Alaska Cruise Reviews

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					Alaska Cruise Reviews
Reviewing a cruise line is not easy as most people on board are having
fun, and on a cruise people generally tend to overlook petty
shortcomings. Moreover, most existing cruises have been around for more
than a decade, and hence they have already perfected most of their
shortcomings. Some Alaska cruises that have consistently been at the top
of the savvy cruiser’s list are those provided by Royal Caribbean,
Princess, Celebrity, and Carnival.
The Royal Caribbean line has won great accolades for its ship Radiance of
the Seas. Beginning with the reception and the checking in, everything is
systematically organized. It stops at Juneau, Skagway, Hubbard Glaciers,
and Ketchikan during its seven-day cruise. Shopping in Juneau is a
memorable experience, as is kayaking in Ketchikan and the glacier
exploration at Hubbard Glaciers. There are several onboard activities –
Broadway performances, a silhouette act and a comedy act as a farewell
show on the last night. The only drawback may be the large number of
people on board – about 2,500 of them – which may not be appealing to the
peace-loving cruiser.
All ships of the Princess cruise line have got rave reviews from
cruisers. They come highly recommended by cruise agencies as well. They
follow the same itinerary as the Royal Caribbean and have an excellent
and knowledgeable staff. The great attractions of Princess ships are the
dark wood mahogany furniture in some of their cabins and the ship
memorabilia available for sale. The dining rooms are arranged forward,
and the theater seats are thoughtfully arranged to provide all with an
unobstructed view, free from poles and other obstacles. The Princess line
is a very experienced line and offers customized cruises to its
Carnival and Celebrity both rate high on the cruiser’s list. They have
reliable ships and staff and good outside balconies, which provide
excellent views of natural scenery.
Among the small ship category, Clipper, American Safari, and Cruise West
are considered to be great cruise lines. They provide the adventure
seeker a host of activities to do while on the cruise.
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