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SUMMARY:  Eight years of experience in Software Analysis, Design and Implementation of Business applications using Java/J2EE technologies.  Worked with versatile domains like - Telecom, Financial, IT Service, Pharmaceutical and Real-Estate industry.  Experience in both working in offshore development (in India) and highly client centric software development.  Handled full life-cycle projects, including Analysis and Requirements Gathering, Design, Construction, Implementation, and Enhancements in both Product and Service (SAAS) based companies.  Highly Experienced in using prominent BPM tools like, Q-Link, Adobe-LifeCycle and BPEL.  Possess hands on experience in software development methodologies like Agile(Scrup and XP), Waterfall, Rational Unified Process(RUP).  Excellent implementation knowledge of Enterprise/Web/Client Server using Java, J2EE (Servlet, JDBC, JSP, EJB, JSF, AJAX and Struts).  Design pattern implementation experience (MVC2, DAO Factory, Command/Front Controller, Decorator Widgets, ,Session Façade etc).  Strong experience in designing Use Case Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams and Class Diagrams using Rational Rose and MS Visio.  Multiple Web Application Servers Build, Configuration and Deployment experience like (WebSphere6.0, OC4J, JBoss, Apache Tomcat and ServletExec). Familiarity with Ant Scripts and Maven as tools to standardize and automate the build and deployment process.  Strong working experience with OracleFusion – BPEL/SOA/OC4J.  Worked on SOA Applications using WSDL (Published configuration file), SOAP(Object Data format) and AXIS (Tool to generate Service Stub and Skeleton). Written both Web Services and their respective client(s) in a distributed environment.  Expertise in XML Parsing (SAX, DOM), XSL, XSLT, XPath.  Extensive experience in design, development and implementation of Presentation Layer Model- View – Controller(MVC) 2 using Struts and JSF framework.  Applications implementation with PL/SQL, TSQL for Database triggers, Procedures and Functions.  Design and development of interface and conversion programs to integrate Oracle Applications modules and external packages and custom applications to import data from various sources into oracle applications using PL/SQL and other tools.  Strong experience with databases, including Data Modeling and Schema Design for Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2005 and DB2.  Provided Guidance to the Users and team members using class diagrams, sequence diagrams and collaboration diagrams.  Extensive development in Sun Solaris, Unix, Red Hat Linux, WindowsNT/98/2000/XP operating sys.  Excellent analytical, communication and interpersonal skills.  A Team player with ability to perform development tasks with minimal supervision, possess strong problem analysis skills.  Experience working with the source control and versioning tools Clear Case, SVN, CVS and VSS.  Extensive experience in Integrated Testing and Unit Testing using JUnit and JavaDoc  Can quickly master new concepts and applications and possess strong communication and Interpersonal skills.

TECHNICAL SKILLS: Languages Enterprise Technologies

Java 5, C++ J2EE - Servlets, JSP, EJB, JSTL, RMII and JNDI

~ References will be furnished upon request ~

Web Technologies Web Services: ORM Tools: Java Frameworks: UML Modeling (OOAD) : IDE: RDBMS: Platforms: Web/App Server: Protocols: Configuration Mgmt: Build/Deploy Tools: XML, XSD, DTD, XPATH, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, JSON, Ajax and JQuery WSDL, SOAP, AXIS 1.4, XML,XSD & SAX Hibernate 3.4 Struts2, Struts1.2, JSF and Barista Visio, Rational Rose (RUP), Dia, Posidon. RAD7.0, JDeveloper, Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, NetBeans Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2005, DB2 Windows 95/98/NT/2K/XP, Unix WebSphere6.0 , JBoss, Oc4j, Tomcat, ServletExec TCP/IP Protocol Stack, SOAP ClearCase, CVS, Visual Source Safe, SVN Ant, Maven

EDUCATION: Masters of Business Administration(IT), I.M.E.D, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, India Bachelor in Computer Application, MS University, India

~ References will be furnished upon request ~

WORK EXPERIENCE: Merck & Co., Inc. ( Lansdale, PA Feb 2009 – Till Date Merck & Co., Inc. is a global research-driven pharmaceutical company dedicated to putting patients first. Established in 1891, Merck discovers, develops, manufactures and markets vaccines and medicines to address unmet medical needs. Designation: Sr. Consultant Role: Java Developer Project: FACTS/Customer Finder 9.0 Merck's Customer Finder 9.0 is the next enhanced version of their web application to manage their customers (both individuals and organizations). The application scope was to work with the Merck clients and help the Merck representatives to get more information of the customer base. The Web Application primary objective was to cater Customer Master Data layering with Business Data to provide solutions to the Reps. The Customer Finder was hosted on Tomcat 6 Web Server, with DB2 as its Persistence. Struts 2 Framework was designed and developed as the base MVC architecture. The Front End was designed with JQuery Scripting Frameworks, integrated with AJAX Capabilities. Responsibilities:  Designed and Developed DAO Layer for the Application. Factory Design pattern was implemented to have the capability to connect to both DB2 and Oracle Databases. Primitive CURD operations were wrapped with Manager classes which were accessed by the Struts Actions through Utility Classes.  Designed Sequence Diagrams and Class diagrams to represent the Dynamic and Static nature of the Application resp.  Configuration of Struts2 Framework, including specification of Interceptors, Forms and Struts Actions. Different Package were created for different Objects like defaults and JSON. Technology Involved: JAVA,Eclipsev3.4, Tomcat 6.0, AJAX, JSON, JQuery, Struts 2, DB2, SVN and UNIX.

Charles Schwab Corporation ( Denver, CO Aug 2008 – Feb 2008 The Charles Schwab Corporation (Nasdaq:SCHW) is a leading provider of financial services. Schwab help millions of people save, invest and manage their money. They are the industry leader in serving Registered Investment Advisors, and we manage retirement plans for companies of all sizes. Designation: Sr. Developer Role: Lead Developer Project: Help and Guidance – QPP (Advised Managed) The Schwab Quarterly Portfolio Profile (QPP) provides a quarter-end snapshot of general performance data for the securities held within the client’s portfolio and identifies areas where the client may wish to take action. The QPP is designed to help the client:    Compare the client’s portfolio’s asset allocation with a target model (Retail Only). Pinpoint sectors and individual equities where the client might be over- or under-concentrated. View Schwab Equity Ratings for the stocks/bonds in the client’s portfolio (Retail Only).

 Identify areas that may require immediate action. The QPP report reflects the client’s account positions held as of the last business day of the quarter. QPP production occurs 3 to 4 weeks after quarter-end. Beginning the first full week of the month following the quarterly production run, a weekly process generates quarterly reports for any new subscriptions added the previous week. The Front end comprises of two interfaces the REPTool and the developer on Struts 2 Framework with persistence layer as Oracle 10g. Responsibilities:  Architecture and re-design of the QPP-Batch Database (Oracle 10g), so that it is capable enough to handle and serve any SOA(Service Oriented Architecture) on top of it. The intention was to Extract ~ References will be furnished upon request ~

data from the Batch Database and propose a schema where we can fit this data and leverage it to a Service Oriented Architecture. SQL Scripts were designed and developed to perform Indexing, imply integrity constraints on the extracted data. The Schema supporting the SAO, had tables which were normalized and related with matching cardinalities.  Design and Development of SOA, including writing Web Services and their respective clients. Major Services provided by these Web Services were information in the form of Portfolio Management data maintained in different Business domains. SOAP was the representation of the data consumed by the Web Services. Clients were generated(stubs) using the published WSDL File of the respective Web Services.  Configured and Deployed Application EAR in Web Sphere 6.0 Server for Test and UAT Environments. This included configuration of EAR File. Setting of environment variables pointing to correct resource locations. Analyzing and configuration of dependent environments. Worked with rational Clearcase to manage the Config Specs and operations like Checkin/Checkout of modified/new/current code-base.  The Presentation layer of the Application was designed using MVC2 standards. This was achieved using Struts2 Framework. Hibernate was used as a ORM Layer between the Struts2/MVC Presentation Layer and the Persistence. Hibernate was used to have a Logical mapping between the real world data models and the actual database model. The mapping was done in the form of mapping XML Files. Basic DAO Classes were designed for each mapped Business/Real World Class, wrapped with a Manager Class, which internally down the line used to perform CURD Operations in the Database.

Technology Involved: JAVA,IBM RAD 7.0, Web Sphere 6.0, Struts 2, Hibernate, Oracle 10g, ClearCase and Unix.

Verizon Business ( Colorado Springs, CO Nov 2007 – July 2008 Verizon Business is the culmination of a series of focused acquisitions of industry leaders, including MCI, UUNET and Digex, that create a company with deep expertise, global capabilities, and a history of innovation. Verizon Business delivers advanced IP, data, voice and wireless solutions to large business and government. Designation: Application Developer Role: Application Developer Project: IMPACT IMPACT is a Business Process work flow Management Tool which will be used to Automate the network management. We are Developing Automations for the Alarms(XML) coming from the network failures.Past days these alarms were hanled by business users manually. Now By using QLINK(Now called AdobeLifeCycle) we are able to Develop the Automations to Automate the mannual work. Q-Link/Adobe LifeCycle is a Business Process Management (BPM) solution for the Internet that enables the automation of any business process by delivering the right information, to the right place, at the right time.The goal of the system is to bring users, CSRs, administrators, and managers closer to information that they can use to determine how well their business processes serve their customers, partners and vendors .Our Evnvionment is JBOSS Application server to run process management application. IMPACT is Going to Take the Support of Various Systems 1. ITS (Circuit Testing) 2.CF -Command Factory (communication with network elements) 3.ETMS ( Ticketing System) 4. TS (Toplogy Services ) The Project IMPACT is a BPM (Business Process Management) Tool and QLINK is a Third Party Tool by Adobe. In Qlink based on business requirements some EJB and Services were written and these are called as Q-Pac’s (Qlink Process Action Components) used in the automation development. For testing purpose we have PIE tool of Verizon business. Responsibilities:

~ References will be furnished upon request ~

    Participated in Requirements Analysis, and Design and Development phases of the project with major emphasis on Development of the modules Developed Automated Workflows using the tool called Qlink. Worked on re-design of already developed QPacs, with Functional Design change(Business Logic). Developed QPac’s, which are EJB components possessing distinctive functionalities, which intern contains the workflow logic. These EJB components were designed to perform monitoring, ticketing and database updations. Defect resolution and Tracking was performed using Mercury. Used Multithreaded environment for receiving the Alarm(XML) from the Tier2 Systems and give it to Netbars for asynchronous operation Developed Net bars Process properties for Connectivity with the Netbars and the work flow. Netbars Acts as a Back end engine had a Worker Thread which takes care of communicating the other Systems CF, TS and injecting into work flow. Unit Test for Automations. Getting ICBM (users’ data base) Data and mapping to the real data in the project. Used Java Messaging System to reduce the inter dependencies of the system using MDB. Used SOAP for communicating with the other system through XML request and XML responses from CF and TS and ETMS

  

   

Technology Involved:JAVA, Qlink, XML, Mercury, JBOSS, JMS, EJB, Oracle, CVS, Telnet and Sun Solaris.

Imriel Ltd. ( London, UK April 2007 –Nov 2007 imriel provides a range solutions and services to help you bridge the service gaps in your organization, encompassing business process consultancy, training and coaching, business application implementation and full management and support. Designation: Lead Developer Role: Project Lead Project: texas – Valuation workflow system for Client Texas is a web-application developed for streamlining and structuring the whole valuation process for a RealEstate business. This application takes a Property as an entity on with a Job is been executed, which is the Valuation. This whole process involves Documents in form of Notes, Drafts or Legal documents. These documents are managed and tagged under a single Job for a Property. This projects main objective was to make the complex process of valuation as simple as possible. For this High End GUI Widgets were used, with AJAX Calls support, making the application more simple and fast to use. The major software development methodology used here as Agile, where we had short requirements to achieve on weekly demonstrations to client. Responsibilities:  Managing the clients SRS (Software requirements specification).  Designed the business model and its dependencies in Visio.  Managing the project plan/Scheduling/Resource Allocation/Releases.  Design and develop the Design Specification for Major components in the System.  Deign of the texas framework included: o Developed the Schema of the entire data-model. Articulated in the form of ER Diagrams. o Laid out the Hibernate classes with structured DAO and Model Classes. o Generated the Manager classes, wrapping the developed DAO for the Presentation Layer to access the data-model. o Performed technical evaluation and POC for Oracle TopLink as a proposed Layer between the Presentation/Business and the Persistence.

~ References will be furnished upon request ~

Configured the Log4J Logging schema as a Singleton Object with concurrent access capability throughout the Application scope. o Designed the whole MVC architecture on Struts 2 as per Java Design Specification. Major business logic was embedded into POJO Action Classes. Interceptors were used to perform the Data Validations and Authentication. o UML Object Model was incorporated using the Microsoft Visio tool. o Supervised code review using Checkstyle/Jelopy – Code Maintenance process. Technology Involved: MS Project, MyEclipse, Java Development Kit 1.5, Struts 2, Hibernate 3.4, JavaScript, XML, AJAX, Log4J, Oracle 10g, JBOSS, SVN. Role: Project Lead Project: Asset Management - CBRE Budget Tracker Asset Management – CBRE Budget Tracker was designed to automate the Business Processes involved in the Budget Tracking for any Property for CBRE. The processes like rent collection, property maintenance, property deposits were part of the Budget tracker system. The challenge was to automate the whole process using BPEL Engine. This process involved emailing and sending notifications to responsible clients and agents including managers and dealers. The process I based like a flow-chart structure in a BPEL Engine and the main business logic was embedded in the form of Web Services. Responsibilities:  Crafting the various business process distinctly to develop the automated execution model.  Developed the Project work breakdown structure and designed Project Plans.  Involved in recruitment and training of Developers on OracleFusion - BPEL.  Design of the full workflow of the Budget Tracking Business Process..  Design of the Asset Management – Budget Tracker framework included: o Developed the Schema of the entire Data-Model on Oracle10g. Included development of ER Diagrams using Microsoft Visio. o Monitored and Involved in development of required Triggers and Stored Procedures to embed the business flow, o Laid out the Oracle Fusion - BPEL Orchestration Layer. This was achieved using the BPEL Plug-in for JDeveloper, which comes with the Oracle SOA Suite. Drag and Drop mechanism was used to connect and structure the business process, calling the required Web services and Default components in sequence, with respect to time. o Designed the Web-Services and its integration with the BPEL Engine. o Designed the MVC based J2EE Web Application on top of the BPEL Layer to configure and administer the Process running in the BPEL Engine. This included development of the complete front-end of the application using web2.0 tools like Ajax/JavaScript. Technology Involved: MS Project, Oracle Fusion - BPEL, Java Development Kit 1.5.0_06, Struts 1.2, Java Web Services, Axis, SOAP. JavaScript, XML, AJAX Server Calls, Log4J, Oracle 9i, Web Sphere v3.5, Source Forge. o

InteQ Corporation ( Bedford, MA May 2005 – March 2007 InteQ is a leading provider of remote IT infrastructure management services and IT service management solutions that enable organizations to improve service levels, meet governance objectives, focus on strategic initiatives and reduce operations costs. InteQ monitors and manages thousands of networks, servers and applications deployed in over 90 countries. Designation: Sr. Developer – Software Engineering Dept. Role: Module Lead Project: Infradesk5.0 Service Desk Application Infradesk is a ITSM Based Managed Services Front Desk System. This was based on Secure Software-as-aService (SaaS) platform. This incorporates all the basic protocols of ITSM and helps the Service Desk Analyst to manage any Service Request with best of its capabilities. This Application encompasses the basic ITSM ~ References will be furnished upon request ~

notations like Service Request, Change, Incident and Problem. Each service is identified as a Ticket. This ticket goes under a cycle where its comes as a Service Request and managed by a SD Analyst. Then As the ticket goes to different Technical levels the Type changes and finally when its resolved it is sent for Acknowledgement. Responsibilities:  Developing and managing the software components of Infradesk5.0 Service Desk Application.  Liaison with clients in the development of functional specification and performance of system analysis and design.  Managing the project plan/Scheduling/Resource Allocation/Releases.  Design vital business-functional components.  Deign and Implementation of InteQ Application Framework o Design implementation of Inbound/Outbound Email Engine, used to generate and receive emails from and to the system resp. The email engine was developed in Jakarta Commons Email2.0. The Outbound Engine was developed as a Job in the Scheduler Component, executed in some time interval. The Inbound Email Engine was developed as a separate entity, which had a Email Listener installed which was called by a Send Mail Email Server. o GUI Widgets, was developed as POJOs which had a specific styling and embedded functionality. This POJO’s included the HTML/CSS/JavaScript code embedded into it to have the display characteristics. These widgets were independent of the container and has a independent existence. The common widgets included – Textbox, Radio, Checkbox Group, File Up loader, Form, Box etc. o XML Integration, This Servlets was designed for the external entities like Email Engine, Scheduler to communicate with the Application with XML Calls. The Servlets had a SAX parser placed which used to parse the incoming XML Request and call specific Servlets for Operation. o DAO, This involved in developing Factory classes for the SQL Connection, Query and Result Sets. This included development and configuration of Connection pools and JDBC Drivers. This also involved development of Basic wrapper DAO Classes for Insert, Update or Select. o Ant Scripts, The major tool Apache Ant 1.4, was used to develop build and deployment scripts for the Project. This was instrumental in automating and standardizing the whole Project deployment process. o UML Object Model, This was the major part of the Infradesk Project life cycle, where the contribution was concentrated majorly on developing elementary level class and object diagrams. This propagated to develop Sequence and Activity diagrams. Process was documented in Visio, Poseidon and Dia. o Checkstyle/Jelopy – Code Maintenance, The most important and final touches of the project was provided by the Checkstyle and Jelopy tools. The J2EE and the Company Standard coding were checked and identified by the Checkstyle tool. And the Jelopy tool was used in changing the code comments automatically, Identified by Checkstyle. o Bean Shell, Developed the runtime Bean Shell classes incorporating the Business logic. These classes were stored in the Database. The work of bean-shell was to fetch the code from database and execute it on the fly. o Developed Checkstyle generated Coding convention report using XPath, XSL FO and XQuery. The Checkstyle engine generated error report in a XML Format from where the data was queried to represent in a Formatted way. Transformation engines were used to generate PDF Reports for the developers to update their code. Technology Involved: MS Project, Java Development Kit 1.5.0_06, JavaScript, XML, AJAX Server Calls, BeanShell, Log4J, Jakarta Commons-Mail, SAX and JDOM Parser Engines, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Web Sphere v4.0. Role: Lead Developer – Maintenance June 2005 – December 2005 Project: Infradesk4.0 Service Desk Application Responsibilities:

~ References will be furnished upon request ~

Involved in the Maintenance and Design implementation of Infadesk4.0, which included functional enhancements and bug fixes. This involved in accepting assigned Bugs from the defect tracker system and find a root cause for it. The next step is to resolve the bug and attach appropriate comments on the cod change. The final step is to commit the code in the CVS with the description of the change and the root cause. The major contributors’ were design changes on the applied framework of Struts 1.2. There Enhancements which were completed by developing Struts Form (Java Bean)classes with the Struts Actions(containing the Business Logic) and configuring the struts-config.xml file. The UI was mainly distributed by JSP Files which had mappings in the configuration files. Technology Involved: Java Development Kit 1.4, Apache Struts 1.2 Framework, XML, JFreeCharts, Log4J, Oracle Portal, Oracle 10g, Unix Prosperons Pvt. Ltd., India ( Gujarat, India August 2003 – May 2005 Designation: Sr. Software Engineer Role: Software Developer Project: VitalStatix – Corporate Dashboard Responsibilities:  Involved in the Design Implementation of VitalStatix – Corporate Dashboard  Analyzed the KPI – Key Performance Indicators and developed the traceability matrices.  Received training on J2EE, Struts, Tomcat, TSQL. Synchronics Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Gujarat, India January 2001 –July 2003 Designation: Software Engineer Role: Software Developer Project: VitalStatix – Corporate Dashboard Project Details: This software is meant for automating the process of alignment of iron sheets over a conveyor belt using censor chip or series of photodiodes. A censor chip or series of photodiodes is kept at some height above the conveyor belt and source of light beneath it. If the sheet is placed in correct position then the light received by chip / photodiodes will be 50% else would be either more or less. Responsibilities:  Involved in the Java based Servlets and JSP, Design Implementation of VitalStatix – Corporate Dashboard  Developed the Functional PL/SQL Stored Procedures and Triggers for the execution of the Business process.  Performed Functional Testing with Test Cases and respective Test Logs.

LEADERSHIP & EXTRA-CARRICULAR ACTIVITIES:Contributions to Open Source Projects like (Check style, Jelopy)

~ References will be furnished upon request ~

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