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									Norwegian Cruise Line - American Style!
It’s not just the size and opulence of their sleek and stylish fleet that
attracts passengers to Norwegian Cruise Line. Norwegian Cruise Line
boasts the largest ratio of staff to passengers of any cruise company and
this extra service shows from stem to stern. Every inch of every ship
gleams and on any trip through the corridors you always meet friendly and
courteous staff in perfectly appointed uniforms.
A particular cruise feature that Norwegian Cruise Lines introduced is
free-style dining. Historically, shipboard dining has been a structured
affair, with meals served at preset hours, usually with assigned seating
in the dining room and a dress code. Free-style dining changes all of
that to match the contemporary American lifestyle. Passengers may choose
from eight to a dozen dining areas on board and eat when they wish. Some
dining areas serve cafeteria-style, with food already prepared and jean-
clad passengers taking a tray and selecting their food items. The main
dining areas serve menu-based meals with full service wait staff and
where jeans and shorts are prohibited at the evening meal. All food in
the dining rooms and cafeteria is included in the price of the cruise.
And you get more than your money’s worth in the quality and presentation
of all food items. The average passenger gains seven pounds on a week-
long cruise! In addition, Norwegian Cruise Line offers a selection of
specialty or upscale restaurants on each ship and meals in these
restaurants are offered at additional cost. For example, Asian, French,
Japanese or Italian cuisine may be featured in a suitably decorated small
restaurant. But know full well, the upscale restaurants excel in service
and cuisine and provide value for the dollar for the more discriminating.
Food service is a major attraction on any cruise, but Norwegian Cruise
Line also provides a full range of on-board activities 24 hours a day. A
fully equipped fitness center attracts those who want to stay in shape on
their vacation. The pool area is the hub of live entertainment day and
evening. Ships have a number of bar, lounge and disco areas that come to
life with talented performers every night. Also included in the price of
the cruise is theatre entertainment that ranges from stand-up comedy to
full show revues that rival those found in Las Vegas. And speaking of Las
Vegas, while in international waters, passengers can enjoy all the
amenities of a sparkling casino, including slots and gaming.
Norwegian Cruise Line, a premier cruise line, currently has ten large and
modern ships in its fleet. The most luxurious ship in the fleet, the
Norwegian Star, seasonally alternates on trips to Alaska during the
summer season and cruises to the Mexican Riviera in the colder months.
One of the newest ships, Norwegian Spirit, also sails to Alaska in the
summer but crosses the Panama Canal to sail the Caribbean in the winter.
The Norwegian Wind follows the whim of the wind and sails to many major
destinations: Alaska, Hawaii, the Panama Canal, and the Caribbean while
Norwegian Sun and Dream quietly cruise the Caribbean.
The brand new Pride of Aloha, as its name implies, is dedicated to custom
cruises hopping between the islands of Hawaii. There is no better way to
thoroughly tour Hawaii than on a cruise ship. Also brand new, Norwegian
Dawn is dedicated to sailing from New York to ports in Florida and the
The newly renovated Norwegian Sea routinely sails from Houston, Texas
through the Caribbean. A ship fit for royalty, the Norwegian Majesty,
also sails through the Caribbean to ports of call in Mexico and the
The Norwegian Crown is nearly 20 years old but, with only 527 staterooms,
provides a much more intimate atmosphere than the newer ships that
accommodate nearly 2,000 passengers. Two more luxury ships will be added
to the ever-expanding fleet in 2005. The soon to be introduced Norwegian
Jewel will expand ports of call to Scandinavia, the French Riviera, and
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