2005-2007 Forensic Osteological Investigations Laboratory, UCSC

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					Cris E. Hughes

2005-2007     Forensic Osteological Investigations Laboratory, UCSC          Santa Cruz, CA
Junior Laboratory Analyst
 Forensic skeletal analysis under the direction of Dr. Alison Galloway including:
         Assessment of biological profile                       Identification based on the skeleton
         Trauma analysis                                        Crime scene recovery
         Pathology analysis                                     Preliminary preparation of case
         Postmortem Interval Estimation                            reports
         Crime scene recovery and/or
                                                                 Photographic documentation
         Human vs. animal determination

2004 Prentice Thomas and Associates, Inc. Fort Walton Beach, FL
Archaeological Survey Associate
 As part of the Cultural Resource Management Team, surveyed possible archaeological sites looking
   for prehistoric and historic artifacts
 When conducting site testing, my responsibilities ranged from mapping out the site area, laying out
   coordinate-based units, using GPS for data collection, photographing features and archaeological test
   units, explaining our daily findings to piers, clients, and supervisors.

2004-2004 C.A. Pound Lab, Forensic Analysis            Gainesville, FL
 Analyzed and evaluated a computer application (Drama by Reflex Systems, Inc.) as a potential tool
    for development of quick, reliable and accurate three-dimensional imaging of unknown individuals'
    skeletal remains.
 Studied the capabilities and effectiveness of this new forensic software as a tool for the identification
    process of contemporary human remains in a medico-legal context.
 Incorporated aspects of other programs and hardware such as X-ray production and analyses.

2002-2003 Florida Museum of Natural History Gainesville, FL
 Catalogued and reviewed museum collections to ensure proper storing and care of specimens.
 Develop organized databases for archaeological sites in Florida.
 Curated an archaeological skeletal collection (8VO24, Tick Island) which included:
     Conducting historical analyses of the site and the skeletal collection to develop proper
       classification and documentation into the Museum of Natural History's system.
     Worked daily with other interns to solve problems with the current methods of storing the
       collection in order to make it a useful resource for future research.

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