websites (and                of the Internet, but the quality of the information is paramount.
counting) was purpose-built for education. It positions the         Pivotal to the value of the encyclopedia is that the information
Heritage Community Foundation as Canada’s largest web               posted is credible, reliable and dependable. The material is written
publisher whose online materials are intended for public            and produced by a team of content and technical experts.
education.                                                          “We have complete control over content development and can,
The material on the portal covers Alberta’s historical, natural,    therefore, guarantee its authority. We need to do this because
cultural, scientific and technological heritage. The Foundation     we are operating in the public trust and our visitors need to
partners with heritage organizations in the creation of online      trust our content,” Dr. Davies explains. The team regularly
learning resources. These include museums and archives; the         receives emails from students, researchers and teachers from
media; professional associations; the Aboriginal, Francophone       around the world.
and other ethno-cultural communities; and individuals.              “This is truly 21st century publishing,” she enthuses. “Anyone
The Encyclopedia includes text, images, audio and video. The        can access these rich resources anytime day and night.
majority of content was created specifically for albertasource.     This kind of access to information shapes us as Albertans,
ca. There is also a range of archival material to explore. The      Canadians and as global citizens.”
portal contains about 27,000 html/PHP pages, 75,000 images,

                                                                                    SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS YOU!          27
                                     ASTECH SOCIETAL IMPACT…CONTINUED

                                Assistive Technology Improving Lives
                                Madentec Limited
                                Randy Marsden, President and CEO

                                   “Imagine sitting on your hands and        And that’s what it’s all about. “The computer is the great
                                   using the computer,” suggests Randy       equalizer,” Mr. Marsden explains. “If you give someone access
                                   Marsden, president and CEO of             to the computer, you give them opportunities for education,
                                   Madentec. “How are you going to do it?”   recreation, vocation, socialization, which has been taken away
                                 You’re not going to do it.                  by disability.”
                               If you’re disabled and can’t move around      Madentec has been in business for 20 years. During that time
                             independently like able-bodied people do,       the company’s assistive technology has allowed about 15,000
                          the computer becomes very important to your        people the world over to regain their quality of life after
                      quality of life. It could be your only option for      suffering a disability. Among them are people suffering from
                   education, recreation and socialization.                  paralysis, ALS, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and head
                                                                             injury, among others.
     That’s where Madentec’s assistive technology can be a lifesaver.
For example, TrackerPro is a computer input device that takes the            Some of them are able to go back to work, like one of
place of a mouse for people with little or no hand movement.                 Madentec’s employees who suffers from cerebral palsy.
Anything that can be done with a regular hand mouse can be done              “He’s in a wheelchair with his arms in awkward positions,”
 by using TrackerPro, by using head motions. Christopher Reeve used          describes Marsden. “To see him you’d never think he is a high-
 TrackerPro.                                                                 functioning contributing member of society. The difference is
  And if you can’t move your head, Madentec has a solution for that          the technology. The computer totally unlocks him, gives him
  too. The company has developed technology that uses switches               independence and meaning to his life.”
   activated by blinking, puffing, clicking teeth and other subtle           Millions of users have benefitted from Madentec’s onscreen
   movements to activate the mouse.                                          keyboard, distributed by Microsoft and included in every copy
     Mr. Marsden’s inspiration to start developing assistive technology      of Windows for the past 10 years.
     was a friend who became quadriplegic as a result of an accident         Mr. Marsden says the company’s assistive technology saves
       as a youth. He built a device that allowed his friend to speak.       the social system vast sums of money by giving people with
        “He’d been living in a hospital for about 15 years,” Mr. Marsden     disabilities a tool to help them become independent and
         recalls. “And at least partly because of that technology, he was    productive members of society. This reduces health care and
          able to leave the hospital and move home to live with his          social assistance costs.

                                            LEADERS OF TOMORROW

Agility for Usability
Steve Kirkham, Founder, CEO, Trinic

When some students at the University of Alberta were having       His contributions to the U of A include
difficulties using Bear Tracks, the complex online registration   Xbook, an online textbook exchange
system, Steve Kirkham became the white knight that rode to        that saves students thousands of
their rescue.                                                     dollars each year. In 2000 he took
“Instead of complaining, I made a better system,” Mr. Kirkham     advantage of a small loan program
recalls. He spent a week figuring out how to improve the          for young entrepreneurs and launched
usability of the registration process. When his success was       Trinic, a service offering website hosting,
reported on the front page of the student newspaper,              domain names and website design.
thousands of grateful students registered on Bear Scat, his       With his future ahead of him, Mr. Kirkham
user-friendly version of Bear Tracks.                             will continue to enhance the user experience on
Since then Mr. Kirkham graduated from the U of A with             the web. He says it is inadequate web design and not
degrees in computing science and psychology. He is                inadequate users that is the root of web stress. His goal is to further
currently consulting to the university, spearheading new          web usability on sites like online banking and webmail to allow
technologies to enhance web design for an updated student         intuitive navigation reducing the need to constantly refer to manuals
administration website, which about 90,000 users will access      and help pages.
each year.                                                        While Mr. Kirkham spends a lot of time in front of the computer, he
Mr. Kirkham uses an unconventional “agile” development            hasn’t neglected to develop his leadership skills. He leads a team of
method that monitors software usability while it is being         accomplished functional analysts, business analysts and software
designed. His method engages user testers throughout the          engineers from the U of A, PeopleSoft and IBM on his current
process and observes how and where they have problems.            project with the U of A. He’s also served on the Students’ Union
The system is then tweaked as often as needed, according          and is a team leader with the Edmonton Regional Search and
to the users’ reactions, to create the best user-friendly site    Rescue Association, among other leadership roles in community
possible.                                                         organizations.
Mr. Kirkham has gleaned his skills through university courses     Mr. Kirkham was the 2006 recipient of the Honourable Peter
and internships with Google and Apple.                            Lougheed Leadership Award, the U of A’s most prestigious
                                                                  student award.

                                                                                     SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS YOU!           29
                                    LEADERS OF TOMORROW…CONTINUED

                               Passion for Science
                               Tracy Dang Mah, Student Researcher, University of Alberta

                                    Growing up with food allergies gave   “I want to get beyond the bench to make an impact,” she
                                    Tracy Dang Mah an appreciation for    explains. “I want to work in areas where I not only produce
                                    the complexity of the human immune    great results, but I get to implement those results to produce
                                   system. By high school she had         even greater results to better humanity.”
                                   developed a passion for immunology     A big part of the future Ms. Mah sees for herself involves
                                 that spurred her to remarkable           mentoring young scientists. In her last year of her under
                                achievements and fascinating work with    graduate degree in a Bachelor of Science program studying
                              accomplished scientists from around the     Immunology and Infections, she has already begun to do that.
                                                                          She provides guidance to high school and under graduate
                       Ms. Mah attributes her successes to mentors        summer students in her lab and has been invited to mentor
                  who guided her in her formative years as a budding      students for the Canada-wide Science Fair and Canadian
      scientist. Among them was the Sanofi-Aventis program that           Association for Girls in Science. She hopes to mentor other
introduced high school students to lab science.                           Sanofi-Aventis participants later this year, completing the
 “Setting high school students loose in a multi-million-dollar facility   mentorship circle.
 takes faith and confidence that we could do something worthy,” she       At 21, Ms. Mah is already a sought-after public speaker. She is a
  recalls with amazement. “I wouldn’t be in science without mentors       Top 20 Under 20 Canadian recipient and she won the Alberta
  giving me those opportunities. That’s why I’ve achieved what I have.”   Centennial Medal for outstanding community involvement,
   Following her passion for immunology, Ms. Mah joined the team          leadership and citizenship. Ms. Mah is an inspired young
   of researchers at the University of Alberta, including those who       woman whose potential to do great things is as great as is her
    launched the revolutionary cure for Type 1 diabetes, known as the     passion and ability to inspire others.
     Edmonton Protocol.                                                    “Mentorship plays a great role in the future,” she says. “If
      “I want to keep up my research career,” she says. “There is huge    everyone tries harder to leave a lasting impact in someone
       potential to make positive changes in the world through            else, then we will all have done a good job at taking full
         research.” She acknowledges that research is only as good as     advantage of the opportunities we’ve been given.”
          its potential to be implemented and she hints that she could
            make a foray into policy or clinical work.

                                          LEADERS OF TOMORROW…CONTINUED

Young Scientist Sees His Future in Alberta
Travis Murdoch, MSc Candidate, Integrated Immunology, Oxford University; Medical Student,
University of Alberta
At 16 years old and still a keen high school student, Travis            But science is still his primary
Murdoch joined the University of Alberta’s clinical islet               passion.
transplantation team as part of the Alberta Heritage Foundation         Mr. Murdoch hopes to make his
for Medical Research - Heritage Youth Researcher Summer                 mark in three main areas. The first
program. That experience was to set the course of his life.             is mentorship. He attributes his own
In 2002 he won the Governor General’s medal. By the age of 20,          achievement to the mentors who
he had published a primary-author publication reviewing the             have guided him and hopes to give
current knowledge surrounding methods of clinical islet culture.        the same back.
By 2006 Mr. Murdoch’s scientific focus was trained on                   “Science is a human endeavour,” he says.
inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). He is developing a novel              “Science needs people to motivate and get
diagnostic and monitoring tool for IBD using nuclear magnetic           others really excited about it.”
resonance (NMR) to profile the metabolites present in urine             Mr. Murdoch’s second area of interest is in being a clinician, so he
samples.                                                                can “take science and see it work at the bedside.” And thirdly, he
Now at 23, Mr. Murdoch can be found on the campus of                    hopes that research will continue to be a major focus throughout
Oxford University in England working on his MSc in Integrated           his career.
Immunology, a recipient of a prestigious Rhodes Scholarship. He         “I want to take a clinical question—one that comes from directly
returns this fall to the U of A to complete his final year of medical   seeing a patient—into the lab and find a pragmatic solution that
school.                                                                 I can use to help the patient, be it better diagnosis, treatment, or
“I want to go to other top centres around the world and bring           overall patient care.”
back what I’ve learned, so Alberta can build on the strong              And he hopes to do it in Alberta.
foundations we already have in the province,” he says. ”That’s my
                                                                        “I think Alberta is in an amazing position right now. We’ve
                                                                        reached critical mass with a lot of great people working
Mr. Murdoch’s impressive CV includes humble roles like                  here and strong funding,” he says. “I’m excited about the
volunteering as a canvasser for the Alberta Heart and Stroke            potential of Alberta.”
Fund up to positions of significant responsibility like chairperson
for SHINE Cline Ethics Committee. He also has a list of music
credentials that include performing in bands and producing CDs.

                                                                                        SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS YOU!           31

                                  Honourary Scientist, Honoured Advocate
                                  Dr. Howard E. Tennant, President and Professor Emeritus, University of Lethbridge

                                    Dr. Howard E. Tennant is adamant that     Despite his impressive track record in building facilities and creating
                                    he is not a scientist. “I am out of the   world-class faculties, Dr. Tennant acknowledges that is only one
                                    School of Business. I have done work      piece of the puzzle.
                                   in science, but I am anything but a        “Some people’s job is to build universities and colleges, but we also
                                 scientist,” he protests.                     need someone to think about what Alberta needs. And sometimes
                               It is an understatement to say Dr.             there’s a trade-off,” he admits.
                             Tennant, a member of the Order of                Dr. Tennant has spent the last dozen years with the Alberta Science
                           Canada, has “done work in science.”                and Research Authority (ASRA) taking care of Alberta’s interests.
                       Over his 30-plus-year career as academic, leader,      He is a long-serving member on the ASRA board, testimony
                  policy maker and volunteer, this modest man has             to the high value government and his colleagues place on his
           made a huge difference in promoting and advancing the              contributions.
science and technology sector in Alberta and Canada and arguably,             His depth of understanding of macroeconomics, combined with
the world. He has never wavered from his mission to create an                 his extensive provincial, national and international experience has
 environment where public policy and public funds support                     been instrumental in creating important public policy initiatives.
 innovation and research.                                                     And those initiatives have increased funding for science and
  “My area of interest is in policy and strategy as it relates to science     technology projects and improved commercialization prospects for
   and technology,” Dr. Tennant says. “I worry about how to attract           Alberta’s technology sector.
   the best people, build the right buildings, put the right equipment        “In my policy work, I try to focus on the future of research and
    in place to see that excellence in research produces the best             technology,” he says. “We are nothing in the world unless we
     students in the world.”                                                  produce highly qualified people.”
      During his tenure as president and vice-chancellor of the               Dr. Tennant is well aware that Alberta’s oil and gas fields are only a
       University of Lethbridge, over $100 million of capital expansion       means to create wealth and not an end in itself.
        took place and enrolment grew from just over 2,000 to over
                                                                              “Yes, we have energy, but now we have to work on how to get
         7,000 students. The university established masters and PhD
                                                                              value out of it while maintaining a decent world and a good quality
          programs and became a centre for research and scholarly
                                                                              of living,” he explains. “Science and technology are the critical
                                                                              ingredients in that and the only way we can earn our bread.”

                          2008 ASTECH FOUNDATION SPECIAL AWARD

Medical Care Driven by Patients’ Needs
Institute for Reconstructive Sciences in Medicine (iRSM)
Dr. John Wolfaardt, Professor, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Alberta; Director, iRSM
Dr. Gordon Wilkes, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, iRSM
What began as a common interest in the 1980s led Dr.                 this creates hope for those who need
John Wolfaardt and Dr. Gordon Wilkes to the epicentre of a           it later on. That’s important to them.”
revolution in head and neck reconstruction and rehabilitation.       What iRSM has planned might sound
“The impact on patients, functionally and psycho-socially            like science fiction, but it’s real.
when they have lost complete contents of their eye or half of        Patients with a massive loss of tissue can
their jaw is devastating. People would get their diagnosis and       look to a future when the planning, and
their world changed forever,” Dr. Wolfaardt says.                    design of their reconstructive components
“At the time the options for facial reconstruction were limited.     is done in the virtual world. Their team of
It was frustrating for the patients and for us,” he adds. Patients   technicians and surgeons will have a plan that is
who had lost significant parts of their faces had to endure          designed specifically for the individual. Some parts will be
the daily cumbersome and painful procedure of gluing facial          built using regenerative medicine to generate tissue for the person.
prostheses onto their sensitive skin.                                “It’s personalized medicine,” Dr. Wolfaardt says. “We have the potential
“We knew something really different was needed,” recalls Dr.         to provide people with outcomes we can’t even anticipate today.”
Wolfaardt, director of iRSM.                                         Dr. Wolfaardt says it’s not an accident that Alberta is at the helm of
Advanced digital technologies have improved treatment                these important developments.
through surgical simulation, and design and construction             “We work with really multidisciplinary activities, which we couldn’t
of prostheses and other devices. Instead of gluing their             undertake without the depth of talent in Alberta,” Dr. Wolfaardt
prosthesis onto their faces, patients now have the benefit of        says. “We work with people in surgery, engineering, rehabilitation
biomechanical implants that are anchored into their bone,            medicine, computing science, graphic designers and industrial
including hearing devices. A whole range of technology               designers. Whatever it is, the infrastructure is such that we can
was developed to enhance the use and performance of the              usually find someone.”
                                                                     He adds that it is unusual to see the kind of collaboration
“Patients who lived through the period prior to these                he has encountered. As well, he credits the Government of
technological advancements see how medical care is driven            Alberta for having the vision to set up the test facility for
by their needs,” Dr. Wolfaardt says. “They say even if they can’t    patients, a precursor to iRSM.
benefit from all of the outcomes of our newer developments,

                                                                                        SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS YOU!           33
                            2008 ASTECH AWARDS DISTINGUISHED PATRONS

                                                                        their clients, people, and the capital markets. With nearly 94,000
                                                                        people worldwide, member firms provide audit, tax, and advisory
                                                                        services from 717 cities in 148 countries.
Bennett Jones LLP is an internationally recognized Canadian
business law firm focused and founded on principles of
professional excellence, integrity, respect and independent
thought. Out firm’s leadership position is reflected in the law we
practise, the groundbreaking work we do, the client relationships
we have, and the quality of our people.                                 The Alberta Research Council (ARC) puts research to work. We’re
                                                                        linking science and industry to create innovations that benefit
                                                                        the lives and businesses of everyday Albertans, strengthen the
                                                                        Canadian economy and drive global markets. ARC’s researchers
                                                                        and scientists are recognized for their excellence in applied R&D
KPMG is well qualified to serve the needs of technology                 both here at home and abroad. ARC is the largest and oldest
companies. We have the necessary resources and in-depth                 applied R&D organization in Canada and the only one of its kind in
experience to help producers of technology products and                 Alberta.
services succeed in today’s dynamic business environment. As
an industry thought leader, we provide long-range vision, astute
insights, and innovative professional service strategies to help
leading companies stay at the top of their markets. Our role is
to help businesses sustain their success by minimizing risk and         Syncrude is the world’s largest producer of light, sweet crude
transforming opportunities into clear and powerful results.             oil from oil sand. In 2007, the company will produce about 110
KPMG LLP is the Canadian member firm of KPMG International,             million barrels of Syncrude Sweet Blend from the Athabasca oil
  the coordinating entity for a global network of professional          sands deposit. Syncrude’s operation north of Fort McMurray,
    services firms, providing audit, tax, and advisory services, with   Alberta, includes oil sand mines, utilities plants and extraction
      an industry focus. The aim of KPMG International member           and upgrading facilities. The company’s rise to prominence
         firms is to turn knowledge into value for the benefit of       in Canada’s energy industry is due largely to its long-
                                                                        term commitment to research and development. Its


   investments in this area have allowed Syncrude to increase       reputation continues to grow with its leading-edge
  production, trim costs, improve environmental performance         achievements such as “Edmonton Protocol” treatment for Type
and product quality, and increase global competitiveness. With      1 diabetes; the pioneering work of the National Institute for
the recent completion of its Stage 3 expansion project, Syncrude    Nanotechnology; and the world’s first antiviral treatment for
now meets 15 percent of Canada’s crude oil requirements.            hepatitis B. Since 1994, University researchers have reported
                                                                    more than 1, 260 inventions, received 393 patents, generated
                                                                    more than $33 million in licensing and royalties revenue. The
                                                                    University (through TEC Edmonton) currently has 71 active
                                                                    spin-off companies. Our students learn from some of the
                                                                    brightest scholars in the country and the best teachers; the
The Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research (AHFMR)
                                                                    University of Alberta leads the country in the number of 3M
supports health research at Alberta’s health research intensive
                                                                    Teaching Fellowships—Canada’s top award for undergraduate
universities, teaching hospitals and regional health authorities.
                                                                    university teaching excellence. In 2007, twelve University of
Heritage researchers are earning international recognition for
                                                                    Alberta professors were named as Fellows of the Royal Society
their advances in a number of areas including genetics, heart
                                                                    of Canada, which is the highest national academic honour for
disease, diabetes, neurosciences, and health services research.
                                                                    scholars, artists and scientists.
AHFMR’s ForeFront Program provides support for people in
universities and private industry in commercializing medical and
health-related products.

                                                                    The University of Calgary reflects the community that created
 The University of Alberta is the largest research institution in   and supports it—dynamic, innovative and energetic. As one
  the province serving nearly 37,000 students in more than          of Canada’s leading research universities, these qualities are
    200 undergraduate programs and 170 graduate programs.           at the heart of all we do. The UofC has significantly increased
      As one of Canada’s top universities for external funding,     its research funding to $252.5 million, which ranks seventh in
        it received approximately $490 million in sponsored         Canada, and is continuing to move ahead.
            research in 2008-08. The University’s international

                                                                         SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS YOU!         35

                                                                  growth and productivity in value added sectors within
                                                                  four priority areas: energy, information and communications
                                                                  technology, life sciences and nanotechnology.
AVAC Ltd. is an Alberta-based, private, not-for-profit company
that invests in research initiatives and early stage commercial   The Alberta Science and Research Authority (ASRA) is an advisory
businesses that expand Alberta’s value-added industry, with       board to the Government of Alberta comprised of representatives
particular focus on the agri-business, renewable resource,        from Alberta business, academic and research communities. The
ICT, life sciences and other industrial technology sectors.       Board’s mission is to enhance the contribution of science and
Created in 1997, AVAC aids its clients by providing early stage   research to the sustainable prosperity and quality of life of all
investment, insight and focus to build viable commercial          Albertans.
value-added opportunities in Alberta.

                                                                  Dow AgroSciences Canada Inc. is a research-based, agricultural
                                                                  sciences company with a diverse product portfolio including weed,
Alberta Advanced Education and Technology is responsible
                                                                  insect and disease management for agricultural/horticultural crops
for enhancing value added activity, increasing innovation
                                                                  and products for forestry and industrial vegetation management.
and building a skilled workforce to improve the long-run
                                                                  The company has significant investments in plant genetics and
sustainability of Alberta’s economy. The ministry ensures
                                                                  biotechnology platforms in canola and corn which focus on a
the province’s high quality learning environment, including
                                                                  range of input production traits and value-added quality traits.
an effective apprenticeship and industry training system, is
                                                                  Established field research capabilities are across western and
affordable and accessible, and the source of a highly skilled
                                                                  eastern Canada including a plant breeding and cell biology group
                                                                  based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Significant research and
 Through leadership and strategic investments, the                commercial development alliances in Canada including SemBioSys
   ministry also nurtures an innovation system consisting         Genetics Inc., of Calgary, the National Research Council’s Plant
     of world-class research capacity and technology              Biotechnology Institute in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and with
       commercialization support designed to accelerate           Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada across Canada.


                                                                       oriented education to more than 76,000 registrants annually. SAIT
                                                                       offers four applied degrees, 62 diploma and certificate programs,
                                                                       33 apprenticeship trades and 2,000 continuing education and
The Alberta Ingenuity Fund supports science and engineering            customized business and industry courses.
research of the highest calibre, to create a prosperous
future for the province. It draws funding from a $1 billion
endowment established and managed by the Government of
Alberta to build the capacity for innovation, especially in areas
with long lasting social and economic impact.

                                                                       A leader in research, the University of Lethbridge is a place where
                                                                       world-renowned researchers collaborate amongst the disciplines
                                                                       to address issues of global concern and to provide applicable
                                                                       solutions. For example, in 2005, the United Nations (UN) named
SAIT’s record-setting graduate employment rate of 97 percent
                                                                       the University of Lethbridge the Canadian centre for its Water for
this year is a result of the polytechnic’s relationships with
                                                                       Life decade (2005 to 2015) in recognition of the leadership role the
                                                                       institution has taken in water research. The University is also home
Faculty work with more than 150 external organizations and             to the Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience – a world-
benefit from the guidance of 1,000 industry professionals on           class facility where Canada’s leading behavioural neuroscience
advisory committees.                                                   group sheds new light on the brain and behaviour.
The polytechnic’s seven Centres of Technology, many unique
in Canada, were designed and built in association with
  SAIT’s Applied Research and Innovation Services is industry’s        ICORE invests in people—the highest calibre research scientists
    point of contact for institutional expertise and resources         who work on fundamental and applied problems in informatics.
      for innovative projects—projects that enable the                 It operates several grant programs to develop iCORE Chairs
         advancement and adoption of technology in industry.           at Alberta universities, around which world-class research
              SAIT Polytechnic excels in delivering relevant, skill-   teams are developed. To date, over twenty-seven research

                                                                            SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS YOU!         37

 chairs have been established to focus on emerging areas such as     NAIT also engages with business and industry in applied research
wireless communications, artificial intelligence, systems biology,   and innovation and provides corporate training. The institution
and quantum and nanocomputing. Over a dozen research chairs          offers 1,650 programs and courses, with 6,000 graduates receiving
are in partnership with Alberta industry. For more information,      degrees, applied degrees, diplomas, certificates of journeyman
visit                                                  certification every year. A Top 35 employer in Alberta, the institute
                                                                     also has the largest diploma-granting business school in western
                                                                     Canada and offers a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration
                                                                     as well as Alberta’s only Technology Management degree. It trains
                                                                     more apprentices than anyone in Canada, including 50 percent of
Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD) invested more           trades people in Alberta and 17 per cent nationally. NAIT is home
than $84 million toward 88 innovation projects across the            to Canada’s first commercial fuel cell, has a business incubator for
West in 2007-08. This leveraged an additional $250.5 million         inventors and entrepreneurs and accesses research grants through
from a variety of partners, including provincial and municipal       NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of
governments, universities, research institutes, industry and not-    Canada). In addition, six new world-class centres for various
for-profit organizations.                                            technologies have been opened in the past five years and two
                                                                     more are in the works.

NAIT is one of the preeminent institutes of technology in Canada,    Mount Royal College is a premier undergraduate institution that
known for student success, with 134,000 alumni worldwide. With       offers a unique blend of programs – baccalaureate university
more accredited programs than any other similar institute in         degrees, applied degrees, diplomas and certificates – to more
  Canada, it provides real-world education in business, advanced     than 13,000 full and part-time students and 40,000 continuing
   technologies and skilled trades to more than 86,500               education students each year. Since 1910, Mount Royal has
      customers annually at 15 locations in Alberta and in 23        developed innovative and market-driven courses of study
         countries around the world.                                 that enable graduates to develop successful careers in
                                                                     the business, not-for-profit and government sectors


   in Canada and around the world. Our programs are evolving         Shell Canada’s corporate goals are growth and profitability within
  to meet the changing needs of Alberta’s employment market,         an overarching commitment to sustainable development.
but one thing remains the same: Mount Royal’s graduates are          Shell Canada is a Canadian corporation, wholly owned by Royal
in high demand because of their industry-ready technical skills.     Dutch Shell pic, an English company with headquarters in the
For example, more than 90 per cent of students graduating            Netherlands.
with a Bachelor of Applied Computer Information Systems and
Business are employed right away. Our programs are developed
with expert input from Advisory Groups made up of faculty and
industry leaders, resulting in programs like the Applied Degree
in Environmental Science, which prepares students for careers in     TELUS Corporation is the largest telecommunications company
Canada’s fastest growing field of employment. Students in the        in Western Canada and the second largest in the country. We
Bachelor of Applied Communications – Electronic Publishing           provide a wide range of communications products and services
and Technical Communication programs are highly sought               including data, Internet Protocol (IP), voice, entertainment and
after because they know how to adapt to the latest changes           video. Our strategy is to unleash the power of the Internet to
in technology. Mount Royal graduates are able to undertake           deliver the best solutions to Canadians at home, in the workplace
applied research and focus on problem solving. They enter the        and on the move.
market confident and ready to make an impact on Alberta’s
flourishing economy.

                                                                     CMG Reservoir Simulation Foundation (Foundation CMG)
                                                                     supports professors’ and students’ leading edge research in
 Shell Canada is one of the largest integrated petroleum             computer simulation and modelling flow of liquids and gases
  companies in Canada, producing natural gas, natural gas            and biochemical reactions in the earth. Improving technology
    liquids and bitumen. It is also the country’s largest producer   and reducing negative impacts: CO2 sequestration, oil and
       of sulphur. Shell Canada is a leading manufacturer,           gas production, in-situ recovery and other processes with
          distributor and marketer of refined petroleum              advanced 4D dynamic visualization. Exciting opportunities
             products.                                               for engineers and scientists exploring CO2 oil and gas

                                                                          SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS YOU!        39

  recovery, coalbed methane, in-situ oilsands, environment
 remediation and other technologies. Foundation CMG is an
industry endowed not-for-profit organization and sponsors
researchers and students in universities in Alberta and around the
                                                                     BioAlberta is the central voice and the organizing hub for life
                                                                     sciences in Alberta. We are a private, not-for-profit industry
                                                                     association with activities focused in the following areas:
                                                                     • Government advocacy
                                                                     • Industry promotion
                                                                     • Increasing industry access to financing
In today’s high-tech world, products and services change as
                                                                     • Facilitating access to human resources
rapidly as technology evolves. Keeping up with these changes
can be overwhelming and time-consuming. As your insurance            • Business development and networking opportunities
advisor, we ensure our market information is current and remains     Alberta’s life science industry is a broad field of endeavour
on top of technological trends which affect our clients’ business.   encompassing biotechnology, environmental science, medical
Whether you are an emerging company or a multinational firm          technology, industrial bioproducts, agriculture biotechnology, bio-
with revenue in the billions, Lloyd Sadd Insurance makes it a        informatics and natural health products.
priority to understand your business and the way it operates in
context with technology. Lloyd Sadd Insurance’s Technology
Industry Practice is a group of insurance professionals working
exclusively with technology clients to think up unique and
dynamic solutions for their insurance needs so clients can stay
focused on running their business.



                      Based in Calgary, Conematic is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced
                      heating solutions. Through seamless innovation with its partners and alliances,
                      Conematic developed Hybritherm Technology™ – the environmentally responsible
                      heating system that creates a single, complete solution for space and water heating by
                      leveraging the world’s best technologies.

                      The newly released SOL series heating systems with Hybritherm Technology™ will reduce green house
                      gas emissions by more than 1.5 tonnes, per unit per year and save 25% on monthly heating bills, while
                      delivering extraordinary comfort.


                      The Alberta Ingenuity Fund supports science and engineering research of the highest
                      calibre, to create a prosperous future for the province. It draws funding from a $1 billion
                      endowment established and managed by the Government of Alberta to build the
                      capacity for innovation, especially in areas with long lasting social and economic

                                                               SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS YOU!         41

2008 ASTECH VIP & MAIN RECEPTION HOST                            2008 ASTECH AFTER-PARTY HOST

IBM Canada Ltd. is one of Canada’s leading                      Cybera Inc. is a member-driven, member-governed
providers of advanced information technology,                   organization, with a mandate to provide provincial
products, services and business consulting                      leadership by coordinating, integrating, leveraging, and
expertise. We are dedicated to helping our clients              sustaining investments in cyberinfrastructure technologies
innovate and succeed through the end-to-end                     in Alberta. Cybera maintains primary offices and staff at
transformation of their business models and the                 the University of Calgary and at the University of Alberta.
application of innovative technology and business               As part of its mandate, Cybera will facilitate access to
solutions. IBM Canada and its wholly-owned                      services and support personnel to increase access to
subsidiaries employ more than 19,000 regular full-              technology and expertise to enable Alberta researchers
time and part-time people across the country. In                and businesses to solve problems, advance their research
addition, IBM provides temporary employment                     and development, and innovate in key priority areas
 for 3,800 people including 805 students.                       such as health, life sciences, energy, nanotechnology and
                                                                Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). For
                                                                more information, please visit



Neil Taylor                  Dr. Cornelia Kreplin                     Dr. R. Sean Sanders
Chenomx Inc.                 Agriculture and Rural Development        University of Alberta

Dr. Olga Kovalchuk           Dr. David Bailey                         Dr. Zhangxing Chen
University of Lethbridge     Genome Alberta                           University of Calgary

Paul D. Clark                Dr. Alice Hontela
VisionGain Consulting Inc.   University of Lethbridge

Peggy MacTavish              Craig Dobson
Precarn Inc.                 Taylor Warwick Consulting Limited


Todd Babiak                  Kathryn O’Hara                           Tim Lougheed
Edmonton, Alberta            Ottawa, Ontario                          Ottawa, Ontario

                                                        SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS YOU!   43
                              2008 ASTECH AWARDS NOMINATORS

Dr. Robert Tipman                             Patty Rooks                          Dr. Elizabeth Cannon

Hamid Sarreshtehdari                          Ryan Radke                           Dr. Sandy Murphree

Henry Najda                                   Dr. Chandra Khulbe                   Andrew Vogan, P.Geol

Gwen Kenderdine                               Drew Hiltz                           Dr. William McCaffrey

John Fleiger                                  Dr. Jack H. Jhamandas                Steve Hogle

Dr. Richard Hawkes                            Gary McPherson                       R. Stewart Thompson

Satya Brata Das                               Shelagh Holm                         Dr. Don Kjosness

Warren Piers                                  Dr. Mike Lipsett                     Dr. Mohamed Abousalem, P. Eng

Russ Taylor                                   Dr. Payam Rahimi                     Julia Millen

Dr. Alex Zahavich                             Brian Doucette                       Warren Michaels

Dr. Indira Samarasekera                       Dr. Gregory Taylor                   Hicham Aiteimaalem

Dr. Walter F. Bischof                         John Masters


Karen Beliveau          Steve Hogle                         Bev Jones
Beliveau Consulting     Alberta Research Council            ASTECH Foundation

Joan Currie
                                                            Guy Mallabo
Currie Communications
                                                            SAIT Polytechnic

                                                                 Sutherland, CHAIR
                                                            Lynn Sutherl

                                               SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS YOU!
                                                                      IMP            45
                    2008 ASTECH AWARDS BOARD OF DIRECTORS


Kathleen Thurber                        Frank Meyer                              Dr. Lorraine Whale
Alberta Heritage Foundation for         CMG Reservoir Simulation Foundation      Shell Canada Limited
Medical Research                        (Foundation CMG)
                                                                                 Stefano Chiovelli
Dr. Peter Hackett                       Gary Otto                                Syncrude Canada Ltd.
Alberta Ingenuity                       Dow AgroSciences Canada Inc.
                                                                                 Brent Allison
Steve Hogle                             Lynn Sutherland                          TELUS
Alberta Research Council Inc.           iCORE Inc.
                                                                                 Deborah Holloway
Lisa Bowes                              Scott Olsson                             University of Alberta
Alberta Advanced Education and          KPMG
Technology/Alberta Science and                                                   Glenn McMurray
Research Authority                      Stuart Tate                              University of Calgary
                                        Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers Ltd.
Ed Knash (ASTECH Chair)                                                          Christine Picken
AVAC Ltd.                               Trevor Davis                             University of Lethbridge
                                        Mount Royal College
Martin Kratz                                                                     Doug Maley
Bennett Jones LLP                       Dr. Ben Silverberg                       Western Economic Diversification Canada
Ryan Radke
BioAlberta                              E.H. Guy Mallabone
                                        SAIT Polytechnic

Peter Kinash                            John W. Masters                          Dr. Roger Pederson
                                        Calgary Technologies Inc.                TRLabs

                                           ASTECH AWARD RECIPIENTS 1990–2007
Innovation in Alberta Science and              2001 Terry Allen                                     2002   SMART Technologies Inc.            2000    David Mitchell
Technology                                     2002 D. Jed Harrison                                 2003   NOVA Chemicals Corporation         2001    William Cochrane
1990 Ronald G. Micetich                        2003 Michael Brett                                   2004   NOVA Chemicals Corporation         2002    Andrew W. Gilliland
                                               2004 Gérard Lachapelle                               2005   NovAtel Inc.                       2003    Matt Spence
Outstanding Leadership in Alberta              2005 Dr. Norman Beaulieu                             2007   Intuit Canada Ltd.                 2004    David T. Lynch
Science                                        2006 Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Machine Learning                                             2005    Dr. William Bridger
1991   Leroy Cogger                                 (AICML)                                         Corporations with sales < $25M            2006    Cyril M. Kay
1992   Leonard T. Bruton                       2007 Dr. Garnette Sutherland                         1992   Biomira Inc. and Westronics Inc.   2007    Dr. Eldon Smith
1993   Benno Nigg & D.L.J. Tyrrell                                                                  1993   Valmet Automation (Canada) Ltd.
1994   Jeremy Wang Group                       Outstanding Achievement in Applied                   1994   Alta Genetics Inc.                 Leaders of Tomorrow
1995   Robert Hodges                           Technology and Innovation                            1995   Merak Projects Ltd.                2000    Rita Aggarwala
1996   Robert V. Moody                         2002 Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC),            1996   Revolve Technologies Inc.          2001    Jocelyn Grozic
1997   Timothy R. Mosmann                           Pipe Flow Technology Centre                     1997   SMART Technologies Inc.            2002    Michael S. Kallos (co-recipient)
1998   Richard E. Peter                        2003 Miodrag Belosevic                               1998   Wi-LAN Inc.                        2002    Talib Rajwani (co-recipient)
1999   David W. Schindler                      2004 Light Up the World Foundation                   1999   EyeWire, Inc.                      2003    Tim Poon
2000   The Islet Transplantation               2005 IMUS Research Team                              2000   Matrikon                           2004    Konrad Walus
2001   John Wallace                            2007 Conematic Heating Systems Inc.                  2001   BioWare Corp.                      2005    Ryan Schneider
2002   Samuel Weiss                                                                                 2002   Micralyne Inc.                     2006    Sean Hum
2003   Brian D. Sykes                          Outstanding Commercial Achievement                   2003   Upside Software Inc.               2007    Jeeshan Chowdhury
2004   Bryan Kolb
                                               in Alberta Science and Technology                    2004   Ceapro Inc.
2005   Dr. Paul Kubes                          1990 B & W Technologies Ltd.                         2005   CV Technologies Inc.               ASTECH Foundation Special Award
2006   Philip Currie                           1991 Intera Technologies Inc.                        2006   Replicon Inc.                      (A special award issued at the discretion of the Board
2007   Dr. David Bundle                                                                             2007   Extreme Engineering                of Directors of the Foundation)
                                               Outstanding Commercial Achievement                                                             1992 Richard E. Taylor
Outstanding Leadership in Alberta              in Alberta Science and Technology                    Outstanding Contribution to the           1993 Raymond U. Lemieux
Technology                                     Corporations with sales > $25M                       Alberta Science and Technology            1994 Lionel E. McLeod
1991   John Tulip                              1992 Sherritt Gordon Ltd., Metal and Coinage         Community                                 1995 TRLabs
1992   Lawrence C.H. Wang                           Products Marketing                              1990   Eric A. Geddes                     1996 Alberta Research Council
1993   Brian Unger                             1993 CS Resources Limited                            1991   Clement W. Bowman                  1998 Honorable Peter
1994   Donald B. Robinson                      1994 IDACOM Telecom Division,                        1992   Robert B. Church                            Lougheed, Q.C.
1995   Karl Chuang                                  of Hewlett-Packard Canada Ltd.                  1993   Harry E. Gunning                   1999 Fred A. Stewart
1996   Norman J. Dovichi                       1995 NOWSCO Well Services                            1994   D. Robert Weir                     2001 Robert J. Crawford
1997   Maurice M. Moloney (co-recipient)       1996 Tesco Corporation                               1995   John S. Colter                     2003 Alastair Ross, in memoriam
1997   Anthony A. Noujaim (co-recipient)       1997 PanCanadian Petroleum Ltd.                      1996   Thomas P. Keenan (co-recipient)    2005 Dr. Roger Butler, in memoriam (co-recipient)
1998   Leo A. Behie                            1998 Syncrude Canada Ltd.                            1996   Martha Piper (co-recipient)        2005 Dr. Karl A. Clark, in memoriam (co-recipient)
1999   Wayne Grover                            1999 QC Data International Ltd.                      1997   William D. Croft                   2006 Alvin Gerald Libin
2000   Larry Comeau                            2000 Not awarded                                     1998   James W. Murray                    2007 Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour
                                               2001 CSI Wireless Inc.                               1999   Eric P. Newell

                                                                                                      SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS YOU!                             47
                                             ASTECH AWARD RECIPIENTS 1990–2007…CONTINUED

ASTECH Industrial Research                         Syncrude/ASTECH Innovation in                     Al-Pac/ASTECH Innovation                   Excellence in Science and
2005 Xsensor Technology Corporation                Oil Sands Research                                in Integrated Landscape                    Technology
2006 Quadrise Canada Fuel Systems                  1992   Roger Butler                               Management                                 Public Awareness
                                                   1993   Jacob Masliyah                             2001 Stan Boutin                           1994 Science Alberta Foundation
NRC/ASTECH Innovation in                           1994   Clifton Shook                              2002 Brad Stelfox                          1995 Praxis Society
Industrial Research                                1995   Norbert Morgenstern                        2003 EMEND Project Partners                1996 Calgary Science Network (co-recipient)
North                                              1996   Otto P. Strausz
                                                   1997   Murray R. Gray                             Excellence in Science and                  1996   WISEST (co-recipient)
1991    Axion Spatial Imaging                                                                        Technology Journalism: General
                                                   1998   Don Scott                                                                             1997   Discover ‘E’ Science Camps
1992    ZI Probes Inc.                                                                               Public
                                                   1999   Waldemar Maciejewski                                                                  1998   Alberta Women’s Science Network
1993    Russell Technologies Inc.                                                                    1992 Mark Lowey
                                                   2000   Jan Czarnecki                                                                         1999   Dinosaur Country Science Camp
1994    Harding Instrument Co. Ltd.                                                                  1993 Michelle Jones
                                                   2001   Donald E. Sheeran                                                                     2000   Edmonton Space & Science Centre
1995    Epsilon Chemicals                                                                            1994 Arthur Heller
                                                   2002   Keng H. Chung                                                                                (now Odyssium)
1996    Madenta Communications Inc.                                                                  1996 Scott McKeen
                                                   2003   Paraffinic Froth Treatment Technology                                                 2001   Operation Minerva
1997    AltaRex Corp.                                                                                1998 John Acorn
                                                          Commercialization Team                                                                2002   ‘Pi in the Sky’
1998    Cytovax Biotechnologies Inc.                                                                 2000 Not awarded
                                                   2004   Hassan Hamza                                                                          2003   University of Alberta’s Faculty of
1999    BioTools Incorporated                                                                        2002 Alberta Venture Magazine, Editorial
                                                   2005   Rodney Ridley and Patrick Dougan                                                             Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR)
2000    SRW Technologies                                                                                  Team                                         Outreach Program
                                                   2006   The In Situ Combustion Research Team
2001    Russell N.D.E. Systems Inc.                                                                  2004 Ed Struzik                            2004   Biotechnology Training Centre Outreach
                                                   2007   AACI Research Team, ARC
2002    BigBangwidth Inc.                                                                            2006 Gregory Harris                        2005   Shad Valley
2003    Acrodex Inc.                               AVAC/ASTECH Innovation in                                                                    2006   Kananaskis Field Stations and G-8
2004    Virexx Medical Corp.                       Agricultural Science                              Excellence in Science Journalism:                 Legacy Chair in Wildlife Ecolory
                                                   1999   Gary R. Stringam                           Specialized Publications                   2007   The Alta Project, Dr. James Pinfold, UofA
South                                                                                                1993   Rae Haaland
                                                   2000   Prem Kharbanda
1991    Itres Research                             2001   James H. Helm                              1994   Lois Hammond
1992    Smart Technologies Inc.                    2002   Allen Good                                 1995   Dennis Urquhart
1993    Malibu Engineering Ltd.                                                                      1997   Not awarded
1994    New Era Systems Service Ltd.               AVAC/Dow AgroSciences/ASTECH                      1999   Connie Bryson
1995    Yellowbird Products Limited                Innovation in Agricultural Science                2001   Tony Kryzanowksi
1996    Travis Chemicals Inc.                      2003 John O’Donovan                               2005   Nickle’s New Technology Magazine,
1997    Intelligent Databases International Inc.   2004 Cold Regions Geoenvironmental Research              Editorial Team
1998    Canzyme Corporation                             Facility
1999    Oncolytics Biotech Inc.                    2005 Dr. Thava Vasanthan and Dr. Feral Temelli
2000    Mentor Engineering                         2006 George Clayton
2001    Alterna Technologies Group Inc.            2007 Dr. Maurice Moloney
2002    SemBioSys Genetics Inc.
2003    Spartek Systems Inc.
2004    Canadian Bio-Systems Inc.

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