Top 20 Employers by eqb12617


									                                                                                                         Product-Service        Employees         Location
                                                                      Emerson                         Electrical Apparatus
                                                                      Process/Rosemount Inc.          & Equipment                    1200        Chanhassen
Top 20 Employers                                                                                      General Medicine &
                                                                       Ridgeview Medical Center       Surgical Hospital              1150        Waconia
Measuring the number and size of major employers in the                                               Elementary &
                                                                       Chaska School District #112 Secondary Schools                 1100        Chaska
local economy gives policy makers, businesses, and residents
                                                                                                      Semiconductors &
a sense of the economic health of the county. Major                    FSI International Inc.         Related Devices                 850        Chaska
employers generate local government revenues, demand local             Carver, County of              Government Offices             815         Chaska
services, and offer employment to county residents. The types                                         Semiconductors &
of services and products provided by the county’s major                Fluoroware Inc.                Related Devices                 800        Chaska
employers are critical for measuring future economic viability.                                       Surgical & Medical
On the other hand, residents highly value small family-owned           Lake Region Mftg. Inc.         Instruments                     745        Chaska
businesses for day-to-day services and shopping.                       General Mills                  Commercial Bakeries            600        Chanhassen
                                                                                                      Commercial Printing,
                                                                       Instant Web Companies          Lithographic                    548        Chanhassen
What is being measured?                                                Sanofi Diagnostics Pasteur     Surgical & Medical
The Minnesota Department of Trade and Economic                         Inc.                           Instruments                    415         Chaska
Development tracks the size of firms by the number of                                                 Semiconductors &
employees and the services provided. The largest firms in the          Entegris Inc.                  Related Devices                 350        Chanhassen
county are listed (right).                                                                            Refrigeration &
                                                                       Mammoth Inc.                   Heating Equipment               350        Chaska
                                                                       Waconia School District        Elementary &
Trends                                                                 #110                           Secondary Schools               330        Waconia
•   Medical devices, electronics, and printing and publishing                                         Commercial Printing,
    industries are economic drivers in the larger metro area           Banta Marketing                Lithographic                    324       Chanhassen
    (making up 8 of the 20 firms listed).                              Chanhassen Dinner              Theater Companies &
•   Of the top 20 employers; 3 school districts, 2 medical             Theatres                       Dinner Theaters                 300        Chanhassen
                                                                                                      Supermarkets &
    facilities, and the county government offices have 3,525           Byerly's                       Other Grocery Stores           280        Chanhassen
    employees who directly serve county residents.                                                    Wood Kitchen
                                                                       Medallion Kitchens             Cabinets                        280        Waconia
Links                                                                  Minnesota Landscape            Zoos & Botanical
•   General Employment Trends                                          Arboretum                      Gardens                         240        Chanhassen
                                                                                                      Nursing Care
•   Educational Attainment
                                                                       Good Samaritan Center          Facilities                     205        Waconia
•   Economic Diversity                                                 Watertown School District      Elementary &
                                                                       #111                           Secondary Schools               200        Watertown
                                                                  Source: Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development,
                                                                  Minnesota Properties and Community Profiles,
                                                                  *This indicator may change frequently due to buy-outs, layoffs, closures, or name changes.

Economic                                                                                                                                  12

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