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									Your Business is going to Vanish Unless You Have These 3 Healthy Vital Signs A business is like the human body; if one part of it isn’t working properly you better get to the doctor pronto! The vital signs of your body will let you know if you need to pay attention to a particular area. A doctor will be able to diagnose and give you a answer to any issues, much like a coach in Network Marketing can do when your business is not on the right track. Holton Buggs is a teacher to thousands and he has always prescribed the right remedies to keep a business functioning. What are the vital signs Holton Buggs looks for? The vital signs to ensure a healthy, prosperous Network Marketing Business are; 1. Sharing the Plan and Sharing the Product on a regular Basis Consistent means at least 3 to 4 times per week minimum. Any less and you are fooling yourself that you are really doing a business. If you opened your McDonald’s Franchise Business less than 3 times per week (more likely 7 days a week) – you would be out of business! Sharing the Plan and Products is a fit activity because it will allow you to show others about the great product or service you have to offer. Without showing other people what you have you can never move the product to people who already want, need and can afford what it is you are excited about. 2. Attending All Events You Qualify for Events are the lifeblood for you AND your organization. If you do not attend the locally and nationally scheduled events you are essentially killing your business. It would be like the person who’s doctor told them not to eat fattening foods that goes out and eats ice cream everyday – it’s not logical. Events allow you and your success team to be around the fire and get the essential training to have a healthy business. The trainings energize, lift up and motivate you and your team. Much like exercising does for the body – it’s essential for great health. 3. Tool Flow Through Your Success Team Tools that are truly beneficial to Duplication on your team are a must have. Tool Flow is like blood flow through the body. When the blood flow halts – there is a major problem! Check upline to determine which tools are used to (promote Duplication to occur on your team. The goal of Network Marketing is not to have another job, and tools allow you to train and systematize your business so it can operate even when you are on vacation, if that’s what the doctor ordered! To truly treat your business as an constant, healthy and fully functional system pay attention to the vital signs everyday. If one of the vital signs is off, even slightly, you will see a rapid decline in the success you are having. Whenever you see a slight decline go in for a checkup! Check in with your coach (and Doctor) on a regular basis to be sure you have a healthy thriving business. And do not wait until you see the signs. Going to the Doctor today is also to Prevent issues from occurring.

Holton Buggs retired at the age of 27 and is now a Multi-Millionaire in the industry of Network Marketing. Holton hit one of the highest levels in his current company in 43 days and isn’t slowing down. Go to www.whereisholtonbuggs.com to get Free Network Marketing tips and advice to keep your business healthy!

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