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I Earn $250 A Day Through Google Adsense And So Can You


How would you like to increase your monthly website revenue by 25% with only a few hours of work? What if I said that it wouldn’t cost you a dime? It’s hard to believe isn’t it?

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									I Earn $250 A Day Through Google Adsense And So Can You

How would you like to increase your monthly website revenue by 25% with
only a few hours of work? What if I said that it wouldn¡¯t cost you a
dime? It¡¯s hard to believe isn¡¯t it?

I know this claim sounds as though I should be pitching a $200 get-rich-
quick scheme in the next couple of paragraphs, but I¡¯m not. The
technique I used was free to me, and I¡¯m sharing this information with
you free of charge because I¡¯m more excited about this discovery than I
can put into words.

What did I do to achieve this jump in revenue? I placed Google Adsense
advertising boxes on my website, and in just the first seven days, I
generated over $1700 in Adsense revenue. Even better, I didn¡¯t have any
decrease in sales from the original source of revenue for these sites ¨C
paid memberships to my wholesale information directory.

I¡¯ve known about Adsense for years, but I always thought that it was a
system best used by free informational websites needing to generate
revenue. My reasoning behind this was that I thought that these ads could
possibly bleed traffic from my site and steal potential paying customers.
I¡¯m happy to say that I was wrong, and I only wish I would have tested
this program earlier to discover how wrong I was.

I am completely surprised by how well these advertisements have paid. I
have done some research on ad placement agencies, and I don't think that
there is an agency online that could sell ads for me at the rate that
AdSense pays per thousand impressions, and I know that if I advertised
banner space or text link space on my site that I couldn't sell it at an
equivalent cost per thousand impressions. I would tell you the cost per
thousand impressions, but it's against their terms to discuss it.

Google AdSense may well be the most lucrative source of income for
website owners seeking to sell ad space on their site, and the results
are instant. All you need to do is place the code and let your current
visitors click on the link ads.

It¡¯s a very simple system that is easy for anyone to implement. All you
need is:

1. A website with quality content
2. An existing traffic source, be it 100 visits a day or 100,000+ visits
a day.
3. The ability to read the Google Adsense Program Policies
4. Free page real estate, hopefully in a conspicuous place above the fold

It is that simple; however I cannot stress enough that you read the
Google Adsense Program Policies. There are certain types of sites,
certain types of pages, and certain types of advertising on and through
which Adsense will not allow their ads to be associated. It is each
advertiser¡¯s responsibility to know their guidelines and avoid breaking
any rule that could put their account and an excellent source of revenue
in jeopardy.
Finally, let me stress that these ads should be placed in a conspicuous
place. Visit the site linked in the ¡°About the Author¡± section below
for examples. No matter how effectively your site is designed, more
people will leave a page without reading below the fold than will
continue on to the bottom of the page. For that reason, as you¡¯ll see in
my site, I place the ads at the top right of my page, in an area where
any visitor to my site can find them.

Adsense is an excellent source of revenue for any website owner. Don¡¯t
waste time like I did. Place some ads on your site, and I¡¯m sure you¡¯ll
be pleased with the results.

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