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									                                CENTER FOR EDUCATIONAL EXCHANGE WITH VIETNAM
                                   a subsidiary of the American Council of Learned Societies

                               Vietnam Office: So 5, Ngo 52, Pho Giang Van Minh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam
                                    Tel: 4-3723-6825 / Fax: 4-3723-6827 / E-mail:
                               U.S. Office: 816 South 48th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19143
                                    Tel: 215-727-9819 / Fax: 215-727-5798/ E-mail:

                                Confidential Letter of Recommendation
                         Fellowships for Master of Fine Arts in Film Production


Name of Recommender:                                                    Title:


Note to the recommender: This letter should be typed or printed, and in English, if possible. If this letter
is not written in English, please attach an accurate translation. To ensure confidentiality, the completed
form should be enclosed in a sealed envelope. Please sign the back of the sealed envelope. After the
envelope is signed and sealed, you may return it to the applicant to submit with their completed
application packet.

1. How long, and in what capacity have you known this applicant?

2. On the following scale, please rate the applicant relative his/her peers:
                                                 Below Average   Average    Good      Excellent
Academic Performance
Technical knowledge & skills in chosen field
Professional Potential
Relating to & working with others
Adaptability to Foreign Environment

3. What are this applicant’s major strengths?


4. Please add your comments on the applicant as a scholar and professional and on his/her
   specific study proposal. Please evaluate the applicant’s past and present performance,
    intellectual ability, ability to pursue and successfully complete a program of study in the
    proposed field, and potential for future contribution in the proposed field. You are welcome
    to use an additional page if necessary.

Name of Recommender (Print)
Signature:                                                  Date:

Thank you for your recommendation.
Please return this form, in a sealed and signed envelope, to the applicant.


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