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IEEE Intellectual Property Rights

• View the IEEE Copyright Form Printer Friendly • Go to the PSPB Operations Manual (PDF, 875kb) • Find the mail date of an IEEE publication • Learn how to implement the eCF within your online manuscript-submission system • Find answers to frequentlyasked questions on plagiarism • Get an electronic copy of the IEEE Master Brand • Visit the PSPB home page

Guidelines and policies on all aspects of IEEE intellectual property rights for authors, readers, researchers, and volunteers.

Copyright Information
• IEEE Copyright Policies • IEEE Copyright Form – Introduction to the Copyright Form – Links to the official form, & information about the electronic IEEE Copyright Form • Policy on Electronic Dissemination • General Info and FAQs

An expanding series which aims to provide key information on IPRrelated topics in a lively and enjoyable format.

Plagiarism Guidelines
• Introduction to Plagiarism Guidelines

An animated Powerpoint presentation that defines plagiarism, and shows how it is adjudicated within IEEE

IEEE Xplore Digital Library

• Policies on Allegations of Misconduct • Plagiarism FAQ • Identifying Plagiarism and investigating possible misconduct • Program - "Plagiarism Guidelines: A Practical Tool for All Volunteers"

IEEE Publications Ops Manual

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Journals & Magazines Conference Proceedings Standards Books Educational Courses

Multiple Submission, Prior Publication Guidelines
• Introduction to the Guidelines. • From the PSPB Operations Manual

Request Permission to Reuse Copyrighted Material
• How to Obtain Permission to Reuse Copyrighted Material • How to Access Rightslink - the electronic permissions service

Publication policies of the IEEE as set by the Publications Services and Products Board and approved by the IEEE Board of Directors

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Plagiarism Flowchart

Trademark Policies
• Using the the IEEE Logo and “IEEE" • Using the IEEE Trademark • Registered Marks of the IEEE • How to Register a New Logo or Title – Logo Registration Agreement Form above to access a flowchart representing the process for adjudicating plagiarism complaints.


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IEEE Master Brand/Logo Information
• Electronic Images and Guidelines for use of the Master Brand/Logo • IEEE Brand Identity Toolkit explains the basic usage rules for all corporate identity elements • Stationery Templates for Volunteers

IEEE Position on Archives Read the IEEE position on the NIH policy on enhancing public access to archived publications resulting from NIH-funded research » Learn more

IEEE Standards IPR • IEEE-SA Copyright Policy • IEEE-SA Trademark Usage • IEEE-SA IPR FAQs

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