; The Worst Gifts for Men
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The Worst Gifts for Men


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									The Worst Gifts for Men
"Your boyfriend is about to celebrate his special day and you want the
birthday gift for the man in your life to reflect just how special he is
to you. Luckily, most men are quite easy to please and would be happy to
receive just about anything from you-- anything but these things, that
- Scrapbook
Women love scrapbooks because they are sentimental, frilly and nostalgic—
the very same reasons why most, actually, all men cannot stand them. A
scrapbook as a birthday gift for your boyfriend is not likely to get the
same yelp of gratitude as the latest Nokia cellular phone. Let‟s face it,
a gift like a scrapbook would only likely gather dust in the corner of
his room, a gift that‟s been forgotten and buried deep into the recesses
of his mind (harsh, yes, but true).
- Poem
Unless your boyfriend is Bono or one of those artistic types, then a poem
is not the kind of gift your boyfriend would like to receive. Like a
scrapbook, a poem is too sentimental for the ordinary man. What makes
poems even worse is the fact that they convey deep feelings and emotions.
Plus, men don‟t like guessing and figuring out vague messages, and poems
are nothing but unclear, ambiguous lines.
- Pink sweaters
“Real men wear pink”, they say, but no man in his right mind will ever
really wear a pink sweater (unless he is Carson Kressley). This look may
have worked for the preppies of the 1980s, but today‟s men would most
likely give you a forced smile if you give them a pink sweater as a gift.
- A Celine Dion Greatest Hits CD
Don‟t even think of saying “but Celine Dion sang „My Heart Will Go On”.
You may think that Celine Dion was an angel sent by God to the earth to
bless us with her voice, but the Canadian singer‟s music is just not the
kind you would find in a man‟s iPod play list (and if you do find a
Celine Dion song in your boyfriend‟s iPod, then you better start asking
- Flowers
Women are suckers for pretty flowers. When they are given a beautiful
bouquet of blooms, they gingerly put them in a vase then arrange them to
maximize and enhance their beauty. Most men on the other hand, do not
know anything about flower arrangements and probably don‟t even know a
vase. What will they do with flowers?
- Tickets to a ballet recital
If your boyfriend was educated in an exclusive public school, grew up
listening to Tchaikovsky and frequented the Met, then, sure, you can give
him tickets to a ballet recital. If he‟s not any of these however, then
tickets to see a ballet recital is not likely to be a gift that could
make his knees quake with excitement.
Men are not picky with when it comes to presents and will be grateful for
whatever you give them. Just stay away from these gifts.
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